Saturday, August 05, 2017

War and its cause

"HOW THE WORLD MAY END ~ By, John Pilger".

"Chris Matthews got it: Neocons want to destroy the Middle East for Israel" (Alexis).

Love letter from a concentration camp guard:  "The Man McMaster Couldn't Fire".  Whoops! (note the systematic pogrom of Iran hawks):  "McMaster dismisses another Flynn hire from National Security Council".

Good comment by G at Naked Capitalism on the mystery of Hersh.  I don't share the optimism that this story could make it into the mainstream media.  Some things are just too dangerously true to be seen.  There is still not a mention of the Hersh tape anywhere that I can find in the mainstream media, which would be amazing if we didn't know how deeply dishonest the mainstream media is.

"Why We Can and Must End Our Greatest Crime" (Swanson).  On American wars.

"Blair escapes prosecution for the invasion of Iraq. What now for accountability?"  "Leaked Photos Link Corbyn To Known International Terrorist".
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