Wednesday, October 25, 2017

The love that dare not speak its name

"Today's Blind Items - The Deal - Old Hollywood/Back In The Day":
"I wanted to call this Old Hollywood, but not everyone involved is dead. In fact, some of the players are very much still alive. It all centers around three parts of the country. Los Angeles, Washington, D.C. and northern California with the members of the Bohemian Grove.

Back in the early to mid 1970's, there were a lot of statutory rapes occurring. Whether it be people like Jimmy Page who went a decade it seems without having sex with anyone older than 16, or Roman Polanski and his notorious rapes, Hollywood was filled with sexual predators who preyed on tweeners and teens.

One of the top providers of these tweens and teens was a television producer who was one of the biggest producers of the 1970's. For decades he had at least one show running every year and he is in the television hall of fame.

He became known as the go to guy for young sex. Most of his shows required lots of extras and he kept a running tab of young men and women who were open to making money in ways other than acting. He had short two minute clothed and nude videos of almost a thousand teens. He loved finding runaways and would often put them up at a hostel type business he ran so he could keep them close if he needed them.

It was during that time period that the Bohemian Grove members started wanting to spice things up. A couple of calls were made and every year 30-40 male teens would be sent up to the Grove to help out with the entertainment so to speak. All manner of high ranking politicians from both parties indulged including a couple of people who later in the decade would be some of the most powerful people in the country.

Prior to the Roman Polanski arrest, there had been relatively few issues. Sure, there was the girl who had been with the still permanent A+ lister who ended up dead, but everyone one was convinced it was an overdose. There was the movie producer who is considered one of the greatest movie producers ever who made long porn movies with 13-15 year old girls on a regular basis. He would get them hooked on coke or heroin so they would do what he wanted. When he got bored he would give them a bus ticket back to their hometown. He kept a doctor on call for abortions.

There was the A list mostly television actor from a decade earlier who would die shortly after all of this came about. He went through hundreds of these teens provided and spent his entire television fortune playing sex games with them all. He called them sex games. Most involved torture. His death has never been 100% solved and it won't be because he was a loose link.

See, all the loose links were tied up after Roman's arrest. They were tied up with the help of an outgoing A list politician and incoming A list politician. They were both Bohemian Grove members and they wanted to cover their own tracks. Covering their own tracks meant covering the tracks of the Los Angeles end. Our successful television producer sold his company at a fire sale price and never worked again. More than one person was killed or found dead under very suspicious circumstances. Hollywood A listers were threatened with arrests and exposure of their acts, many of which were on film because they liked to watch themselves with young women and men. Sometimes there were secret recordings (audio) the government had of them while investigating other items. The whole operation just went away poof in under about 18 months. Every person stayed silent and nothing happened to them. If they thought you would talk, then bye bye."
The consensus guesses are Quinn Martin for the television producer (who fits absolutely perfectly), Sam Spiegel for the movie producer, Jack Nicholson for the movie actor (for no reason other that he is always the guess in such cases), Bob Crane for the television actor (again, just a guess, but he does fit and his own murder remains unsolved), and Reagan and Bush for the politicians (the conspiracy angle is the obvious blackmail possibilities). From Sam Spiegel's Wikipedia page (removing links; see also Google Books excerpt on his suspicious death:  "Alive or dead, I would not kiss Sam Spiegel" and "Unless there were four women in the tub, he wouldn't venture in."):
"Sexual misconduct allegations
American actress Theresa Russell alleged that she was sexually propositioned by Spiegel during her first casting session for his 1976 film The Last Tycoon. In another interview, Russell recalled: "I was 16 years old and still living at home, and he took me to the Bistro and tried to stick his tongue down my throat." After she refused to sign a contract with Spiegel, Russell "was completely left out of the publicity for [The Last Tycoon]", and Spiegel threatened that he would prevent Russell from working again in Hollywood.

In 2015, English actress Lesley-Anne Down discussed her experiences of sexual harassment by Spiegel in the 1970s, recalling: "I went up to his suite, and before I’d even said hello, he’d stuck his tongue in my mouth. He then shoved some perfume in my hand and invited me to come in. There was a little bit of being chased around the tables in the room, but I never actually did the deed. Nowadays, actresses are protected by an entourage, but back then, we weren’t. I can’t ever remember going for a meeting and not expecting something to occur."

Personal life
Spiegel maintained a connection with the Israeli nation throughout his life, particularly with such personalities as Golda Meir, Ariel Sharon, Jerusalem Foundation president Ruth Cheshin (mother of Mishael Cheshin), and his close friend, then Jerusalem Mayor Teddy Kollek. Spiegel also contributed to various Zionist causes. He spoke seven languages fluently: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Hebrew and Polish.

Spiegel's heirs and the administrators of his estate, son Adam Spiegel, daughter Alisa Freedman, niece Judge Raya Dreben, and Adv. David Bottoms, decided to transfer Spiegel's impressive art collection to the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. Since 1996, they have made an annual contribution, through the Jerusalem Foundation, to the film school in Jerusalem bearing his name since that time — the Sam Spiegel Film and Television School, Jerusalem. This annual contribution is the largest in the history of Israeli cinema.

In 2005, the 15th anniversary of the establishment of the Sam Spiegel Film and Television School, the Jerusalem Municipality complied with a request from the school's founder-director Renen Schorr to mark the occasion by declaring the lane in the Talpiot industrial section where the school is located "The Sam Spiegel Alley." The street sign's inscription: "Sam Spiegel – Jewish-American Film Producer and Oscar-winner. Pioneer. Lover of Zion."
From Quinn Martin's Wikipedia page:
 "He changed his name to Quinn Martin (the Quinn came from the pronunciation his friends gave of Cohn, as "Co-Inn")."
The bottom line is that the blackmail possibilities are endless, and there is plenty of reason to see American political attitudes towards Zionism resting as much on blackmail as shekel bribery (making the Weinstein revelations, and their previous total cover-up, part of a larger political picture).  More context:  Spiegel was part of the Jewish land thievery from the Palestinians and was actually in Palestine in the 1920s, before he had to leave under a bit of a cloud of suspicion.  The love that dare not speak its name is the love of Greater Israel.
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