Wednesday, August 02, 2017

For two months?

"Stockman: The Tweet That Is Shaking The War Party".  Hard MAGA.  There seems to be a big lakhuna in the analysis, though.

"Trump Saw A Disturbing Video, Then He Shut Down The CIA's Covert Syria Program".  One head lop too far.

"James Le Mesurier: The Former British Mercenary Who Founded The White Helmets".  Spooky biography.

BigLaw.  Power is when you do all this nefarious stuff yet remain completely under the radar.

"Extremist Israeli Squatters literally kick Palestinians out of Home, Move In".  Such a lovely people.

"SlutWalk Chicago, in reversal, will allow marchers carrying Jewish and Zionist symbols".  The shekels arrived.  I'm not being snide, I'm positive that is what happened.  It is a fundraising hint for anybody planning any kind of protest!

"GCSB 'had no idea' spy gear was still targeting Kim Dotcom".  You know when you can't remember if you turned off the iron?  For two months?

"Seth Rich Investigator Files Lawsuit Against Fox News, Claims President Trump Had a Hand in Forging Fake News Report".  Obvious nervousness in high places over the Seth Rich assassination.  "You don’t have to believe everything in that Seth Rich lawsuit. What’s been confirmed is bad enough." or "Negroid Seth Rich Investigator has a Whopper of a Lawsuit for Fox News"?  Note the MS-13 interview, indicating that this suit must have been cobbled together in a big hurry (and btw what's with Sessions disappearing in the middle of a typically big Trump shit storm and then popping up in El Salvador?!).  We'll have to guess which one of his series of stories is closest to the truth.

Related (probably):  "Rep. Brad Sherman Walks Out Of Interview After Question About Awans".  "Rep. DeSantis Calls for an Investigation into Wasserman Schultz's Ties to Awan".  "Imran Awan’s Lawyer Is Long-time Clinton Associate".

Related:  "The Center For American Progress Is Releasing A Nearly 50-Page Report Claiming Trump-Russia Collusion".  "PBS’ Anti-Russia Propaganda Series" (Sterling)!  Never forget the Podesta post-loss excuse planning.

"Saudi Arabia wades into Shi’ite politics in Iraq" (Bhadrakumar):
"Will Iran throw in the towel and walk away? Certainly not. Iran’s trump card is the battle-hardened Shi’ite militia known as the Al-Hashd Al-Shaabi, which is estimated to number over 120000 and is a Hezbollah-like army that is disciplined, fired up ideologically, and weaned in the politics of ‘resistance’. By the way, Qassem Soleimani, the charismatic commander of the Quds Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, was quoted as saying last week: “Daesh (ISIS) was stopped by the entry of Al-Hashd Al-Shaabi into the Iraqi army. The Iraqi army was transformed into a Hezbollah army.”"
I'm chuffed at the idea of multiple Hezbollah-like armies.

"Sanctionstein: What is the real cause of America’s latest sanctions regime?"  A rather pathetic and self-destructive squib from a failing empire at the New Silk Road.

"When in doubt, nuke China" (Escobar).  Truman-Trump.

"Venezuela Elections: Resurgent Chavismo and “Unrecognised” Democracy".  "What Mainstream Media Got Wrong About Venezuela's Constituent Assembly Vote".

Red tape/yellow tape :  "Government ignored expert advice and relaxed laws on sale of acids used in recent attacks".

"Foxconn gets $3 billion in tax subsidies to build plant in Wisconsin".  "Opinion: This 1 number sums up why that Foxconn deal is over-the-top bad for Wisconsin".  What if you divided the cost of the subsidy by the number of prospective employees and just randomly hand out that much money to residents of the state?

"100,000 Pages Of Chemical Industry Secrets Gathered Dust In An Oregon Barn For Decades — Until Now":
"She had to make peace with not fully understanding a personal tragedy, too. In 1977, her house burned to the ground and her four children died in the fire. Firefighters who came to the scene said the fact that the whole house had burned so quickly pointed to the possibility of arson. But an investigation of the causes of the fire was never completed.

Van Strum suspected some of her opponents might have set the fire. It was a time of intense conflict between local activists and employees of timber companies, chemical manufacturers, and government agencies over the spraying of herbicides. A group of angry residents in the area near Van Strum’s home had destroyed a Forest Service helicopter that had been used for spraying. And, on one occasion, Van Strum had come home to find some of the defenders of the herbicides she was attacking in court on her property.

“I’ve accepted that I’ll never really know” what happened, said Van Strum, who never rebuilt her house and now lives in an outbuilding next to the cleared site where it once stood."
"Militarization Of Scandinavian Peninsula: Time To Ring Alarm Bells".  If your government spends a considerable amount of time paining bulls eyes on your country in the advancement of somebody else's crazy warmongering, you really need a new government.

This comment by the proprietor of Naked Capitalism is a combo of bitter feminism with loopy bonkers ideas about Iran, and is thus delightful (the commentators are justifiably completely cowed at that site, but manage to bleat out a little push-back to the crazy):
"Math and science aren’t respected in Iran. That’s why women can get ahead and not threaten men. Not making that up."

"Book Review: Mumia Abu-Jamal’s ‘Have Black Lives Ever Mattered?’".

"OPP hopes new 3D portrait helps ID Nation River Lady".  "OPP creates 3-D bust of 'Nation River Lady', victim in 1975 cold case". Websleuths.  Famous Canadian unidentified murder victim with lots of clues.
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