Monday, October 23, 2017

Sartorial shit's Saudi

The pattern of desecration of Christian churches:  "Desecration of Church Property to Silence Syrian Voices – SSUK Extremism Exposed" (Beeley).

""The Lobby" British Style" (Giraldi).  Lots of healthy, vigorous, woke comments.

"Which has been the biggest blow to ISIS? Certainly not Raqqa" (Angry Arab).  Thoughtful comparison:  "Russia: US completely destroyed Raqqa like they did with Dresden in World War Two".

Israel demands more American participation in the Yinon war to break up Syria after the Syrian government has already won, Israel demands the creation of Kurdistan after Kurdistan is rendered economically impossible, Israel bombs Syria on the pretense of destroying the Hezbollah rockets that Hezbollah already has (one for each Jew!), you'd almost think they have a problem with time.  Next they'll be demanding that the Allies immediately bomb German railway lines to stop the Holocaust!

"Rogue State Israel Challenged by Syria While Spying on Lebanon". They are simply thieves.

"Serbia assures US that it will not assist Russia in Syria de-mining efforts".  "Russia promises to deliver fighter jets to Serbia".

Sartorial shit's Saudi:  "As a Muslim Woman in Canada, I Understand Quebec’s Burqa Law".

"Saudi Arabia’s Footprints in Southeast Asia".  The weirdo religious baggage that comes with Saudi money isn't worth it.

"China and Thailand: Tank Tracks and Train Tracks" (Thomas).

More of Canada's neo-Nazi - and I mean that, not as the usual slur, but literally policy made by a fervent fascist - foreign policy under Freeland:  "Canada Rejects Venezuela Vote, EU Mulls Sanctions & Russia Congratulates Government".  Needless to say, there is absolutely no justification for rejecting the unambiguous endorsement of Maduro's policies by the people of Venezuela.

"US Gets Increasingly Isolated Internationally" (Gorka).  It is bizarre that American big business isn't screaming about this.  War by sanctions is killing American prosperity.  China and Russia tip their hats to corrupted - almost entirely by The Lobby - American politicians for all the new business opportunities.

""Above All" - The Junta Expands Its Claim To Power" (Moon).

"The Indonesia Massacre’s Historic Message" (Marshall).

"Probe finds Pablo Neruda didn’t die of cancer".

"Clinton, Assange and the War on Truth" (Pilger).  Deconstructing an Australian interview with Killary.

"Some Photos Trump Wants You Not To Share Or See".

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