Sunday, August 06, 2017

Occupying Power news

"Neocons Leverage Trump-Hate for More Wars" (Parry).  This whole piece should be carved in stone and erected around the United States.

"McMaster solidifies power at NSC — and supports Iran deal, sees Israel as occupier" (Weiss).  Curious to watch the usual suspects display their cards so forcefully.

I think it would be wise to follow the General and start calling it the 'Occupying Power' rather than Israel.

"What’s Worse: Trump’s Campaign Agenda or Empowering Generals and CIA Operatives to Subvert it?" (Greenwald).  Note the Kristol tweet.  Things are getting hella-weird when Glick and Kristol are taking opposite sides.  This seems to derive from contradictions in the perceived view of Bannon's political philosophy, which are the contradictions in nationalist interventionism (and, for that matter, contradictions in Zionism).

I think it curious that Bannon's whiteboard keeps finding its way into photographs, almost as if he wants to create the idea that we can see into what he is really thinking, but his concerns seem to be entirely taxes/trade.  I think we should be particularly careful in letting Bannon define for us what Bannon really thinks.

If you are Trump (or Bannon), and you really don't think the country can afford to fight any more wars, but you face massive pressure from agents of the Occupying Power to do so, creating intentional ambiguity is a good strategy.  Promote yourself as a warmonger, but somehow keep getting stymied in your efforts towards war.  After all, any war is totally against MAGA and against the spirit of nationalist isolationism.

We probably need to go back to the autistic libertarianism that surrounds people like Mercer.  They are focused on trade and taxes and immigration, are agnostic on war (which is 'irrational' but a possible money-maker in the right conditions), and don't give a shit about the Occupying Power unless they can use it as leverage for one of their three main preoccupations.  Mercer got thrown in with hard-core Christian Zionists when he supported Cruz, but dropped Cruz as soon as it was apparent that Cruz couldn't deliver the Presidency.  The basic premise of autistic libertarianism is that white American males run the world, and ought to run the world as they are intellectually superior, but need to have the shackles created by or for the benefit of inferior groups removed so they can achieve their destiny.  Thus, end 'unfair' trade deals, eliminate taxation of the rich, and end/reverse immigration.  War - the only real interest of the Occupying Power and its treason agents - serves as a political/legislative distraction from the main goals.
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