Friday, October 06, 2017

Crack Bowl

"Israeli ambassador pushes potential war to elite U.S. powerbrokers" (at the end is a great list of, um, patriotic Americans who attended).  "National Holocaust Monument plaque pulled after panel omits mention of Jews" (spectacular title; there are still lots of woke people in the Canadian bureaucracy, so I doubt this is a mistake!; Linda is David's sister).

"Trump’s America is Not Just Losing, it has Already Lost to Iran".

"Syria - Russia Issues Third Warning Against U.S. Cooperation With Terrorists" (Moon).

"Kurdish Secession US Plot to Create New ‘Israel’: Leader Tells Erdogan".

The conspiracy view of Catalonian separation:  "The Catalan Chain Reaction" (Korybko).  The European Union seems quite aware of what is going on.  The bigger picture is obviously a series of more color revolutions by you-know-who to weaken Europe to prevent it from interfering in any Ziowahhabican projects, as if Europe could possibly be any weaker than it already is! Catalonia will be punished with economic ruin as a warning to to others by refusing to grant it automatic admission to the Union.

"The US-Based Armenian Lobby Is on a Mission to Provoke Azerbaijan and Russia" (Korybko).  For the love of God, don't notice a pattern!

"One of Puerto Rico’s biggest creditors is also big funder of Israeli propaganda" (Weiss).  "Billionaire Seth Klarman, donor to Israel causes, is one of the largest holders of Puerto Rican debt".  Avert your eyes, for as often as this kind of thing keeps popping up, it is 'anti-Semitic' to notice.  Weiss continues his schizophrenic role of dutifully criticizing noticers like Giraldi and Plame as 'anti-Semites', while being one of the major sources of information on the subject from which no conclusions dare be drawn.

"Russia threatens 'countermeasures' as Magnitsky law nears passage".  "Canada’s House of Commons Passes Magnitsky-Style Law" (277-0!).  All based on a discredited fairy tale:  "How my book unmasking Bill Browder was censored by Amazon by Alex Krainer".  A serious embarrassment for Canada, with the original movie now unviewable - as it doesn't show what it was paid to show! - and the formerly reliably anti-Putin documentarian thus a 'Kremlin Stooge'.

"Intercept Augments Its Anti-Syrian Stable" (Moon).  We still await with bated breath the resignation over the Reality Winner debacle of at least one of these vaunted progressive journalists in Crazy Pierre's extremely well-paid stable.

"The Mystery of the Russia-gate Puppies" (Parry).  As each salvo fizzles out they turn to a new one, the latest being doubling back to the Steele dossier (which had previously been discarded as a damp - so to speak - squib).

Tweets on the integrity of ISIS attribution claims!

Tragic decision by small-minded municipal politicians to stifle the sheer joy of local residents in referring to the stadium as the Crack Bowl.  Fifty years from now, children would ask 'Mommy, why is it called the Crack Bowl?', leading to an educational discussion of the perils of addiction (and general assholery) and the utter fecklessness of moron voters.
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