Sunday, October 01, 2017


"Catalan’s Decision".  Surprising amount of equivocation in the article, betraying doubts about what the 'left' should do.  Do you smell the stench of color revolution?  I wonder where George is.  In spite of the strange counterproductive Franco overreaction of the Spanish state, this looks like another group of racist northerners deciding they no longer want to support the lazy feckless south.  "In Catalonia’s ‘red belt’ leftwing veterans distrust the separatists".  "The Left-Wing Case Against Catalan Independence" (Studebaker).

Assange's recent tweets show he has completely thrown in with the Catalonian separatists (I don't know what his angle is).

"By The Grace Of Israel - The Barzani Clan And Kurdish "Independence"" (Moon).  I'm always disturbed at how easy it is for the troublemakers to cause people to act recklessly against their own self-interest and lives.

"Hezbollah has Launched the Initial Phase of the Next Israel-Hezbollah War" (Lamb).  This reads like a warmongering press release from the Israeli government (lots and lots of telling spin in the wording), but is encouraging - heartwarming, even - in the sheer varieties of extremely lethal force available to Hezbollah, sporting not only a heap of the best rockets but the most kick-ass well-trained and well-disciplined army in the world, now up against the IDF whose training consists entirely in slaughtering grandmothers and children.

"Israeli Jew Organ Thieves Descend on Puerto Rico" (Anglin).  Scoff if you will but there is lots of evidence of form for this.  This nonsense is just more of the Zionist PR campaign, but usually applied in shitholes who aren't supposed to be able to manage their own affairs, so a real insult, albeit justified, to Americans.  (Anglin is now on a Catalan url!)

"A Crash Course on the True Causes of “Anti-Semitism”" (The Saker) (many of the comments are . . . robust, hopefully reflecting a growing Enlightenment - what I like to call skepticism - among the general population, but it would be helpful to see less robust and more creative ways to counter this tragically destructive breakout of violent group supremacism among the members of an overly powerful group).  The problem with this kind of analysis is that you can find similar supremacist extremism in almost every religion, and it is difficult to ascribe much weight to its influence beyond a few nuts.  On the other hand, there is not the slightest doubt that the politicians and generals who run Israel for the settlers are firm adherents to the worst of it, and any support whatsoever for Israel among the wider Jewish collective is effectively support for extreme supremacist hatred and violence.

Basic stuff:  "The US Economy is Failing" (Roberts).

"One week in the media’s McCarthyite witch-hunt against Russia". It is difficult not to notice that the 'evidence' grows increasingly pathetic with each reiteration, and none of this PR campaign has any traction whatsoever outside of the media.

"Tony Blair’s Ghoulish Last Decade". The vileness takes your breath away!

"In another sign of closer ties with India, US eyes dropping Pakistan as ally".  Huge, if true.  The United States has always supported the ISI's wild high-wire act with extremist terrorist groups, all on the assumption that this manages the terrorism and keeps Pakistan functioning.

"I Almost Lost a Nikon D850 to a Scam on eBay".  You have to tip your hat to the cleverness of the scammers.
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