Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Of all places

"Steve Bannon Declares War On Republican Mega Donor Paul Singer".

Now where did I put my 'skeptical' glasses? I know this is just 'conspiracy' stuff, and thus of absolutely no serious interest, but . . .

The Trump investigation was started by The Washington Free Beacon, funded by Singer.  When this story started to come out, The Washington Free Beacon published an article on it!:  "Washington Free Beacon reported ‘an unknown GOP client’ funded Fusion GPS. It was the Beacon."  There should be some reward for that level of reporting.

The Washington Free Beacon was founded by  Michael Goldfarb, Aaron Harrison, and Matthew Continetti.

Goldfarb was actually a researcher for Kristol's Project For The New American Century (avoid Bannon's confusion and note there are two Michael Goldfarbs around vying to be the worst Michael Goldfarb).

If you can believe it, Continetti is actually married to Bill Kristol's daughter, and converted to Judaism!!!

"Donald Trump-Russia dossier prompted by Republican-linked site Washington Free Beacon" (my emphasis in red; remember McCain has a huge but still vaguely identified role in the dossier and its distribution, and went as far as arranging a cloak-and-dagger operation, probably in London, to get his hands on it):
"The Washington Free Beacon was initially founded as a project of the conservative non-profit group Center for American Freedom, as an alternative to liberal news sites run by progressive nonprofits. The Center for American Freedom was organized as a 501(c)4 and did not reveal its donors, but Singer was the sole funder of the site as recently as 2014, according to a Republican political veteran familiar with the site. The veteran spoke on condition of anonymity to detail the newspaper’s financial background.

The Free Beacon first retained Fusion to investigate Trump in the fall of 2015 and ended its relationship after Trump secured the Republican presidential nomination in late spring of 2016, according to a person close to Goldfarb, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to share private discussions.

The website and its leaders have strong ties throughout the Republican establishment. Goldfarb was deputy communications director on John McCain’s presidential campaign. Singer was backing Florida Sen. Marco Rubio’s presidential bid at the time of the Free Beacon’s involvement. And one of Singer’s closest associates, Republican operative Dan Senor, served as Speaker Ryan’s chief adviser during the 2012 president campaign."

The guy McCain sent as his go-fer was actually David J. Kramer, a big name (not your run-of-the-mill lackey), with a deep family hatred of Russia (also, as usual 'not practicing':  "I was actually bar mitzvahed in Israel of all places, in Tel Aviv. After that I stopped going to temple but I still identify myself as being Jewish though I am not practicing at all and haven’t been in a temple other than for a wedding or funeral in 20 some odd years.").  If your brain can stand it, he was also a fellow of the Project For The New American Century!!!  Note that Jessica Matthews, the person with whom Kramer had a 'bit of a run in' with, is a sane person, while the highly praised (by Kramer) Morton Abramowitz is the usual warmongering freak (my emphasis in red!):
"I quit Carnegie without having a job to go to. I had a bit of a run in with the successor to Mort Abramowitz, Jessica Matthews. Briefly I had an affiliation with something called the Project for the New American Century and then in April of 2000 I became the executive director of something called the U.S. Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy and that was my first government job. "

As an aside, PNAC became basically The Foreign Policy Initiative (Kristol, Kagan, Senor  and Edelman), also funded by Singer, who recently decided to stop funding it as part of his greater Trump strategy. Of course, PNAC itself needed recycling because of the debacle of the war on Iraq.

Added for more background, including Senor's connection to Singer:  "The Jewish Billionaire Behind a New Christian Anti-Iran Group" (Clifton).

Then we have the bizarre oppo hand-off, from Singer to Barry.  "Obama’s Campaign Paid $972,000 To Law Firm That Secretly Paid Fusion GPS In 2016" (my emphasis in red explaining how Fusion GPS got to keep the job of producing oppo on Trump):
"At the same time that Hillary’s campaign, Obama’s campaign organization, and the DNC were simultaneously paying Perkins Coie, the spouse of one of Fusion GPS’s key employees was working directly for Obama in the West Wing. Shailagh Murray, a former Washington Post reporter-turned-political operative, was serving as a top communications adviser to Obama while the Obama administration was reportedly using information from the dossier to justify secret surveillance of Trump campaign staff. Murray is married to Neil King, a former Wall Street Journal reporter who was hired by Fusion GPS in December of 2016. While at the Wall Street Journal, King worked alongside Fusion GPS’s core team, even sharing bylines with Glenn Simpson, the Fusion GPS executive who personally hired Steele to probe Trump’s alleged Russia connections."

"Did the Obama Campaign Fund the Trump-Russia Dossier? $972,000 in 'Legal Services' Payments Scrutinized".

"Dossier revelations spotlight influence, authority of lawyer Marc Elias" (my emphasis in red!; see also "Tony Podesta stepping down from lobbying giant amid Mueller probe" and Assange tweet):
"Elias’ robust client list - which included both Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee last year - has led to questions about how he juggles competing interests and whether some of the arrangements create awkward dynamics.

Elias declined to comment.

In September, he accompanied former Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta to a closed-door interview with Senate Intelligence Committee staffers, during which Podesta said he had no knowledge of payments to Fusion GPS, according to CNN.

At the time, it was not publicly known Elias had hired Fusion GPS; that was revealed by The Washington Post last week. Elias, who was there as Podesta’s lawyer, did not participate in the interview as a witness, CNN reported.

Podesta did not respond to a request for comment."

and (note the curious gap/inconsistency here in that there is no mention of the parallel funding of Fusion GPS by Barry, it is as if Elias, by coincidence, decided to fund the same firm):
"The dossier was part of research into Trump that Fusion GPS began in the Republican primaries for the Washington Free Beacon, a conservative publication that receives financing from billionaire GOP donor Paul Singer. The Beacon’s role was first reported Friday by the New York Times.

After the Free Beacon stopped funding the project, Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson met with Elias at his Washington law office and asked if he was interested, according to people familiar with the arrangement.

Elias agreed, deciding Fusion GPS had more capacity than the campaign’s in-house operation to do sophisticated research, according to the Perkins Coie spokesperson. Elias drew from funds that both the Clinton campaign and the DNC were paying Perkins Coie, The Post reported last week."

and (and note particularly that he is a big fundraising operative for the Democrats while simultaneously opposing the kind of financing reforms that might actually help them win some elections!:  "Elias has often been at odds with groups that advocate for stricter campaign finance rules, including many on the left, over his efforts that have expanded the influence of wealthy donors in politics."):
 "Elias is well known in political circles for his work on voting rights cases, an effort that has been funded by Democratic megadonor George Soros."

Marc EliasBob Bauer.

I smell a Singer-Soros hand-off.
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