Sunday, October 22, 2017

Hey, Today They Say Mandalay Bay Valet Away!

"Mandalay Bay Valet Goes Missing After Claiming Shooter ‘Had No Bags’":
"A Mandalay Bay valet, who parked Stephen Paddock’s car when he checked in, has mysteriously disappeared after giving an interview to mainstream media in which he insisted the suspected shooter was “a normal guy” and “didn’t have many bags.“
Chad Nishimura, a long term employee of Mandalay Bay, gave the interview to Moanike’ala Nabarro, a reporter for Hawaiian ABC affiliate, KITV4 News.
The article has now been deleted from the KITV4 News website after it appeared to go against the “official narrative” that “lone wolf” gunman Paddock managed to smuggle enough guns for a small army into his hotel suite completely unnoticed by staff or security personnel monitoring the hotel’s CCTV.
KITV4 have so far refused to explain why their article was suddenly scrubbed from their website, or if they were acting under outside orders.

Nishimura, a Hawaii native, has also completely vanished since the report was published, and all of his social media accounts have been deleted from the internet."
"Kennedy Assassination: Evidence Seen by JFK’s Doctor Suppressed".  Trump is still mad at the CIA's attempts to treasonously unseat him:  "Trump To Allow Release Of 3,000 Never Before Seen Documents On JFK Assassination".  The devil is in the details of what is withheld.

"Trump dossier firm's 'smear' tactics unveiled: Fusion GPS labeled critic a 'pedophile,' 'extortionist' and 'drug trafficker'":
"The self-described “strategic intelligence” firm Fusion GPS that was behind the controversial anti-Trump dossier has a track record of intimidation and smear tactics, according to congressional testimony and the firsthand account of a London-based Venezuelan journalist who said he was labeled a “pedophile,” “extortionist” and “drug trafficker” after criticizing one of Fusion’s clients.

“I believe that Fusion GPS’s business is to do basically whatever the paymasters tell them to do,” Alek Boyd, the Venezuelan journalist, told Fox News in his first American TV interview. “They are particularly good at spreading misinformation, disinformation and smears.”

Boyd says he was targeted after his 2012 reporting on Derwick Associates, a power company with close ties to the Venezuelan government. The company allegedly skimmed nearly a billion dollars from rigged contracts with the late Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez.

“It is my understanding that [Fusion GPS] were hired basically to smear Derwick opponents and to dispel any possible doubts that regular media may have had at the time,” he said."
"Boyd says he was labeled a pedophile, drug addict and thief on the web. “They published this information through a number of social media and websites anonymously. They created fake Twitter accounts with my name, impersonating myself. ... They started publishing photos of me walking around London with my daughters. They produced a huge amount of information — fake information — about me, accusing me from being a pedophile to being an extortionist to a drug trafficker to a car thief.”

Boyd says he believes three suspects, seen in security camera video released by British police, left pictures of his children inside his coat pocket as a warning. “The message, I believe at the time — we know where you are and we know where your children are, so take that as a threatening message.”

And there was more.

“After about a week,” Boyd explained, “two sets of envelopes were sent to me from Tbilisi, Georgia, containing the same exact same pictures — printout of pictures — that were left in my jacket, but this time the printouts had handwritten messages saying, ‘You touch the wrong girl you pedophile, you think we can’t touch yours?’”

Fusion GPS is led by Glenn Simpson and Peter Fritsch, who left the Wall Street Journal about a decade ago. Boyd provided Fox News with a travel document that Boyd said indicates Fritsch traveled to Venezuela, as part of what he described as an effort to shut down any investigative reporting into Derwick's actions. Asked if Fusion GPS plays on its credentials as former journalists, Boyd said yes."
"How every investor lost money on Trump Tower Toronto (but Donald Trump made millions anyway)" (read the whole thing, it is simply amazing!):
"In the last decade, more than 400 condominium towers of 14 storeys or more have been successfully built in Toronto, according to records at City Hall. Among those, the half-dozen industry insiders and analysts interviewed for this story could identify only one that went bankrupt after completion: the Trump International Hotel and Tower Toronto.

An investigation by the Toronto Star and Columbia Journalism Investigations in New York reveals the tower that until recently bore the U.S. president’s name was so hamstrung by inexperienced partners and an unorthodox foreign financing deal that it couldn’t be saved by Trump’s public assurances of excellence.

“It’s pretty hard to make a mess of a real-estate investment (in Toronto),” said Toronto lawyer Marc Senderowitz, who represented four of the project’s minority investors. “In retrospect, I could have taken their money, bought a small commercial building and sat on it for 15 years ... Things just went off the rails.”"
Trump walked away with millions, having not put a cent of his own money in the project. And the investors who lost all that money? Orthodox Jews with extremely shady backgrounds, even by the standards of Orthodox Jews ("In 2014, one of Mendlowits’ partners in the factory — Menachem “Max” Stark — was kidnapped and bundled into a minivan, his body later found smouldering in a gas station dumpster.").

"The Thing Scaramucci Gets Right" (Studebaker).  Note all the 'mafia' movies and television out of 'Hollywood' that leave us with the stereotype that organized crime is entirely Italian.

"The Man Who Called Donald Trump a “Moron”" (Russell).  Tragically marred in its lousy introduction, as is usual from this site, by Putin Derangement Syndrome.  Sad!  The irony, of course, is that the only good thing about guys like Tillerson is that their money grubbing instincts incline them to cooperate with the parties that the evil Clintonistas irrationally have decided are enemies who need to be fought in WWIII.  Who.What.
Why should be ashamed of itself!

"No, US Didn’t ‘Stand By’ Indonesian Genocide—It Actively Participated".  Exactly like Yemen, today.

"Netanyahu lobbies world powers to support Iraqi Kurds’ secession bid".  "Iraqi forces complete Kirkuk province takeover after clashes with Kurds" (my emphasis in red):
"Iraq’s post-Saddam constitution allows the Kurds self rule in three mountainous northern provinces and guarantees them a fixed percentage of Iraq’s total oil income, an arrangement that saw them prosper while the rest of the country was at war.

Although Kirkuk is outside the autonomous region, many Kurds consider it the heart of their historic homeland and its oil to be their birthright. Its loss makes their quest for independence appear remote, since it would leave them with only about half the oil revenue they had sought to claim for themselves."

"Kirkuk Kurds Anguished about Future of Province":
"“We headed to the Taza sub district to try to stop the army and the militias from going to the airport and there was a confrontation near the bridge to the industrial district,” confirms Rasoul Karkui, commander of the Iraqi Kurdish military in Kirkuk; he is also known as Wasta Rasoul. “A violent clash took place and heavy weapons were used.”

However, after only a few hours, orders came from the senior commanders in the Kurdish military that the Kurdish troops should leave the area immediately. The Iraqi army and the Shiite Muslim militias were then able to move onto their destinations without any further issue.

“We were putting up stiff resistance when we got a call from a commander who told us to withdraw,” one of the Kurdish soldiers told NIQASH, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not authorised to talk to the media. “One of our officers refused, saying he would die here rather than let them pass. The commander said that if he did not withdraw, he would come down there and kill him, himself. So we withdrew.”

Karkui told NIQASH that he and his men also heard that Shiite Muslim militias were attacking other Kurd-controlled areas around Kirkuk, including Bashir, Tal al-Ward, Mullah Abdullah and Maktab Khalid. That was another reason they decided to withdraw.

“We knew we were fighting three big enemies, who had all decided that Kirkuk needed to go back to the way it was before,” Karkui said, referring to Iraq, Iran and Turkey. “We had no other choice,” he said of the withdrawal.

The details remain murky but it appears that a deal had been made on Saturday that the Kurdish troops would withdraw and the Iraqi troops would take their place. This deal was agreed upon by Iraqi authorities and Kurdish politicians and it was apparently brokered by Iranian mediators. Representatives of both of Iraqi Kurdistan’s largest political parties, who rule the semi-autonomous northern region, were there when the deal was done: That is, the Kurdistan Democratic Party, or KDP, and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, or PUK. The deal was done only a few hours before the aforementioned fighting started. The meeting was held under the supervision of senior Kurdish politician, Fuad Masum, who is also the president of federal Iraq.

However, both the KDP and the PUK won’t give any further details about any such deal or whether in fact the deal was done at all."
and (my emphasis in red; it appears the Jews lost at their own game, with somebody - educated guess, Iran - paying bigger bribes!):
"So what happens now? Since the day and night of the withdrawal, the two parties who played a role in it have been trading insults and recriminations. The KDP has used its media channels, Rudaw and Kurdistan24, to spread misinformation and to blame the PUK for collaborating with the Iranians. The PUK has used their channel, Kurd Sat, to ask questions like this: If the withdrawal was made by secret agreement that excluded the KDP, then why were the areas defended by KDP troops, also handed over without a fight?

While the leader of KDP, Massoud Barzani, says that certain persons from a certain party were to blame – it was clear he meant the PUK – military leaders from the PUK have said that Barzani agreed to the troop withdrawal too, but is now denying it."
Getting closer to naming Singer, who I suspect will end up in jail, as that kind of predator can't claim consent: "Orphan Black’s Jordan Gavaris Says Scandal-Ridden Hollywood Agent Repeatedly Harassed Him".

"What Harvey Weinstein tells us about the liberal world" (Frank).  There is no little irony in a guy like Frank, who claims to uncover the hidden truths and connections, missing the most obvious one.  In an important way, Frank's obtuseness proves the bigger and real conspiracy.

Amid all the bloviation, Venezuelan voters delivered a commanding endorsement for Maduro's recent actions:  "Do the Venezuelan Opposition’s Cries of Fraud Stand Up to Scrutiny?".

"False Flagging Sonic Attacks in Havana: a CIA Specialty" (Madsen).  I still believe that the fact that Canadian diplomats also report symptoms proves it can't be a Cuban attack, and the CIA has a long history of irrational hatred of Cuba (covering that up is part of its motive for hiding JFK assassination files).

"Russian Federation Sitrep 19 October 2017" (Armstrong).

"Neo-Nazi Richard Spencer says he turns to Israel “for guidance”" (Abunimah).

"Future of JCPOA In Hands of GOP Indebted To Billionaire Iran Hawks" (Clifton).  "Should US policy against Iran be taken seriously?" (Meyssan, basically correct, subject to what wrenches the ZOG US Congress can throw in the works):
"The agreement of 14 July 2015 was adopted by the United Nations Security Council, which alone can repeal it. Of course, all diplomats know that behind this multilateral agreement, the United States and Iran have agreed to a secret bilateral protocol which defines their respective roles in the Greater Middle East. At the time of writing, no-one is able to say whether or not President Trump has called this protocol into question. Consequently, all reactions to the declarations of the State Department and to his speech on 13 October are nothing more than fan dancing."
"The moment of truth is coming for Trump’s Iran strategy" (Bhadrakumar).  Americans just aren't very good at diplomacy (the 'juggling').
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