Tuesday, August 15, 2017


"Saudi Arabia's missing princes".  "Morocco captures wanted Saudi prince".

"Alex Jones Says Charlottesville ‘Looks Staged,’ Recalls Jews Posing As Nazis".  Never forget that there wasn't an extreme right in Canada until Canadian government spooks arranged and paid for it:  "Decades later, CSIS’s white supremacy infiltrator tells his story".  If you are not deeply suspicious you are a moron.

Zio-Nazism in Canada:  "Ezra Levant's 'damage control' not enough for UCP leadership hopeful taking on The Rebel".

The only thing keeping the United States even semi-democratic is its tradition of free speech, so that has to go:  "How Germany responds to “blood and soil” politics".

Tweet (Julian Assange):
"US inter-ethnic conflict is here to stay. Why?
1) Internet increases group identity
2) Demographic trends
3) Increasing economic inequality"
"Message showing apparent hack appears on neo-Nazi Daily Stormer website". The fact that all the content of the site was always up makes it look more like a publicity stunt than a real hack.

Tweet (WikiLeaks):
"Fake @Guardian site with ('ı' exchange for 'i') runs story about Putin defeating MI6 and CIA plot to fragment Russia"
"Mystery of Cuban harassment case: Why did device deafen but not bring on nausea?"  This story makes no sense - the Cubans have no desire to pick a fight with Trump, and are friendly with Canadian diplomats.  Probably a virus.

"Steve Bannon Said He Learned To Fear Muslims When He Visited Pakistan. Except He Was Probably In Hong Kong."  Whatever else Bannon may be he is not an idiot, so the more likely scenario is that he just made the whole thing up to justify an otherwise inexplicable Islamophobia.

"Mossad chief to visit Washington to give security briefing on Syria".  I like to see the stark truth come out.  Yinon 1 having failed, let's go for Yinon 2:  "Netanyahu to Congressmen: Kurds should have a state".

"Liberating Europe from Russian Gas" (Leupp) (my emphasis in red; it is rare to see them misuse their propaganda bluster quite so blatantly):
"The concept, as articulated by Sen. John McCain and Sen. John Hoeven in a 2014 Wall Street Journal op-ed, is to “liberate our allies from Russia’s stranglehold on the European natural-gas market.” But as the Washington Post has observed, “The problem is that Europeans don’t necessarily want to be liberated. Russian gas is much cheaper than American LNG, and could become even cheaper to undercut the United States if it entered the European market. American LNG suppliers prioritize their own profits over America’s strategic advantage anyway, and are likely to want to target more lucrative markets than Europe, such as Japan. Finally, the Russian gas supply is likely to be more reliable than the United States’, since it involves predictable long-term contracts, whereas U.S. production capacity rises and falls, as it becomes cheaper and more expensive to extract American unconventional hydrocarbons.”

The McCain-Hoeven piece was of course written before there was any talk about Russian “election meddling.” But that issue was used to justify the sanctions bill. That, plus miscellaneous Russian actions, basically in response to U.S. actions (as in Ukraine, where—as everyone should know—Hillary Clinton’s crony Victoria Newland helped organize a putsch in February 2014, designed to pull Ukraine into NATO, although that effort has failed and anyway lacks German support)."
"George Orwell and Mohammed Atta Were Here" (Dinh). This ambles along and suddenly escalates into hard-core 9/11 revisionism!  "How Conspiracy Theories Really Work" (Roberts).
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