Friday, October 13, 2017

Funnier and funnier

"Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock's Reno home broken into, police say":
". . . police were called to the scene by a neighbor who noticed a light on inside the home."
Congratulations to the LVMPD for not wasting valuable public resources guarding a crime scene!  The light on suggests that the evidence clean-up team was completely, and correctly, unconcerned about being disturbed.

"Vegas Shooter Complained About Loud Country Music On Night Before Killing Rampage".  First comment:
"So a guy with a large arsenal in his room calls security?"
"Vegas Shooter Used Hotel Freight Elevator, His Reno Home Was Broken Into".  So, as the story stands, in its third iteration (each one one inconsistent with the previous version - I assume the police are simply retyping PR releases from the casino, as one does in Vegas) Paddock shoots the security guard through the door, waits six minutes, fires for eleven minutes straight, then stops for no reason (no reason as the police hadn't been notified by the casino after one of their security guards had been shot!).  The casino, no doubt aware of the liability implications, is rewriting the timeline again!

You'd think securing freight elevators would be a normal part of hotel operations, and if Paddock had access he improperly obtained a pass or key from an employee who can't explain where his pass or key went.

This is a conspiracy/crime where the entire line of evidence is being carefully crafted and re-crafted solely to meet the legal liability requirements of the casino (even to the extent of the police assuming the blame for the casino's wrongdoing!).  This is what you get when your entire local government is beholden to organized crime interests.

The bestest thing of all about this is that with all the Islamophobic concentration on the War On Terror, all the impositions and threats to civil liberties, and all the so, so many wars being fought on the excuse of making Americans safe, when faced with an actual terror attack the authorities are completely AWOL, and Americans are left to fend for themselves.  You'd think somebody would notice this!
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