Saturday, October 07, 2017


"Vegas Shooter Investigators "Puzzled", Believe He Was Not Alone For Two Reasons".  You don't make $5 million a year playing slot machines, but it is a good way to launder money, and the rich-old-dude-who-likes-to-throw-his-money-away is a good cover.  The casinos aren't supposed to let you do this, but . . .

I am still quite taken with the idea that he was some sort of covert operator, using his mythological wealth as a cover.

/pol/ is surprisingly useless on this topic, but they are fascinated that the casino gave him free sushi ('comped').  I did find a meme.

"Las Vegas, Conspiracies and ISIS".  Maybe, but this conversion/violent religious mania is really a young man's game.  The typical European jihadi who ends up in Syria comes from a broken home with a history of drug abuse and a sad life, who is fooled into thinking Islam, a peculiarly violent Wahhabist devotion to Islam, will be the cure.

Rita Katz is pushing the Islamophobic angle.

The Valium he was apparently prescribed isn't the kind of drug that causes people to snap into a violent rage, and this attack was obviously long planned.

A Godlike Productions thread.

I am very curious about this bump stock story.  He was so far away from his target that he had an extremely narrow angle in which to shoot.  Any shots that hit the area would be deadly, as it was basically a tightly packed barrel of meat, but was he even capable of sustained targeting of the area, bouncing around with the recoil?  I am not saying it didn't happen - the crisis actor assholes have gone beyond lame - but a second or third shooter, who actually did most of the damage, makes a lot more sense. That makes Paddock the patsy, the loud target of law enforcement, behind the obvious broken window, who falsely believed he would be able to get away (and, I assume, flee to the Philippines).  I note that he appears to have used his own name, and made absolutely no effort to cover his identity.
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