Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Shut them down

"Just think of all the recent terror incidents, from 9/11, Orlando, Charlie Hebdo to Nice, where all the accused are conveniently killed, leaving the official narrative unchallenged in a court of law."  (Dinh).   Chossudovsky's piece, which stated "None of these terror suspects survived. Dead men do not talk.", has been updated to assassination of the remaining loose end (but I note there are some other suspects in custody):
"All the suspects have been killed. No testimony, no controversy, the suspects are terrorists. As in previous terror attacks in Western Europe, almost without exception, all the suspects are shot dead by police."
Access to The Daily Stormer is still iffy as the .lol experiment seems to have ended with pressure placed on Namecheap, but for now I can access links without using Tor (added:  now you do have to use Tor!).  "List of Pedophile Sites Hosted by Companies That Banned Daily Stormer (Abridged)".  "David French is Less of a Pussy Than Stefan Molyneux".  I can't find the infamous 'hate the player, not the game' post which seems to have been the excuse for the big corporate conspiracy to shut it down.

"Fear the rise of info-monopolies over America".  "One Statistics Professor Was Just Banned By Google: Here Is His Story".  Comment by Col_Sanders:
"The problem - for everyone trying to set up their own servers - is that at some point, someone *has* to host *something* of yours.

Your IP space, DNS, BGP, the actual pipe that carries the last mile of your traffic....

Any one of these is sufficient as a control over you and what you say or do online.

If they don't want your server online, they can simply tell ARIN to erase your authortative DNS records from your IP space.  They can tell the authoritative DNS servers in the center to stop resolving your host names.  They can tell the routers in the center to stop forwarding traffic to your subnet.  Finally they can call your provider and tell them to cut off your access or pull the ethernet cable from your machine.

Despite what many believe the Internet - designed to be very decentralized and fault-tolderant - has become anything but."
He appears to have been reinstated after the issue was made public.  The nature of his thoughtcrime is unclear, but he writes about statistics, which is a triggering minefield.

Note the tweets here by Not Pax Dickinson regarding the police conspiracy in Charlottesville (which you won't read anywhere else, of course).  Not Pax Dickinson on Twitter - account suspended!

Last Wednesday:  "Barcelona votes to be free of Israeli apartheid".  The terror attacks were Thursday and Friday.

"Sarah Champion resigns as shadow equalities minister".  This is really odd, as the Muslim gangs trope is from the far right.

"Kushner firm seeks arrests".  Dickensian debtor's prison.
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