Saturday, October 21, 2017

New lows

"Iran Doesn’t Have a Nuclear Weapons Program. Why Do Media Keep Saying It Does?" (Johnson).  Answer:  (((media))).

"The conspiracy to censor the Internet".  On the consistently vile neofascist Anne Applebaum (out of the same eastern European irredentist fascist group that includes Christina Freeland).

"House (of Representatives) Negroes Rally Against Russia" (Ford).  "Freedom Rider: Russiagate Brings Black Caucus to a New Low" (Kinberley).  As Russiagate becomes more and more ridiculous, its proponents double down in their support for oppression based on what is left of it.

"Trump Dossier Creators 'Plead Da Fif' During House Intel Hearings" (Durden).  No immunity offered as they don't want to hear what they might say.

"FBI Uncovered Russian Bribery Plot Before Obama Approved Uranium One Deal, Netting Clintons Millions" and "FBI Informant "Threatened" After Offering Details Linking Clinton Foundation To Russian Bribery Case" (Durden).  The irony remains that the only proven successful Russian shenanigans that were covered up were covered up by Barry (and Comey) for the personal benefit of Killary.

"Putin on Catalonia: EU triggered rise of separatism by supporting Kosovo independence".  He's waited decades to rub their noses in it!

"Washington is Keen to Derail the Syrian Peace Process" (Kulikov).  Typical Trump though, keen to start to try to derail for the benefit of his (((pals))), but not keen to fully commit.

"Emma Sky - British 'Mother of Daesh' Wants To Reoccupy Iraq" (Moon).  Somewhere in here we can read the Israeli plans, which now appear to be more complex than a simple Greater Kurdistan.

"How a shocking reversal of fortunes unfolded in Kirkuk" (when Chatham House and the fucking Atlantic Council weigh in, so out of character, you have to be alert for a trick):
"Aaron Stein, a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council, told Al Jazeera that the Iranian role may have been overstated and that it primarily took advantage of Kurdish political divisions. The KDP has devoted much of its time to loudly blaming Iran for the current situation, a position that will appeal to US Republicans - but with independence now resolutely off the table, Iraq's Kurdish region's ruling party will have its own problems to deal with, Stein said.

"They are in a profoundly weak position; they have to compromise with Baghdad, but [Barzani] whipped up so much national sentiment that that will be difficult," Stein said. "It's a total debacle for the KDP, and it's a total debacle for the Barzani family."
Comment by Debsisdead to a Moon posting on the cushy life in the American army  (bearing in mind the fact that the families of American soldiers often have to use food banks) regarding the dead American marines in Niger, an issue that was supposed to be buried but came to light due to the Trump no-or-flippant-phone-call 'scandal':
"Aha! A hint of how the pampered rapists were left exposed in Niger. According to that bastion of oppression, truth and the amerikan way, Foreign Policy DOT com, the government of Chad is somewhat discomfited by the inclusion of Chad on the most recent iteration of Trump's 'Muslim Ban' list. Hah, Chad is pissed at the latest moronity from Agent Orange eh, at least they have a coupla followers of Islam there, imagine how the population of Venezuela feel since last time anyone looked those Venezuelans who still bought into old wives' tales were prostrating themselves in front of two chunks of wood attached in two dimensional perpendicularity I.E. a cruciform.

Still Chad is pissed and you can hardly blame 'em as for more than 60 years the Chad army has performed vital step & fetchit roles for advancing amerikan and french imperial interests - raping and looting villages from Maghreb to the Sahel, from Nigeria through to Mali whenever it seemed the innate right of amerika to plunder whatever pleases them was being questioned.

From assorted tidbits on offer from the usual corrupt sources, we are told that the band of butchers were visiting a village in Niger to provide a 'pep talk' on anti-terror. when they were attacked by as yet unnamed terrorists; apart from the notion that any group of indigenous persons who attack a gang of armed foreign invaders could ever be called terrorists there is a further irony - the pentagon also asserts that there was no indication of prior 'terrorist activity' in the area where the village was located. If that is correct WTF were amerikan troops going there to provide 'anti-terrorist' information for?

This previously pristine region suddenly filled with alleged 'terrorists' who then proceeded to lay waste to the squad of imperial invaders. Since we know now that this was right after Chad's government, pissed at their inclusion on 'The List', pulled its mercenary forces out of Niger, it would be fair to surmise that it was they, the Chad gang, who had been keeping the world safe for global exploitation in Niger, but that DC, not wishing to acknowledge the 'muslim ban' had caused such a major screw up, chose to ignore that reality and continued to send it's thugs out to 'disseminate information'.

"This wasn't in the brochure" whined one enabler of empire as he choked out his final words."
In light of the deaths of high-level Syrian, Russian, Iranian and Hezbollah military commanders in Syria, when was the last time an American general died in combat?:  "Last US general killed in combat was in Vietnam in 1970".  Harold J. Greene doesn't count as you will see he was caught unawares in his cushy bolt-hole by a clever 'terrorist' who was disgruntled due to typical American cultural blockheadedness ('Gentlemen, you can’t fight in here! this is the war room!').

Whoa!:  "Harvey Weinstein: Revenge and Domination as Jewish Motives" (MacDonald).  Roth was utterly explicit about this.  See also "Sailer in Taki's: "The Overlord of Oscar Bait"" and its exuberant comments (it remains to be considered just how truly and deeply terrible most of Weinstein's projects are, even - especially - the Oscar winners, something you'll never see due to the nature of the professional (((critics))) who judge such matters).  This kind of wokenness becomes problematic when we extend it to, say, the American forced support for Zionism.
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