Friday, November 10, 2017


Comment at Naked Capitalism by southern appalachian:
"I keep thinking Brexit will have a much larger impact on the US and our foreign policy than I ever hear discussed. Maybe it won’t. But with the UK out, I don’t know that it will be as easy to build a coalition of support for the war against Iran. I assume in fact it will be something that more or less happens one day, that the natural appeal to the majority of the EU of working with China and Russia over the US and UK will suddenly seem obvious. There will be, I expect, a Chinese or a joint Chinese-Russian proposal for negotiations instead of war, and if the US/UK invasion idea does not have EU support, not sure we’ll get our way. That’s the day the world stops the US. With a proposal at the UN. And the work the Israelis have been doing to secure the support of the UK won’t have the payoff they are hoping for.

Possible, anyway."
Responses are less optimistic (Eurotrash will always be trash), but we have to start seeing Brexit as the equivalent of the Holocaust.

Note that his whole Patel incident is regarded as a trick, that Patel was working for May, and only was forced to resign when she clumsily got caught and thus threatened May's deniability. The whole thing is even more complicated if we assume the Zionists were behind the leak.

Comment by Oilman2 at Moon of Alabama:
"I'm just going to suggest that the inbreeding among the various royals in KSA is a factor in their mental processes. Having met around 12 or so of the lower end of their princelings, I can tell you all that two of them had no fingernails and another two had ungulate nails. Both of these are caused by inbreeding. This same proclivity to marry sisters and cousins, to keep the money in the family, throws hemophilia and reduced mental capacity offspring. Both of these are quietly kept secrets in KSA.

Anyone who has met a few will know that the majority are small in stature and share numerous physical characteristics, many of which are indicative of inbreeding at this point in time. This could very well be a factor in why KSA can be led about by others and why they often make strategically poor choices.

Never imagined that my seeing obvious inbreeding among royals while in the oil business might have a bearing on events like this, but there it is. It is perhaps of benefit to admit the possibility of MBS as an idiot, but ruthless, offspring. Then again, he could just be following suggestions from another (Kushner) idiot son-in-law.

These guys seem to run in ever smaller circles as global money is held in fewer and fewr hands."
Gossip's getting serious: "Today's Blind Items - Molesters Killed Her" (CDaN).  Comment by Katie Watkins:  "O'Rourke's Wiki: She was discovered by director Steven Spielberg when she was visiting MGM's studios."  Guesses from AGC Blind Item Rehash (links removed):
"Show: "Rocky Road"
Special guest star: Heather O'Rourke (died at the age of 12 of cardiac arrest and septic shock caused by a misdiagnosed intestinal stenosis)
Episode: "Moscow on the Boardwalk"
Hit movies: "Poltergeist", "Poltergeist II: The Other Side", "Poltergeist III"
Previous show: "Webster"
Star of the show: Marcianne Warman
Studio: Hollywood Center Studios
Game show: "Jeopardy"
Other star at same studio: Pee Wee Herman/"Pee Wee’s Playhouse""
"Gerard Butler, Gene Simmons, and Pee Wee Herman help raise $53.8 million for the IDF".  "Pee-wee Herman's dad was one of Israel's top guns".  Ahead of his time:  "‘Pee-wee’s Playhouse’ star Paul Reubens is arrested for masturbating in an adult theater in 1991".
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