Thursday, November 30, 2017


How to handle victor's 'justice'!:  "Bosnian Croat Slobodan Praljak dies on drinking poison".

More on The Clarification:  tweet (Robert Draper):
"Also at this morning's House Democratic caucus: James Clyburn compared Conyers' accusers to the child murderer Susan Smith, who initially claimed a black man had abducted her kids. Clyburn said, these are all white women who've made these charges against Conyers."
"Harassment allegations knock Dems off message".  To be fair, the enthusiasm with which Republicans continue to support Moore, a serial child molester, is also clarifying. There is the strong whiff to all of this of Jerry Lee Lewis and the Old South.

Tweets by Paul Szoldra‏ of statements over the years of American generals seeing victory just around the corner in Afghanistan!

"Roger Waters broadcasts cancelled in Germany over support for Israel boycott".  Oddly, Waters managed to take his tour through Canada with great reviews and not a peep from the usual suspects.

"Did Kushner Keep Tillerson in the Dark on Saudi-Lebanon Move?" (Perry).  "White House Denies Kushner Greenlit Saudi Actions in Hariri Episode".  Since it was such a spectacular cock-up, the PR spin from various sides in Washington is going into overdrive.

"Saudi Prince Who Wooed West Finds Few Friends in Tough Times".  "A Prince’s Uncertain Fate Deepens Mystery in Saudi Arabia" (Sorkin). When the inevitable coup occurs and the Old Guard retakes power, this failure to stand up for old friends will have consequences.

"Detained Saudi Prince Buys His Freedom For $1 Billion" (Durden).

"Israeli Defense Minister Contradicts Netanyahu: "There Is No Iranian Military Force On Syrian Land"" (Durden).  There are strong indications that the sane people in Israel do not think they will win a war against Hezbollah, and in fact it could be an 'existential' disaster.  Of course, the sane people don't run Israel.

USA to ISIS: 'I can't quit you':  "Hassan Nasrallah: the US keep supporting ISIS in every possible way".

"Barzani adviser: Kurdish secession is inevitable".  "In possible nod to Israel, two top Saudi officials visit Paris synagogue".  "The Israelis and redefining sovereignty".

"Syrian End-Game: An Albatross Around Turkish Neck?" (Sheikh).  But contrast:  "The End Of The Syrian War Is The Beginning Of A New Middle Eastern Order" (Pieraccini), where Turkey doesn't come out too badly at all (and see:  "Why Mueller Is REALLY Indicting Flynn"!):
"A NATO country is letting Russian military aircraft fly over its airspace to reach Syria, something that would have been impossible to imagine not too long ago."
"Face It, The Mighty U.S. Aircraft Carrier is Finished" (Kazianis).  American imperial decline is running through all the stereotypical symptoms as if the American functionaries are following a check list from the Roman, Byzantine and British Empires.

"Cheap and crude Mossad propaganda in Vanity Fair" (Angry Arab).

"Suddenly, I’m a ‘Russian Agent’!" (Lindorff).  "State Department Condemns* Designation Of Media As Foreign Agents (*only applies to Russia)" (Moon).  This just makes the Empire look weak.

"NSA whistleblower William Binney: Russiagate is total “crap”" (Alexis).

"Blowback: CNN Pushes Plan To "Ban The Term 'Fake News'"" (Watson).  Walking back a disastrous, backfiring, PR campaign.

"Woman’s effort to infiltrate The Washington Post dates back months".  The real story here is that the right-wing ratfuckers assume, almost correctly, that the Washington Post is so addled and incompetent that they can run a trick against it while taking almost no precautions about making the trick even slightly plausible.

"Reporters Without Borders seeks to cancel press event critical of White Helmets".  Beeleyphobia.

"Aung San Suu Kyi stripped of 'Freedom of Oxford' honour". That'll fix her!

"Myanmar accused of wiping out secret network of Rohingya reporters".  The Pope, no less, was sent to fix things, and noticeably didn't, though, to be fair, I imagine he was told that stirring things up would actually enrage the generals running things, making progress even more difficult.

"Peter Thiel May Be Looking To Buy".  Rich people can now buy history itself by obtaining rights of archives and removing them from internet access.

"Failure to End Use of Toxic Herbicide Glyphosate ‘Nothing Short of Scandalous’".  "Germany swings EU vote in favor of weed-killer glyphosate".

"Legatum: the Brexiteers’ Favorite Think Tank: Who is Behind Them?" It is striking how various political fractures have created such strange bed fellows, even in the vile world of the stinktanks.

"Africans are being sold at Libyan slave markets. Thanks, Hillary Clinton." (Reynolds!).

"Saudi Arabia - Budget Dilemma Escalates - Salmans Resort To Product Placement?" (Moon).  Bernhard's eagle eye.  Comment by Misa.  This is very strange.

"Today's Blind Items - Tragedy From Almost Day One" (CDaN).  Guesses (note that the linked Wikipedia article is completely slanted to the male narrative;  Two-Lane Blacktop is a splendid little movie):
"Actress: Laurie Bird
Director/films: Monte Hellman ("Two-Lane Blacktop" and "Cockfighter")
A list musicians: James Taylor and Dennis Wilson
A list mostly movie director: Woody Allen ("Annie Hall")
Significant other: Art Garfunkel"
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