Thursday, September 28, 2017

The Map

"Kurdistan – what the referendum is hiding" (Meyssan).  This is superb - read the whole thing.

"‘KURDISTAN’- Redrawing the Middle East or the ‘New Middle East’ Project".  The Map.

"Syria prepared to discuss post-war autonomy with Kurds in geo-strategic blow to the US and Israel" (Garrie):
"If, as is expected, Turkey sends its troops into northern Iraq, it would send a message to the wider Kurdish movement that Kurdish independence equals creating not a greater Kurdistan but a greater Turkey.

Thus, the example of Iraq when viewed simultaneously with the generous offer from Syria, may lead to moderate elements within the Syrian Kurdish movement making the pragmatic choice for guaranteed autonomy versus the prospect of Turkish domination."
It is worth remembering that Turkey intends to reconquer the Ottoman lands, which it feels were wrongly stripped away, and create Greater Turkey, and the Kurds are setting up an excuse for Turkish invasion.  Barzani is no more and no less than a thuggish organized crime boss, whose ultimate paymaster may in fact be Turkey.  I am very suspicious of the much-discussed 'break' between Turkey and Israel, based on the fact that the Turks still intend to get very rich piping stolen hydrocarbons from the Levant to Europe.
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