Friday, September 22, 2017

Dangerous predictions

"Pepe Escobar Unmasks Trump Doctrine: Carnage For New Axis Of Evil".  I don't agree, but we'll see.  What I'm seeing:
  1. the Korea thing will continue to stumble along, as there is no reason for any of the parties, except North Korea, to want to resolve it;
  2. there will continue to be provocations against Russia in order to encourage a warmongering feel to Washington, so more arms can be sold, but Russia will always wisely fail to take the bait, so nothing big will happen;
  3. The Ukrainians are going to be allowed to sink as low as any country can possibly sink, and the world will treat them as if they have a powerful stink, which they do;
  4. 'Iran talk' will continue, ad nauseam, as that is the preoccupation of BigJew, and as it is 'anti-Semitism' to do the only thing that would stop them, nobody will dare mention it, but nothing big will happen as the Europeans will, for once, stand up to protect their energy supplies (protecting energy supplies is the full extent of Eurotrash 'morality');
  5. the deterrorization operation will continue in Syria, with a few interruptions by American traitor generals and the rogue CIA, but the Americans will back off when challenged as the official American position is now truly anti-ISIS (a marked shift from under Barry, when the headloppers were US ally #1!); and
  6. despite complicated conspiratorial efforts like the Rohingya operation to disrupt the New Silk Road, China and the other BRICS will carry on building things and getting rich, while the Americans dither and moan on their odd BigJew leash.
The big problem is going to be Greater Kurdistan, as the Israelis have decided that the mass disruptions that stirring up the Kurds will cause is the best application of their peculiar ability to do Evil.  That is a way to get a geographically limited WWIII, and the tools to stop it don't seem to exist as long as there is no way to block the machinations of BigJew in the US.  It is also quite possible, based on years of precedent, to see another coup attempt in Venezuela.  Also, as always, we could see a surprise Israeli attack on Lebanon, to steal land and water, with mass media wailing for American involvement, and the only constraint being that at least some Israeli generals are aware that Hezbollah would beat them.
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