Monday, August 07, 2017


"First Violent Attack Against Jazz Audience" (Atzmon).  The levels of violence keep escalating, with the authorities, of course, too terrified to do anything about it.

"64 Years Later, CIA Details Long-Hidden Role in Iran Coup".  Worth reading in light of what's going on in Venezuela right now.  It is quaint to read about American interference with the goal of advancing American strategic/commercial interests, something you almost never see today, when interference is almost always done for the interests of another group.

"What’s It Like to See a Democracy Destroyed?"  It is a useful exercise to watch the propaganda as it is being made!

"Kenya deports 1 American and 1 Canadian for election meddling".  ""A-Bomb Kid"".  You are probably naturally thinking Soros meddling, but it appears to be Google:  "Aristotle" and "Shortlisted Premier Partners" (scroll down to Artistotle, Inc.).

"Modi revisits Iran ties" (Bhadrakumar).  Despite all the clouds of rhetoric, it is funny how all the big commercial stuff - where oodles of money is made - always seems to get done.  That's the magic behind the inevitability of China's Silk Road.  There is a huge difference between the American imperial approach - do what we say or else - and the Chinese approach - do what we suggest and you'll get rich.

"Dershowitz and Chomsky agree on one thing".  PTSD caused by the trauma of having some difficulty, fifty years ago, at getting a high academic job, now explains a lot.

Things have changed:  "Another Columnist Fired for Mentioning Jews".  "Pro-Israel advocates in Australia targeted three journalists, new book claims".

The subtleties of creating a propaganda background for land theft:  "New York Times ignores Israeli calls for ethnic cleansing".

"How Serious Is The Possibility of a Constitutional Convention?" (Strether).  Whatever you might think of the prospects of success, it seems clear that the Kochs are conspiring to bring this about.

More of the BuzzFeed Russia bashing (part of a series):  ""Everyone thinks he was whacked"".

"A Blacklisted Film and the New Cold War" (Parry).  Seeing how on point it is, it is curious how incurious the media is about seeing this film.  The Daily Beast looks like shit here, outright lying.

"Personal life" of Bill Browder.  Grandson of the leader of the Communist Party USA, whose father got a job at Brandeis when Eleanor Roosevelt vetoed the rest of the board who were afraid to hire the son of the former leader of the Communist Party USA.  Years later, the father was awarded the National Medal of Science by President Clinton.  Then the grandson ends up shit-disturbing in Russia.  A well-connected family!  I think I'm getting the picture.

"Dunkirk Backstory: Jewish Traitors, Communist Spies, and the Internment of Oswald Mosley’s Blackshirts" (Begbie).  More lost history.

"Eichmann Exhibit at Jewish Museum Promotes Mossad Brand" (Silverstein).  "New York Times Art Critic Attacks Israel-Sponsored Exhibit on Eichmann Trial".

"Guy Who Accidentally Stopped WannaCry Ransomware Detained After Defcon".  I have to say at the time I didn't believe any of the story about how this guy somehow stumbled on a switch on the internet he could simply turn off to stop the WannaCry attack.

"Blind Item #10".  There is a strong whiff of mafia, probably the real reason for the firing rather than the Fox bimbo affair being floated as the reason.
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