Saturday, October 28, 2017

Rat smelling

"West’s “Kurdistan” Policy Not Adding Up" (Gunnar).  The machinations in Iraq/Syria are completely strange.  The Kurds appear to have voluntarily ceded the oilfields they would have required for a viable state, and are now petitioning for some negotiations, presumably for some kind of increased federalist powers, but with much less negotiating power than they had even a few weeks ago (this is oddly like the incoherent strategy of Catalan separatists, who seem to have assumed they have much more negotiating power than they actually have, which is zero as Europe simply can't afford to allow the Catalan domino to fall).  At the same time the Kurds have given up their aspirations for Greater Kurdistan, Bibi is still talking like World Jewry demands a Kurdish state (bearing in mind that the Khazars and Kurds are genetically close to identical).

All the while the Americans are still playing some kind of Yinon game in eastern Syria using Syrian Kurds and some rabble Islamists (parallel to the Yinon game they are playing in western Iraq), and the Turks are doing similar trickery in northwestern Syria.  Nobody, with the exception of the Syrian Kurds, seems fully committed.

From a comment by M Raymond Torres at Naked Capitalism (I am flabbergasted that I haven't seen this kind of thing anywhere else, but there seems to be a fear that pointing it out will reveal the existence of Shiksa Humiliation Syndrome:

"Also, one thing that really stands out is that this crusade doesn’t have an organic feel to it at all. Anybody else noticed that the culprits being kept center-stage are all powerful Jews? That has so many creepy implications since one of the depictions anti-Semites have historically used to vilify Jews is their supposed lascivious nature. I smell a rat."

"Jews File Charges Against French Writer for Comparing the Great Replacement to the Holocaust".  It pays to increase your word power:  'replacism'.
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