Saturday, August 19, 2017

The assassination/ressurection of Steve Bannon

"Ship Rudderless After Trump Drops Its Pilot" (Moon).  "Cohn Beats Bannon" (Aangirfan).

That is a truly chilling Jewish supremacist caption (not to mention unbelievably boastful and instructive of what is really going on), the exclamation that Wars For The Jews are back on the table.  Bannon was consistently blocking 'foreign entanglements'.  He saw them, correctly, as being the main impediment to MAGA (see Moon:  ""Grown-ups" Versus "Ideologues"? The Media Narrative of the White House May Be All Wrong").

There may be a ray of hope.  This appears to be a plan.  Bannon felt blocked in the White House, and the idea appears to be that he can better advance Trumpism by being an outside critic of the establishment figures, 'swamp' creatures, and Zionists that are dragging Trump down.

"Bannon Speaks: "I'm Going To War For Trump"".  Tweet (Mark Ames):
"Bannon & Breitbart could be more useful to Trump opposing him from the right, just as Trump laundered reputations of every DC hack failure"

From inside the White House, the whole Charlottesville thing must look like an elaborate, and successful, IC/Soros plot (a psych op), with the CIA running the 'Nazis', and Soros running the antifa (for those demanding proof of Soros involvement, this is why it is hard to come by:  "Here Is The NDA That George Soros Forced Professional Anarchist To Sign"), forcing Trump into a position that could be mocked by his opponents as fascist.  Inside the White house, Bannon was powerless to change the narrative.  Essentially, leaving the White House is an admission by Bannon that things are much worse than he thought, and change isn't possible from within.  What is extremely worrying is that the United States has lost this veto to quick calls for war, which we will now start seeing.
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