Thursday, October 19, 2017


Something - well, everything - about the Campos-Paddock story makes no sense.  Paddock is said to be setting up for his spree.  He's drilling away (?! - no explanation given for the drilling, but surely the authorities can see the drill holes at the scene), and is somehow all but ready - guns and cameras in place, windows prepped - without alerting anybody what he is up to.  He's just about ready to start, and a security guard allows a door to slam, making a noise.  Does he ignore it, or angrily tell Campos through the door to go away, thus buying himself valuable time to do the shooting?  No. He decides to pour 200 rounds through the door, thus ensuring that the whole hotel is aware that something is up.  Then he waits six minutes (according to the official story, the casino disagrees) before starting to shoot, and stops for some unknown reason well before the sloth-speed SWAT team arrives.  None of this makes even the slightest sense.

Hilarious faux-naïf 'book review':  "A Review of What Happened by an Author Who Insists He Has Never Heard of Hillary Clinton or the 2016 Election".  "Hillary Clinton Just Told Five Blatant Lies About WikiLeaks" (Johnstone).  Contrast a real conspiracy:  "Comey Drafted Statement Ending Clinton Email Investigation Months Before Interviewing Her, FBI Confirms".

"Malta car bomb kills Panama Papers journalist".  "Argentina finds body thought to be Santiago Maldonado".  "Colombian Social Leader Assasinated Weeks After 7 Campesinos Were Killed".  It's a tribute - 99.9% of 'journalists' and activists aren't worth the bother of killing.

"Terrorism charges are only reserved for Muslims".  "What you need to know about Quebec's religious neutrality legislation".  What a mess!:  "Quebec bus drivers seek clarity on law that prohibits passengers from covering faces".  They'll no doubt have to fix the attack on police agents provocateurs (though the boots usually give them away)!:  "Quebec's 'religious neutrality' bill met with concern, confusion".

It is a sign of a quality military when generals die in action. "BREAKING! Prominent Syrian general martyred after his convoy struck an ISIS mine".  Both Syria and Russia have quality armies (you'll never, ever see a current American or Israeli general die in action!).
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