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This is hard-core truth-telling:  "The Reasons for Netanyahu’s Panic" (Crooke):
"Of course, the Syrian aspect is important, but to focus only on that, would be to “miss the forest for the trees.” The 2006 war by Israel to destroy Hizbullah (egged on by the U.S., Saudi Arabia – and even a few Lebanese) was a failure. Symbolically, for the first time in the Middle East, a technologically sophisticated, and lavishly armed, Western nation-state simply failed. What made the failure all the more striking (and painful) was that a Western state was not just bested militarily, it had lost also the electronic and human intelligence war, too — both spheres in which the West thought their primacy unassailable."
"Against Hizbullah, Israel had thrown its full military force (though Israelis always say, now, that they could have done more). And against Syria, the U.S., Europe, the Gulf States (and Israel in the background) have thrown the kitchen sink: jihadists, al-Qaeda, ISIS (yes), weapons, bribes, sanctions and the most overwhelming information war yet witnessed. Yet Syria – with indisputable help from its allies – seems about to prevail: it has stood its ground, against almost unbelievable odds.

Just to be clear: if 2006 marked a key point of inflection, Syria’s “standing its ground” represents a historic turning of much greater magnitude. It should be understood that Saudi Arabia’s (and Britain’s and America’s) tool of fired-up, radical Sunnism has been routed. And with it, the Gulf States, but particularly Saudi Arabia are damaged. The latter has relied on the force of Wahabbism since the first foundation of the kingdom: but Wahabbism in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq has been roundly defeated and discredited (even for most Sunni Muslims). It may well be defeated in Yemen too. This defeat will change the face of Sunni Islam.

Already, we see the Gulf Cooperation Council, which originally was founded in 1981 by six Gulf tribal leaders for the sole purpose of preserving their hereditary tribal rule in the Peninsula, now warring with each other, in what is likely to be a protracted and bitter internal fight. The “Arab system,” the prolongation of the old Ottoman structures by the complaisant post-World War I victors, Britain and France, seems to be out of its 2013 “remission” (bolstered by the coup in Egypt), and to have resumed its long-term decline."
and (the dangers of Soros applying the color revolution/strategy of tension model to the United States probably explains the bizarre 180 degree flip in the mainstream media over antifa):
"Will ethno-nationalism provide Israel with a new support base? Well, firstly, I do not see Israel’s doctrine as “illiberal democracy,” but rather an apartheid system intended to subordinate Palestinian political rights. And as the political schism in the West widens, with one “wing” seeking to delegitimize the other by tarnishing them as racists, bigots and Nazis, it is clear that the real America First-ers will try, at any price, to distance themselves from the extremists.

Daniel Levy points out that the Alt-Right leader, Richard Spencer, depicts his movement as White Zionism. Is this really likely to build support for Israel? How long before the “globalists” use precisely Netanyahu’s “illiberal democracy” meme to taunt the U.S. Right that this is precisely the kind of society for which they too aim: with Mexicans and black Americans treated like Palestinians?"
"US will allow Iranian forces in Syria to operate within 8 km of Israel". ""US will allow Iranian forces in Syria to operate within 8 km of Israel" by Andrew Illingworth"

"Hizbullah against ISIS" (Angry Arab).  The implications of the fact that Hezbollah just easily and quickly wrecked ISIS in Lebanon and the Syrian borderlands have yet to be appreciated.

Speaking of hard core!:  "President Assad and the Syrian Armed Forces have Shaken US Hegemony to the Core" (Meyssan),

Excellent comment - enjoy the Huffington Post!

"Yes, Google Uses Its Power to Quash Ideas It Doesn’t Like—I Know Because It Happened to Me [Updated]".  "The Kings Of Garbage, Or, The ADL Spied On Me And All I Got Was This Lousy Index Card" (Ames from 2014). "Apple CEO Pledges $2 Million to SPLC and ADL, Attacks Trump over Charlottesville".  The SPLC's finances are not what you'd expect from a charity, but rather from an international arms dealer, appropriate when you think about it:  "Why Does The Southern Poverty Law Center Have Millions In Offshore Accounts?".  It is not like any of these players are making it difficult to understand what is going on!

"The United States of Manufactured Hysteria" (Hopkins):
"See, up to now, the dilemma we’ve been facing (or some of us have been facing, anyway) is how to respond to the ruling establishment’s concerted campaign to “regime-change” Trump. On the one hand, Trump is a living embodiment of everything the Left opposes. On the other hand, going after Trump has meant carrying water for the fake Resistance, i.e., that global corporatocracy (which, by the way, does not mean “the Jews.” I always like to slip that in to piss off my anti-Semitic readers.) This has been a bit awkward for some of us, restraining our impulse to stick it to Trump (at least on whatever talking points the Resistance is currently putting out) because in doing so we would align ourselves with the ruling establishment’s attempt to demonize, and eventually depose an American president who isn’t playing ball with them properly. If we oppose regime change in other countries, shouldn’t we also oppose it at home? Or do the ruling classes get a pass this time because Trump is such an exceptional monster? But wait … wasn’t Saddam a monster? And Gaddafi? And all the other “Hitlers” that wouldn’t play ball with the corporatocracy? And Assad? Isn’t he a monster?

You can see how confusing all this gets … when you’re trying to figure out how to oppose both the supranational corporatocracy that is superseding sovereign nations as the hegemonic power in the world and the neo-nationalist reaction against it, which is essentially fascist in nature, and which the corporatocracy also opposes … and desperately wants you to help them oppose by buying their manufactured hysteria about Russians, or Nazis, or whatever scary monster they wave in front of your face. After a while, your brain starts to hurt, and you just want someone to make things simple.

Charlottesville Nazis to the rescue! How much simpler could it possibly get? Corporatocracy? What corporatocracy? We got goddamned Nazis coming out of the woodwork! Racist Nazis! Confederate Nazis! Nazi apologists! Nazi sympathizers! This is no time to worry about who’s actually wielding political power, or how they’re manufacturing hysteria and otherwise manipulating people (not you, of course … other people). No, what we need to do now is censor the Internet, and other venues for Nazi hate speech, and round up all these racist Nazis and subject them to anti-Nazi therapy, or anti-racist empathy programs, or just gang up on them and beat them senseless.

OK, sure, that might sound extreme, or authoritarian, or just plain old creepy, but keep in mind that This Is Not Normal! And racism and Naziism is very, very bad. And Love Trumps Hate! And Scope Kills Germs! And we never literally meant that Trump was an actual Russian agent or anything. Forget about all that Russia stuff now. Trump is Hitler. Trump has always been Hitler. America has always been at war with Hitler. America will always be at war with Hitler.

Oh, yeah, and I almost forgot, today’s edition of the Two Minutes Hate will begin in approximately fifteen minutes. Please assemble in the usual location. Thank you for your cooperation. "
Comment by Simplicissimus (it should seem odd that people would sabotage their own rally by doing the one thing that plays into the propaganda of their opponents!):
"I have been trying to gather as much Charlottesville eyewitness testimony as possible, and none of the Alt -Right podcasters or rally -goers know who the two(?) guys with the Nazi flags were. They appear to have stuck around for the (perfectly framed) photo ops and then disappeared before the violence started.

They were not affiliated with any of the constituent groups and, worst case, it is not impossible that they were provocateurs. One (black) Youtuber claims that there are eyewitness accounts of tour buses unloading people “in KKK tee shirts” and Antifa gear. Since there were no Klan at the August rally, the eyewitnesses are probably getting their white -folks symbols mixed up. But the point remains: there is a chance that SOME of the incidents were staged.

From what I can tell, the only group that might plausibly be accused of displaying Nazi symbolism would have been the NSM (National Socialist Movement USA), but they had previously replaced the swastika with the Odin -rune in their logo, and had explicitly told members NOT to utilise Nazi gear. So, if none of the groups (LOS, TWP, NSM, IE, etc.) and none of the organisers know who these guys are, then they are either non -affiliated individuals . . . or plants.

This whole “Nazi” thing seems very fishy to me, especially because it fits in so well with the prefabricated narrative."
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