Monday, November 20, 2017

Helter Skelter

With the death of the greatest living American, and the CIA's most illustrious asset (I assume the flags are all at half-mast at Langley), who moves up to take his spot?:  "Charles Manson is rotting in hell".

More true crime:
  1. "DNA leads to cold case arrest in deadly stabbing of 19-year-old woman in 1976";
  2. This guy would enter into relationships with women so he could sexually attack their daughters, and then kill the whole family when they 'aged out':  "The True Identity Of Mysterious Serial Killer ‘Bob Evans’" and "Investigators release details about killer ‘Bob Evans,’ hope 1973 mugshot reveals more clues";
  3. There is a new TV series on the Zodiac, the first episode of which is promising:  "Who Is Ross Sullivan? 'The Hunt For the Zodiac Killer' Explores A Popular Theory".
"Blind Item #1 - Political Murder" (CDaN). The guesses, from the usual spot:
"Candidate: Antonio Villaraigosa (Mayor of Los Angeles 2005 - 2013) (a member of the Democratic Party, and was a national co-chairman of Hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign, a member of President Barack Obama's Transition Economic Advisory Board, and Chairman of the 2012 Democratic National Convention in September 2012. In November 2016, Villaraigosa announced his candidacy for Governor of California in 2018)
Murder: Ronni Chasen on November 16, 2010
Opponent: Husband of the 15 year old runaway in Don Henley blind item"
"What Really Happened the Night Hollywood Power Publicist Ronni Chasen Was Killed?" LAPD picked a patsy that nobody believes had anything to do with it, a patsy who is said to have killed himself, leading to a package so neat and tidy that a high-level conspiracy is the only possible explanation.  Tweet by Enty Lawyer, who writes CDaN.

"Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe Sidelined by Military Coup" (Dixon). 'Sidelined'?

"Double-crossed Maidan snipers on TV in Italy: Paymaster -- head of Georgian Security; Orders -- cause chaos".

"Netanyahu: It Is Time To Deport African Migrants" (by Yonah Jeremy Bob, the finest name in journalism today).  Even bearing in mind that international law doesn't apply to Khazars (because of the Holocaust), this is hilarious throughout (my emphasis in red):
"Netanyahu said he has a three-pronged policy regarding getting migrants to leave the country, with the current focus being to encourage most of them to self-deport to a third country – which reports have identified as Rwanda.

. . .

Netanyahu said that the state had already carried out the first two prongs of its strategy: stopping the flow of new migrants by building a wall and through legislation, as well as getting more than 20,000 migrants to leave.

The third stage of deporting migrants at an increased pace, he said, “can be carried out thanks to an international agreement which I obtained which allows us to deport the 40,000 remaining infiltrators against their will.”

“This is very important. This will allow us to empty the Holot Detention Center in the future and to redirect portions of the large resources we are using there,” from guarding the migrants, to other needs of the state.

Netanyahu was discussing an initiative announced last week by Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan and Interior Minister Arye Deri to close Holot, an “open” detention center where a few thousand migrants have been sent to try to convince them to self-deport.

Erdan and Deri’s idea would be to offer migrants the choice of “voluntarily” deporting to a third country or being put in regular prison indefinitely.

. . .

“The Holot detention center, an isolated prison that was meant to make asylum seekers’ lives miserable, should have been forbidden in the first place. From the words of Minister Erdan it is clear that the government was lying to the High Court when they denied that the purpose of Holot was to make asylum seekers leave Israel,” they said.

“Holot needs to be shut down immediately,” they continued, “and instead of a policy of oppression, lies to the High Court, detention and deportation, the government should fulfill the moral and legal obligations of Israel to protect asylum seekers and ensure their right to live in dignity.”

Until now, Israel was only allowed to deport migrants to third countries if they agreed to self-deportation and were not viewed as being coerced.

However, in August, the High Court of Justice both struck down a tougher state policy against migrants and implied that if the state managed to get a third country to accept migrants and passed a new law to exploit such a deal, then deportation of migrants against their will could become legal.

The High Court distinguished between deporting migrants to a third country, such as Rwanda, and to the migrants’ country of origin.

Israel is a signatory to the Convention on Refugees which prevents it and other signatories from deporting illegal migrants back to their countries of origin if they would face persecution.

There is an ongoing debate about whether Eritreans, Israel’s largest group of migrants, fled Eritrea due to persecution or to improve their economic status.

Deporting to a third country sidesteps this legal debate.
. . .
Meanwhile, also on Sunday, the High Court ruled that the state’s policy restricting migrants from bringing most packaged food products into the Holot detention center was unconstitutional.

The High Court did however endorse the state’s policy of preventing migrants from cooking within the facility."

"Israeli minister reveals covert contacts with Saudi Arabia".  "Israel Gives Official Confirmation Of Covert Ties With Saudi Arabia" (Durden).  "Is Saudi Arabia Zion?"

"Saudi Prisoners to be Freed in Exchange for 70% of Their Wealth. Reports".  "France’s Macron Covers for Saudi Aggression" (Cunningham).

"Israeli Tank Fires On Syrian Targets After "Violation Of 1974 Ceasefire"".  "SF Summary of Syria situation".

The commies are bros:  "Viciousness and ignorance: New York Times columnists on the rampage".

"Harvey Weinstein had secret hitlist of names to quash sex scandal".

Sailer's on a roll:  "Jeffrey Tambor, Star of "Transparent," Fired for Not Being Transphobic Enough".  He committed the ultimate sin of not taking the God of identity politics seriously enough.

"Let’s just cancel the Oscars".  The host has to tell jokes, which creates a terrible problem!

"Al Franken cut from PBS special amid sexual misconduct allegations".  Like those famous old politburo photos
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