Monday, November 06, 2017

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"Inside Hillary Clinton’s Secret Takeover of the DNC" (Brazile).  It is amazing that the financial manipulation of the donation solicitation mechanism and distribution by the party for the sole benefit of one national nominee - something the Clintonistas blamed on Bernie - was actually done by Clinton (in the most corrupt way imaginable), that the Russian financial corruption ascribed to Trump by the Clintonistas actually occurred (and drew repressed official notice), with the connivance of Barry, and was for the sole benefit of the Clinton family, that the American election manipulation still blamed by the Clintonistas on the Russians also actually occurred, but the only serious and important manipulation was done for the sole benefit of Clinton, and, finally, that the identity politics card played by the Clintonistas, with Clinton running almost solely as a representative of women and families (while providing absolutely no policies that would actually benefit women or families), is funded by Jewish billionaires who are serial rapists and pedophiles. All the sins described by the Clintonistas are actually sins they committed against Democratic party members and the American people.

"Four Viral Claims Spread by Journalists on Twitter in the Last Week Alone That are False" (Greenwald).  The Clintonistas are having trouble countering what she actually said, so they make up stuff to create straw men they can shoot down.

Meanwhile, in Canada:  "Liberal fundraisers held family millions in offshore trust, leaked documents reveal":
"“Our government has long known — indeed we got elected — on a promise to make sure that people were paying their fair share of taxes,” Trudeau said shortly after his election victory. “Tax avoidance, tax evasion is something we take very seriously.”

Two generations of Liberal fundraisers — Stephen Bronfman and his godfather, 88-year-old retired senator Leo Kolber — are tied together in a complex offshore structure that amassed $60 million (U.S.) in a tax haven beyond the reach of tax collectors in Canada, Israel and the U.S., a newly leaked trove of documents reveals.

Buried in the Paradise Papers, a massive leak to the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung and the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, which includes the Toronto Star and CBC/Radio-Canada, are more than 5,000 pages of internal records detailing how the Bronfmans and Kolbers invested in Israel through two offshore trust funds in the Cayman Islands.

It was a two-family affair: Stephen Bronfman personally lent millions to the Cayman trust that handled his family’s investments in Israel, run by Leo Kolber’s son, Jonathan, 55.

Offshore trusts are perfectly legal. Wealthy Canadians have long used them as estate-planning tools for moving wealth that has already been taxed in Canada to offshore jurisdictions with far lower — or even zero — taxation. If that wealth were left in Canada, tax would have to be paid on its investment returns every year.

Internal email correspondence and financial records in the Kolber trusts appear to show evidence of bogus records to hide payments, false invoicing and six-figure gifts to avoid paying tax, raising red flags for experts consulted by the Star and CBC/Radio-Canada.

To remedy tax concerns over the years, the Bronfman and Kolber advisers kept two sets of books, opened shell companies in tax havens including Nevada and the British Virgin Islands and created other offshore trusts, working the laws of three different countries to circumvent taxes, the records appear to show.

“This definitely merits an audit by the Canada Revenue Agency,” says Denis Meunier, former director general of compliance at the CRA.

“What strikes me is the multi-jurisdictional location of the trusts and implications for the tax authorities that are involved, creating over time, with changing legislation, a more complex arrangement. Whether in the end, all tax obligations for all jurisdictions have been met is a matter for tax authorities to decipher,” said Meunier, who also served as assistant director of financial analysis at Fintrac, Canada’s money-laundering watchdog."
Then, lots of background on shekels, which, of course, explains a lot.  Remember also that the Bronfman's are so rich because of the profits of illegal bootlegging.

"Israeli-Saudi Tandem Adjusts to Syria Loss" (Crooke).

"The Fall and the Fall of Hariri" (Kadi), and its comments.

"Moscow Outmaneuvers Washington’s Kurdistan Project" (Engdahl).  While the dead-enders - Israel and its puppet Americans - continue to play ideology and nationalism cards, and lose, the winners - Russia, China, and Iran - consistently win with actual economic development (not to mention control of the physical movement of resources based on geography and alliances).  I still fear that the immediate collapse of Kurdistan was a little too convenient and easy, and that Barzani-controlled forces also backed down from confrontation with Iraq, meaning that there is more to this story yet to unfold.

"Did Russia's Iranian Energy Deal Kill Four Birds With One Stone?" (Korybko).  Note that the corrupted Armenians chose the wrong horse, and are thus permanently screwed.  People (eventually) notice these things.  It would be a huge shift if the Indian government, for once, decided to act in in the national interests of India!

"Saudi succession struggle enters home stretch" (Bhadrakumar).  You have to assume Salman is telling the clerics that this 'liberalization' is completely phony.

"State Department’s New Victoria Nuland… is Just Like the Old Victoria Nuland!"  Nudelman-Kagan Jr.

"Jewish leaders seek to shut down anti-occupation movie in MA because it ‘sniffs of Nazism’" (Weiss).  The rarest of things, Christian push-back.

"Cartoon of Dershowitz mingled appropriate satire and anti-Semitic imagery".  Worst spider drawing ever.

"After Balfour" (Khalidi"):

"The overwhelming Arab majority in Palestine (then around 94 percent of the population) appears only in the most backhanded way, as the “existing non-Jewish communities.” The statement does not recognize them as a people — neither the word “Palestinian” nor “Arab” appear in the declaration. The British government offered this majority “civil and religious rights” but no political or national rights.

In contrast, Balfour ascribed national rights to what he called “the Jewish people,” who, in 1917, represented just 6 percent of Palestine’s population. Ironically, most of the Jews then living in Palestine were either Orthodox or Eastern Jews (mizrahim), who were overwhelmingly non- or anti-Zionist. In this context, the United Kingdom’s decision to back Herzl’s call for Jewish statehood, sovereignty, and control — softened in the deceptive language of British diplomacy to “a national home for the Jewish people” — had portentous implications. It meant the world’s most powerful nation would support implanting a foreign majority in Palestine at the expense of the indigenous people.

That is, the Balfour Declaration announced that the Palestinians now faced the eventual prospect of losing control of their nation to the Zionist drive for sovereignty over a country that was then almost completely Arab in population and culture. This prospect may have seemed farfetched at the time, but it became a reality just three decades later."
"The Real Promise of the Manafort Indictment" (Bershidsky).  The paradox is that the real dirt on Manafort held by Mueller relates to the kind of money laundering that must not be discussed in Washington, and has nothing to do with Russian interference in American politics. Mueller's job, in a nutshell, is to bluff Manafort into making up some anti-Trump collusion allegations in order to avoid the technical corruption charges.

"Google escalates blacklisting of left-wing web sites and journalists" (Damon).  "Who’s Afraid of Corporate COINTELPRO?" (Hopkins).  Quiet, almost undetectable, censorship is the worst kind.

"‘Birther’ Movement Leader Donald Trump Arrives In Hawaii, Mocked By Signs Reading ‘Welcome To Kenya’".  Tweet (Christina Wilkie):
"Trump and Japanese PM Shinzo Abe were scheduled to feed koi spoonfuls of food. Until Trump poured his entire box of fish food into the pond."
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