Thursday, September 21, 2017

Words and deeds

"Of Penguins And A Nuclear Iran: Will Trump Scrap "The Deal"?" (Durden).  When the neocons and their political stooges talked belligerently, it was to provide the PR basis for a series of completely illegal wars - all obviously for the sole benefit of Zionism - which were clearly not in American national interests.  The fact that the United States has been largely third-world-ized by these wars is proof of that.  When Trump talks belligerently, it is part of what he perceives as deal-making, and the talk is in lieu of action.  It is when he stops talking (and tweeting) that we should get nervous.

Premature complaints:
  1. "Listening to The Donald at the UN" (The Saker);
  2. "Trump Falls in Line with Interventionism" (Parry); 
  3. "Trump’s UN Speech" (Roberts); 
  4. "Trump’s UN speech “most atrocious” by a US pres. – Wilkerson".
Looking at Trump's record we have the silly attack on the Syrian airstrip (with warning to the Russians and thus the Syrians), and a small troop increase in Afghanistan (terrible as complete withdrawal is the only sane solution, but just a blip in the larger scheme of things), and a lot of sanctions (mostly with huge holes), and on the other side:
  1. no war with Russia (none of Clinton's desired WWIII);
  2. no war with North Korea;
  3. apparent cooperation - with a few jukes from the rogue generals and CIA - with the Russians in Syria with a view to deterrorizing the entire country;
  4. refusal to provide a cordon sanitaire in Syria for land stolen by Jews;
  5. coolness towards the oligarchs/Nazis running Ukraine;
  6. active peacemongering between Qatar and the crazed Sauds.
Things could change - BigJew is always a threat - but by American Presidential standards that is an impressive record so far.

"Why is the USA in Afghanistan? An Answer To The Big Question".  Smart analysis, but misses destabilizing/weakening Pakistan, a Muslim state with nukes and thus a preoccupation of BigJew.

"‘Regime instability’ in Iran is aim of young Israel advocate’s memo to White House" (Weiss).  The BigJew push now is to counter the perceived massive increase in Iranian power and status caused, ironically, by the American wars on Iraq and Syria.

"Morgan Freeman Declares War on Russia at Rob Reiner’s Behest".  ""We Are At War" - Morgan Freeman Is The Face Of The New "Committee To Investigate Russia"" (the first thing monsters do is establish a 'committee'):
"Of course, it helps that actor, director, and lifelong Democrat Rob Reiner is behind it - he's teamed up with neocons David Frum, Max Boot, and national security insiders like James Clapper."

"Canadian teacher wins against Israel lobby effort to have her fired" (Abunimah). At some point even the most stupid people are going to put the pieces together and figure out who the real bad guys are.

"So, Trump Tower WAS actually wiretapped by the Obama people." (Lang).  The Trump claim that received the most derision from the 'smart' set.

"The Sci-Fi Roots of the Far Right—From ‘Lucifer’s Hammer’ to Newt’s Moon Base to Donald’s Wall".  Interesting, but it is based on the Clintonista cartoon version of Trump sharing all the views of his wildest supporters.

"Turkey Faces Threats for Inking Landmark Arms Deal with Russia":
"The long awaited deal has taken place. A deposit has already been paid. Turkey has finally signed the $2.5bn (£1.9bn) contract with Russia to buy S-400 advanced missile defense system. With a range of 400 kilometers (248 miles), the system can shoot down up to 80 targets simultaneously, aiming two missiles at each one, at an altitude of up to 30 km.

The system is not operationally compatible with the systems used by NATO countries, which gives Turkey a military capacity independent of the alliance. NATO commanders will not have control over it. The identification friend or foe (IFF) equipment won’t prevent Turkey from using it against NATO aircraft and missiles. Reaching full operational capability will require Russian personnel to be stationed in Turkey on advice, assistance and training missions.

The technology transfer component of the S-400 deal is especially important as it would allow Turkey to rapidly expand domestic defense industry with Russia’s help. Russia would supply two batteries and help Ankara build two more such systems. A few years ago, the US refused to let Turkey produce Patriot air defense systems on its soil and the deal was off.

Ankara does not have industrial infrastructure to produce air defense systems. Russian specialists will have to come and build it from scratch. As a result, Russia will get access to the defense infrastructure of a NATO member state."

"There are so many limits on what can be discussed today that awareness of the present era is denied to those living in it." The main only virtue for the 'smarts' is the ability to color within the lines, and of course to have a hyper-sense of what the lines are.

"Iraqi Kurdistan to Vote on Independence: Middle East Heads for Another Major War". "Kurdistan and the Veil of Lies" (Duff).  Have the Israelis convinced the Kurds that they can prevail in a war against the entire rest of the world?

It is funny that the geniuses in the Spanish government decided to act in the only way which would guarantee Catalonian independence.  The difference between Kurdistan and Catalonia is that nobody gives a shit whether Catalonia is independent or not.

"They look at us with hope, but we can only document their despair".  I cynically marvel at the beauty of the highly composed photographs of the suffering of the Rohingya, many of them by the famous warmongers of the Associated Press.  When you are photographing somebody in serious medical distress, shouldn't you be doing something to help?

Ha!:  "The Srebrenicans are standing with the Rohingya".  Same psyop.

It is a terrible insult to serial killers to compare them to the incompetent psychos running American financial businesses:  "It’s Already Time To Apply ‘Son Of Sam’ Doctrines To Equifax, If We Can".
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