Sunday, October 15, 2017

A very dynamic event

"The Middle East Pivot" (Petras).  Quite the list of iniquities.

"In schools and hospitals, Turkey carves north Syria role".

"Israeli occupation army apprehends most wanted Palestinian terrorists" (Angry Arab; see also).  I literally can't wait for this army of pussies to face the real men of Hezbollah. It is going to be glorious!

"Las Vegas Security Guard Shot by Vegas Killer is Not Registered as a Security Guard in the State of Nevada?"  "Union rep for Vegas security guard on ‘unusual’ disappearance".  "Hero security guard of Las Vegas massacre 'checked into a quick clinic' after vanishing minutes before he was due to speak to the media for first time since attack".  "Vegas Massacre Timeline Shifts Again - "This Is A Very Dynamic Event"".

Crime scene problems:  "Five MORE things that don’t add up about the Las Vegas massacre… Where is all the expended brass?".  The 'patsy nest'.

"Trump Goes Full Shabbos-Goy" (The Saker).  "Trump’s speech on Iran deal is an orgy for Israel and its US friends" (Weiss). "Trump Shoots the US in the Foot Over Iran" (Margolis):
"If the Iran nuclear deal is abrogated, America will have shot itself in the foot and shown the world it has fallen under the control of special interests for whom America’s national interests do not come first. Europe, already disgusted by the Trump carnival in Washington and its religious supporters, will pull further away from the US and closer to Russia and China. Who would trust America’s word after deal-break Trump?

Europe has lately signed billions in new trade accords with Iran, most notably and $18 billion deal with Airbus for the sale of commercial aircraft. Boeing wants to sell 80 aircraft to Iran worth $16 billion. Thus Trump’s jihad against Iran will likely deny high-paid jobs to tens of thousands of American workers. This from the president who was going to create jobs, jobs, jobs."

"Does Catalonia Have a Right to Secede?"  It is curious that European and American white nationalists make the same kind of arguments as the Catalonians make, and are backed by the same kind of fascist 0.1%-ers, but the white nationalists are 'Nazis', and the Catalonians are just fighting for their 'freedom'.  More, I guess, of The Clarification.

"Forget Catalonia, Flanders Is the Real Test Case of EU Separatism!" (Korybko).  Catalonia's real problem (Stupid Flanders!).  You'd think the independence leaders might have phoned Brussels up before the referendum, just to inquire about how this might be received.

"As Catalonia Plans Independence from Spain, Julian Assange Advises Organizers on Secure Messaging" (Assange, ever the shit-stirrer, wants the consequences that Europe fears):
"But I wanted to speak about significance, because most Americans will think, “Well, it’s Spain. It’s some regional issue involving Spain. Why does it matter?” This is the most significant change of relationship between population and state in Western Europe since the fall of the Berlin Wall. And its effects will spread all over Western Europe and into the United States and, because it’s Spain, also substantially into Latin America, Spanish-speaking Latin America."

"The House of Saud bows to the House of Putin" (Escobar).  "What Saudis Hope To Get Out Of Russia Ties" (Bhadrakumar).  The Saudis have painted themselves into a corner.  Putin just sits in his office, waiting for supplicants to arrive begging him to rescue them from the predictable results of their terrible decisions.

"How NBC 'Killed' Ronan Farrow's Weinstein Exposé".  Very instructive.  If not for brother Bob Weinstein's need to control the expenses caused by Harvey's Shiksa Humiliation Derangement Syndrome (SHDS) - all the profits of the company seem to have gone to pay off damage claims from rape victims! - and Rowan Farrow's own personal brush with the tragedy of SHDS, Harvey and his fellow Khazars would still be at it.

"How the Narrative Cake Is Baked" (Sailer).

"Austria: Jew Set Up Fake Pro-Jewish AND Anti-Jewish Websites to Discredit Right-Wing Candidate".

"Agent Angelina: Are CIA Using Hollywood’s Jolie as Soft Power Operative?" (Korybko).

"The Legacy of Reagan’s Civilian ‘Psyops’" (Parry).  "Exposing a Shoddy Sarin Attack Narrative" (Porter).  "The FBI Targets Black “Ideology”" (Ford).

"Las Vegas: How White Rights, Neoliberal Isolation and a Little Incompetence Killed 59 or 60 People This Week" (Dixon).  "Readers on Guns #2".  "Hey, where the white women at?" from the guy who will mock almost everything.  The striking thing about Americans and guns is that guns are a major fundraising issue for both political parties, meaning that a slow but steady increase in gun 'rights' suits everybody just fine.

Extremely woke:  "Antifa in Theory and in Practice" (Johnstone):
"As prime example, in late 2010, a young woman named Ornella Guyet appeared in Paris seeking work as a journalist in various leftist periodicals and blogs. She “tried to infiltrate everywhere”, according to the former director of Le Monde diplomatique, Maurice Lemoine, who “always intuitively distrusted her” when he hired her as an intern.

Viktor Dedaj, who manages one of the main leftist sites in France, Le Grand Soir, was among those who tried to help her, only to experience an unpleasant surprise a few months later.  Ornella had become a self-appointed inquisitor dedicated to denouncing “conspirationism, confusionism, anti-Semitism and red-brown” on Internet.  This took the form of personal attacks on individuals whom she judged to be guilty of those sins. What is significant is that all her targets were opposed to U.S. and NATO aggressive wars in the Middle East.

Indeed, the timing of her crusade coincided with the “regime change” wars that destroyed Libya and tore apart Syria.  The attacks singled out leading critics of those wars.

Viktor Dedaj was on her hit list.  So was Michel Collon, close to the Belgian Workers Party, author, activist and manager of the bilingual site Investig’action. So was François Ruffin, film-maker, editor of the leftist journal Fakir elected recently to the National Assembly on the list of Mélenchon’s party La France Insoumise. And so on. The list is long.

The targeted personalities are diverse, but all have one thing in common: opposition to aggressive wars.  What’s more, so far as I can tell, just about everyone opposed to those wars is on her list.

The main technique is guilt by association.  High on the list of mortal sins is criticism of the European Union, which is associated with “nationalism” which is associated with “fascism” which is associated with “anti-Semitism”, hinting at a penchant for genocide.  This coincides perfectly with the official policy of the EU and EU governments, but Antifa uses much harsher language.

In mid-June 2011, the anti-EU party Union Populaire Républicaine led by François Asselineau was the object of slanderous insinuations on Antifa internet sites signed by “Marie-Anne Boutoleau” (a pseudonym for Ornella Guyet).  Fearing violence, owners cancelled scheduled UPR meeting places in Lyon.  UPR did a little investigation, discovering that Ornella Guyet was on the speakers list at a March 2009 Seminar on International Media organized in Paris by the Center for the Study of International Communications and the School of Media and Public Affairs at George Washington University.  A surprising association for such a zealous crusader against “red-brown”.

In case anyone has doubts, “red-brown” is a term used to smear anyone with generally leftist views – that is, “red” – with the fascist color “brown”.  This smear can be based on having the same opinion as someone on the right, speaking on the same platform with someone on the right, being published alongside someone on the right, being seen at an anti-war demonstration also attended by someone on the right, and so on.  This is particularly useful for the War Party, since these days, many conservatives are more opposed to war than leftists who have bought into the “humanitarian war” mantra.

The government doesn’t need to repress anti-war gatherings.  Antifa does the job.

The Franco-African comedien Dieudonné M’Bala M’Bala, stigmatized for anti-Semitism since 2002 for his tv sketch lampooning an Israeli settler as part of George W. Bush’s “Axis of Good”, is not only a target, but serves as a guilty association for anyone who defends his right to free speech – such as Belgian professor Jean Bricmont, virtually blacklisted in France for trying to get in a word in favor of free speech during a TV talk show.  Dieudonné has been banned from the media, sued and fined countless times, even sentenced to jail in Belgium, but continues to enjoy a full house of enthusiastic supporters at his one-man shows, where the main political message is opposition to war.

Still, accusations of being soft on Dieudonné can have serious effects on individuals in more precarious positions, since the mere hint of “anti-Semitism” can be a career killer in France. Invitations are cancelled, publications refused, messages go unanswered.

In April 2016, Ornella Guyet dropped out of sight, amid strong suspicions about her own peculiar associations."

""They Won't Know What Hit Them" Shocking Undercover Footage Exposes Antifa's "Premeditated" Violence".  "New Undercover Video Exposes Antifa Distributing Weapons Before Ben Shapiro Speech".

"O'Keefe Strikes Again, Catches NYT Editors On Hidden Camera: "Targeting Trump's Businesses, His Dumb F**k Of A Son"" (Durden).  "New York Times editor ‘buried’ negative Facebook story to protect friends – Project Veritas".  "NYT & YouTube collusion spawns fake news ‘bastard child’ – Project Veritas to RT".

"Sputnik and RT Under Investigation" (Giraldi).

"Data From Twitter And WordPress Is Giving Intelligence Committees The Opportunity To Gain Insights Into The Real "Guccifer 2.0"" (Adam Carter).  We seem to know more about his sleep patterns than who he is.

"After Nine Months, Only Stale Crumbs in Russia Inquiry" (Ritter). "Russia-gate Jumps the Shark" (Parry).  "The Russiagate Scandal Descends Into Total Absurdity" (Mercouris).

"German Spy Case Closes After Mystery Mossad Agent Fails To Show For Trial".  "U.S. Ambassador’s Adviser Ran 'Dark Money' Nonprofit That Donated $1m to Right-wing Israeli Group".

"Hundreds of Jewish Teens Run Riot in Muslim Part of Jerusalem's Old City".  "Israel: Hundreds of Jews Riot Against Palestinians in Modern Day Kristallnacht".

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