Friday, October 27, 2017

Lifetime winner / never again

Lifetime winner news:
  1. "Jesus Campos reportedly left the country days after Vegas massacre";
  2. "Brother of Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock charged with child porn possession in L.A.";
  3. "Vegas killer’s brother terrorized auto shop where he squatted";
  4. "Las Vegas shooting investigators find gunman Stephen Paddock's disturbing internet history"; and
  5. "Additionally, housekeepers had visited Mr. Paddock’s room, where he fired on the crowd below, more than once in the days before the shooting, but did not notice any sign of his large stockpile of weapons. He also ordered room service at least once, according to people with knowledge of the security response inside the hotel." (scroll down to reference to Paddock being a "lifetime winner", impossible to do playing video poker).
"Trump keeps some JFK files secret over CIA, FBI concerns". Nice of them to highlight the good stuff.  #UnlikelyThingsInTheJFKFiles

""I’ve being saying that he is the Giant since 1998"".  "Deathbed confession may crack case of the 'Crazy Brabant Killers' ".  Gladio/strategy of tension operation in Belgium, now with evidence of police involvement.

The Great Shiksa Pogrom of 2017 continues to destroy the lives of wonderful men (when will we have to pay for the stark concrete monuments - including the Tomb of the Unknown 'Woody' - so that we never forget and buses of schoolchildren will have somewhere to go to learn the lessons of 'never again'?):
  1. "Five women accuse journalist and 'Game Change' co-author Mark Halperin of sexual harassment";
  2. "Leon Wieseltier Admits ‘Offenses’ Against Female Colleagues as New Magazine Is Killed";
  3. "Over 300 Women Chime In After L.A. Times Details Director's Sex Abuse Reputation".
For the love of G-d, we're talking about things that happened in 1998, 2003, 2015. How could any man living in those primitive benighted times have any idea that women didn't like being raped?  Everybody is now enlightened, and with some spiritual counselling, 'sex addict' treatment, and mindfulness - you have to love how the full panoply of Khazar bullshit is rolled out to deal with the PR problem caused by Khazar behavior - we should be able to put all this behind us, and concentrate on the real issue, a rather obvious case of Jew hatred.
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