Wednesday, August 23, 2017


"The Ascent of Society 282".  This is a very good summary, from a Russian perspective.

"FLASHBACK – Cloudflare Refused to Ban ISIS Sites: ‘It’s Not Right For Us’ to Censor, We Don’t Tolerate ‘Mob Rule’".

"Moran: Did Google, GoDaddy, and CloudFlare Violate Net Neutrality?"  That's the point.  They want to establish the principle that they can make these decisions based on fighting 'Evil' (a free service they provide out of the goodness of their hearts), then they can go on to make money by charging you for the privilege of viewing a curated internet.  Hell, if you pay extra they may even let you see Evil.

"Google Folds, Restores Accounts Of Banned Statistics Professor".  Note the unsubstantiated but disturbing comment by sleigher on Protonmail.  We still don't know what particular thoughtcrime 'triggered' the Google attempt at censorship.

"Distortions & Missing The Point (feat. The Washington Post, The Hill, Sam Biddle & Matt Tait)" (Adam Carter).  I think these efforts have already worked, hence the quiet sliding away from Russiagate and the need for the conspiratorial setting up of Trump as a 'Nazi', the new line of attack.  Forensicator has built a consistent explanation that involves more than download speeds.  Of course, the elephant in the room is that the real data required to finish the analysis is unavailable because the FBI is peculiarly - one might say, criminally - protective of the DNC ("Jill McCabe, Andrew McCabe’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know").  There is also muttering about possible Trump corruption involving Jewish/Israeli - but always described as Russian, though he has spent most of his life in the United States - stock fraud felon and FBI informant Felix Sater.

"Utilities Knew: Documenting Electric Utilities’ Early Knowledge and Ongoing Deception on Climate Change From 1968-2017".  Like smoking, car safety (Nader, Pinto), glyphosate, a lot of pharmaceutical safety (faulty or crooked medical testing), etc.

Monetizing environmentalism using climate change reduction as the hook:  "AVAAZ: The Pygmalion Virus in Three Acts – Act Two".  They get us coming and going.  AVAAZ, of course, is a Soros organ and is deep into propaganda promoting of all the bad things under a generally 'progressive' façade.

Outside The Narrative:  "Judah P. Benjamin: The Gay Jewish Confederate Leader Without a Statue to Tear Down" (Sailer) and "Statue of Judaic Confederate slave owner stands untouched in Florida" (Hoffman).  Also: "Houston Rich Kid Arrested for Trying to Blow Up Statue" (Sailer).

"“We Burned Down Every Town in North Korea”".  "US pushes ahead with provocative war games in South Korea".  Who is being 'provocative'?  I note that the United States is finally starting to pay the price for bad and evil decisions made fifty or sixty years ago, the whole line of American Exceptionalist thinking that immediately followed the end of WWII.

The other striking thing is that the United States can never be trusted, and people are finally starting to notice:  "The U.S. Can Not Be Trusted - Case XXXIV: Trump Cheats On China Sanction Deal".

"Venezuela: West's Battle Against Multipolarism Reaches Far".  Venezuela is a symbol that there might just be another way.

"The generals rolled him, as they rolled Obama ...".  Comment by bks:
"It's the same speech HRC would have given, except she would have given it six months earlier."
So, Trump + time - Bannon = Killary.

"We Asked an Expert Why America's Naval Vessels Keep Crashing".  Unstated, of course, is that the entire navy is a white elephant, incomprehensibly expensive but bypassed by technology and politics.

"Calgary airport to return accessible parking spots after botched marketing campaign".  First rule of modern marketing - don't mess with the gimps!
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