Sunday, September 17, 2017

Serbia, Libya, Syria, Burma

"The Rohingya Crisis: Perception Management, Rumours, Reality and Ramifications" (Korybko; my emphasis in red):
"Unfortunately, these sorts of situations have a track record of attracting international terrorists and leading to the explosion of domestic ones, like what happened with the “Kosovo Liberation Army” and its al-Qaeda backers in Yugoslavia; the “moderate rebels,” al-Qaeda and eventually Daesh in Syria; and now the “Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army” and what increasingly looks to be Daesh’s next Asian hot spot in Myanmar.

Correspondingly, each conflict was linked to either capturing the whole country or partitioning off a strategic corner of it, with post-conflict Kosovo hosting the US’s gigantic Camp Bondsteel; all of Syria at one time being planned to become the US’s pivot of control over the entire Levant; and a future “South Asian Kosovo” of “Rohingyaland” giving its patron powerful influence over the two oil and gas pipelines from coastal Kyaukphyu to China’s Kunming and accordingly dominating this envisioned New Silk Road hub."
Curiously, Korybko, usually razor sharp, lamely identifies the conspiracy as extreme one-sided international press coverage, which draws radicals to the area, rather than the far more likely, based on a growing number of known precedents, Ziowahabbican conspiracy of actively introducing Islamist terrorists into an area to serve as a proxy army.

"The Rohingya refugee crisis and the problem of objectivity" (Ó Colmáin):
"The US empire is not omnipotent but many of its strategists have a higher IQ than their leftist critics."
"The Bengali refugees are misfortunate. They are poor people manipulated by unscrupulous criminals, brain washed by a Satanic ideology imported from Saudi Arabia. The Rohingya identity was concocted by the well-connecting local ruling class in Bangladesh, Pakistan and Northern Rakhine. Bengali peasants are the ones who are suffering to please their Muslim Brotherhood lords.
The Wahhabites can pollute the minds of millions. Bias is something some people simply cannot overcome. Any time I’ve asked a Muslim Rohingyarist about crimes against Buddhists, they have simply ignored my question. The only conclusion I can draw from that is that they consider Buddhists to be sub-human. What I find particularly disturbing is just how widespread the bigotry is among Muslims -even those who say they totally reject racism and in many cases support very good causes. I suspect there is an equal level of bigotry among many Budhhists and Hindus. Bigotry won’t solve the problem."
I think it too generous to the American 'left' to blame their problems on IQ.  They are most certainly idiots, but their main problem is that they are simply evil.

Ó Colmáin's interviewee discusses the aspect that this is partly an attack on the government of Bangladesh, and that Iran is making a big, but possibly correctable, mistake in parroting the Ziowahabbican PR line.
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