Sunday, September 03, 2017

Telling me one thing and doing another

"Neocon Creep" (Kwiatkowski).

"A Nuremberg Tribunal for ISIS and Friends" (Duff).

"Progressives Defend Google – World’s Most Powerful Corporation" (Palmetto Patriot) (right in line with The Clarification):
"The irony is compelling.

The Progressive Left is siding with the most powerful corporation in human history. Meanwhile, the Alt-Right is defending free speech, workers’ rights and demanding that the massive corporation in question be tightly regulated or broken up. This contradicts the stereotypes of the Left being the defender of the little man against the power and wealth of evil, huge corporations and the Right being the defender of wealth, privilege and power."
Bio of offender (a cliché):
"Karen Hao covers technology for Quartz. She previously wrote about climate and the environment for Mother Jones and Sierra Magazine. Prior to entering journalism, she was an application engineer at, a Google X spinoff for urban sustainability. Karen has a degree in mechanical engineering from MIT. She is obsessed with social impact tech, cities, and sustainability."
"We Said Google Was Dangerously Powerful, Then Google Proved Us Right" (Stoller).  "The Dumb Fact of Google Money" (note how long the conflicts paragraph is!).

 "Pre-ReHolocaust history:  "Rabbi who urged Gaza genocide excused rape by soldiers" and "Video: Let Palestine be “wiped out,” sings Jerusalem Day mob" and "Video: “Only Jews here. Only Jews.”".

"No "Russian Hacking" In Durham Election - NY Times Report Belies Its Headline" (Moon).  This peculiar phenomenon of having the body of the article directly contradict the headline and the first paragraph or so seems to be a product of internet search engines, with the journalists liars assuming that 99% of people will only read what comes out in a search, and will thus be intentionally misled.  They have to walk a fine line with this reporting propaganda as hand-counted paper ballots would eliminate the supposed dangers, but they certainly don't want to advocate procedures that would ensure actual fair election results!

"Diplomatic Underground".  Diplopimping!  Given what we know, how is it remotely possible that Otaiba is still an ambassador?

"Antifa Medium . . ." (Quasar).  From Charlie to George.

"Rob Ford, Donald Trump, and the New Direction of Political Polarization".  This is the standard message of the populist right, and the idea always fails due to failure to deliver.
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