Wednesday, October 18, 2017

666 Fifth

"Google's Sidewalk Labs signs deal for 'smart city' makeover of Toronto's waterfront".  If you read it carefully you'll see the City of Toronto has sold its residents into information slavery.  We're eventually going to need a lot of rope.

"Exclusive: Neo-Nazi and National Front organiser quits movement, opens up about Jewish heritage, comes out as gay".  No surprise as all the Nazi leaders are both gay and Jewish.  The only one who is neither, Milo, makes a big deal about pretending to be both.

"Sir Edward Heath: Traitor and Pedophile" (Shrimpton).

"Iraqi seizure of oil-rich Kirkuk from Kurds risks broader war".  It is not typical for Israel to just give up and stop trying to provoke war (was the retaking of Kirkuk too easy?).  "America’s Predictable Betrayal of the Iran Deal" (Cartalucci):
"Key in Iraq’s initial success in retaking Kirkuk is not exclusively its support from Iranian-backed militias, but from Kurdish factions themselves – illustrating the lack of unity among Kurdish groups in fulfilling Washington’s ambitions – and perhaps an opportunity for both Baghdad and Damascus to strike a mutually beneficial deal that would maintain the territorial integrity of both states and provide peace and stability everyone in the region would benefit from, including the more realistic factions among the Kurds."
"Tehran has Struck a Crushing Blow to Washington’s Positions in Iraq" (Orlov).

"International Electoral Observers Validate Venezuela Regional Vote as US, France Reject Results". "Is It Time for “Food Diplomacy” in Venezuela?" (Korybko).

"Magnitsky Act Comes to Canada".

Interview with Wilkerson:  "On Iran, Trump Follows Iraq War Neocons".  The pressure point on Trump may well be the aptly-addressed 666 Fifth:  "Is Jared Kushner the World’s Worst Real-Estate Investor?"  "The Happy-Go-Lucky Jewish Group That Connects Trump and Putin".  The blood diamond guy is described as 'Soviet-born'!:  "Jared Kushner sealed real estate deal with oligarch's firm cited in money-laundering case".  It is hilarious that Mueller's efforts are going to be blocked by the simple fact that pretending the pressure points are 'Russian' and not Israeli isn't going to stand up to any scrutiny, and Israeli pressure is a no-go area.  Jared's got it Cha-bad, and that ain't good.

"Israel Is Hiding the Fact that Its State of the Art F-35 Warplane Was Hit by Syrian S-200 Missile – Reports" (South Front).  "Bird collision".  Two storks. Another funny example of obsolete technology up against the American pilot-killer.

"The real reasons Trump is quitting Unesco" (Cook).

Despite a massive and ongoing PR onslaught, it looks like the Muslims of Burma aren't going to be allowed to form a wedge between Burma and China.  Aung San Suu Kyi appears to be able to parry the attack by threatening to become more involved with China, and the Americans have to back down.

Various color revolutionaries:  "US Meddling Across Southeast Asia" (Thomas).

"Anne Frank, Harvey Weinstein Halloween costumes call for drastic measures: Teitel".  Cute idea for costumes for a couple!

Predictably wonderful!:  "Trump’s Call To Green Beret’s Widow Is Horrific: He ‘Knew What He Signed Up For’".

"Wounded casino security guard vanishes from Las Vegas — and surfaces on the set of 'Ellen'" (hard to dance with that leg injury):
"One female guest came out of her room, and Campos told her to take cover in her room."
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