Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Weapons of mass migration

"Why India should give seamless support to Aung San Suu Kyi" (Bhadrakumar).  The massive quantity of pictures of human suffering (which, to be clear, is actually happening), which you never see when the victims are the victims of the Ziowahhabicans (not to mention the prominence of the discredited Human Rights Watch in the PR campaign!), should be a hint what's really going on.  For future reference, Margolis stands firmly on the side of the jihadist/anti-Chinese side:  "Deep Shame on Suu Kyi and Myanmar".  Again, I refer to the fucking superb - essentially a textbook example of modern 'woke' conspiracy analysis - "The Rohingya Psyops: Waging Covert War on Myanmar" (Ó Colmáin; my emphasis in red; note also his comments on Fisk/Serbia, and the comment by HB on North Korea):
"The British used Bengali settlers in Burma to administer the Rakhine State on behalf of British interests. Since that time,  they have been periodically committing massacres against the indigenous Buddhist population of Burma’s Rakhine State region. The Muslims causing all the trouble are backed by the Saudis, Pakistanis, Turks, Bangladeshis and by the British and Americans who want to ‘Kossovise’ mineral-rich Myanmar. I should like to stress ‘Muslims who are causing all the trouble’; for it is a minority of the Rakhine State’s Muslims who are attempting to wage Jihad on behalf of Western geopolitical interests and the ongoing Zionist global war on terrorism, euphemistically and erroneously referred to as the ‘clash of civilisations’.

Since independence, Myanmar’s Rakhine State’s Muslim population has become the majority and Buddhists have suffered persecution; temples are often attacked and burned. Rapes of local Buddhist women by Muslim men are regularly reported. Arakanese Buddhists live in fear. The Islamist violence against Buddhists in Rakhine State is often followed by brutal attacks on Muslims in areas of the country where they are a minority. An independent Rakhine State which, like Serbia’s Kosovo, would depend entirely on the United States for its security, would be an enormous geopolitical prize for the US and a major tool of incremental destablisation against China, where the US is currently waging covert jihad through Uigur terrorists – many of whom are training in Syria and Iraq. The World Uighur Congress is backed by Washington.

The Myanmar authorities are currently fighting a war of national liberation against two terrorist organisations called the Rohingya Liberation Organisation.(RLO), and the Rohingya Solidarity Organisation (RSO). The RLO is supported by Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Turkey and ipso facto, NATO. Recent reports from Indian intelligence agencies have indicated that the Daesh are now recruiting Rohingya in India and sending them to Saudi Arabia for training.

The Rohingya terrorists are most likely receiving arms and training from Bangladeshi military intelligence under the supervision of Turkey and the US, while the Saudis are providing the radicalisation and the cash. The Rohingya refugee story is a gigantic psyops which is intended to manipulate the emotions of ignorant mass media consumers, who do not understand the history and complex geopolitical context of Myanmar and the Bay of Bengal.

With a population of 160 million, Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. The Bengali state is one of the world’s great sweatshops – providing slave labour for powerful Western corporations. But the state cannot provide enough employment for the country’s burgeoning youth. As a consequence, hundreds of thousands of Bengali youths take to the waters, heading mostly for Thailand and Malaysia. Exploited by a brutal mafia of traffickers who coordinate with Western intelligence agencies and NGOs, these economic migrants often end up on the shores of Rakhine State, where refugee camps are erected. They are then recruited by Al-Qaeda-linked terrorist groups for purposes of destabilising Rakhine State on behalf of Western interests. The Rohingya crisis is the most brutal and blatant example of what Kelly Greenhill calls ‘Weapons of mass migration’, whereby human beings are used by one state as geopolitical weapons against a target state.

In spite of extensive research carried out on the ground in Myanmar by independent researchers such as Rick Heizman – which extensively and exhaustively document ethnic cleansing by Rohingya Muslims against poor Buddhist peasants –  the human rights organisations which are shaping the international media narrative have simply relayed accusations of genocide made by the very organisations committing atrocities, namely the organised terrorist gangs of the Rohingya insurgency.

Although the public is led to believe that organisations such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch are independent, they are in fact closely linked to the British and American governments and function as para-statal agencies of imperial war propaganda.  Human rights organisations infiltrated by Western intelligence agents play a key role in creating the public consensus for US, NATO or UN military interventions in countries where a pretext is needed for a war of conquest, cynically disguised as a ‘humanitarian intervention’."
Added: two missing links in above excerpt.

The CIA, Mossad, and Saudi intelligence no doubt got together one afternoon and drew this whole thing up on a whiteboard.  Why do we keep falling for this obvious trickery? Are we morons?

Note in particular how the western 'human rights' organizations retype the allegations of  atrocities provided by the jihadists, just like in Syria!

And for you 9/11 analysts out there (9/11 is just another variation on the same general plan), would it really matter whether CIA assets slit the throats of a few Buddhists, or whether the throat slitting is done by some jihadists financed by the Saudis?

One of the great ironies of all this is that the brunt of the personalization of the blame is falling on Suu Kyi, herself of course a great tool of western imperialism (as proved by the Nobel Prize)!
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