Sunday, September 10, 2017

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"Five Things to Remember About Catalonia".

"Fossil Fuel Lobbyist by Day, WaPo Columnist by Night" (Johnson).  "Big Oil must pay for climate change. Now we can calculate how much".

"While Trump tweets, Putin steals a march on North Korea" (Bhadrakumar).  The curious fact that has caused so many problems is that Americans literally can't do diplomacy.  Just can't do it.  They can start a war, threaten war, or impose sanctions, but that's the end of their repertoire in dealing with other countries.  The neocon tenet is that any kind of negotiation implies give and take, and the United States can't give without a profoundly ruinous loss of reputation.  The irony is that the United States is swirling the toilet as China and Russia eat its lunch with clever diplomacy.

"The Intercept: another mainstream news site when it comes to Syria" (Angry Arab).  "The Intercept Mistranslates Assad Speech - Smears Syria As Neo-Nazi" (Moon).  Tweet (Borzou Daragahi),  "Small wonder: The global fascist love affair with the Assad regime".  I'm still marvelling at the weird ways in which the Ziowahabbican loss is reflected in the Ziowahabbican media.  Calling Assad a Nazi is particularly odd, and makes the losers look particularly butthurt and weak, and their propaganda outlets particularly bought.

Tweet (Zaid Jilani):
"One of Kushner's top advisors on middle east policy, ladies and gentlemen. And someone who funds Neera Tanden's CAP. …"

"Who Invited Sebastian Gorka to Keynote Israeli Terror Conference?" Gorka is a committed Islamophobe, the only credentials he needs.  "Netanyahu's son just published an anti-Semitic cartoon on Facebook".  Curious how often George keeps popping up (with the big battle being George versus Sheldon):  "Liberals and Ultra-leftists: A Marriage Made in Hell".  The tactical, as opposed to the moral, argument for not violently repressing free speech.

"Jake Wallis Simons v Craig Murray".  Again, we are all astonished at how such a lovely group of people constantly find themselves in troubles all over the world, and all through time.

"The Root: "The 5 Types of 'Becky'"" (Sailer).

"Son of Eric Bolling, former Fox News host, dies".  The wages of dick pics is death.
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