Thursday, November 23, 2017

His red right hand

"Sex matters in experiments on party drug — in mice".  I think they mean gender but it doesn't make quite the same headline.  You have to wonder how many scientific 'facts' are wrong as the experimenters didn't control for the right thing, or even were able to conceive of the thing they needed to control.

"Brian Eno and Roger Waters scorn Nick Cave's 'principled stand' to play in Israel".  Cave didn't just play there, he got all snooty about being criticized for it (see also, Margaret Atwood).  "Nick Cave shuns Palestinians, wins praise from Israel lobby".  Shekels do terrible things to people, and allow us to separate the wheat from the chaff.  It appears Sheldon is the man with the red right hand.

"India scraps “flagship” missile deal with Israel" (Abunimah).  I suspect there is some missing back story here.

"Hariri's "Unresignation" As Seen In A Bizarre Photo With The Iranian Ambassador" (Durden).  "How Saudi Efforts to Provoke War Were Stopped and Lebanon United. The Role of Hezbollah".  The Saudi plot - well, I assume it was an Israeli plot as Salman isn't bright enough to come up with it - went sideways when everybody in Lebanon stood up against it and put aside their usual differences.  We should give some credit to Hariri's personal courage - his children are still being held hostage by Salman and the headloppers (good name for a band!) - in standing up to Evil.

"Did The Putin/Assad Meeting Cement The End Of America's Mid-East Dominance?" (Luongo).  Portrayed as the turning point in wrecking a much larger plan.  And credit to Assad, who could easily have fled to London early on with lots of money and abandoned his country to the headloppers.  Edmund Burke (sort of, via JFK mangling):  "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.".

"Boy, Is This Stupid or What?" (Giraldi).  On protecting the headloppers, so they may fight another day as an American proxy army, and keep the Americans in the 'game' (see also:  "U.S. moves toward open-ended presence in Syria after Islamic State is routed"):
"A waggish friend of mine suggested that Mattis might be deliberately selectively releasing ISIS fighters so the U.S. will never have to leave Syria, but my own theory is somewhat different. I think that Washington, which has done so little to defeat ISIS, wants some threat to continue so it can keep its own “resistance forces” in place and active to give it a seat at the table and a voice at the upcoming Geneva discussions for a political settlement in Syria. Otherwise Washington will be outside looking in. The unspeakable Nikki Haley at the U.N. appears to endorse that line of thinking by asserting that Washington will continue “to fight for justice” in Syria no matter what the rest of the world decides to do.

Does this mean that we can expect considerable fumbling and a game with no exit strategy, something like a replay of Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya? You betcha."

"Russia In Syria - Military 'Failure' Sets Off Intense Diplomacy" (Moon).  Amusing list demonstrating the inevitability technique used by the mainstream media.  Remember the neocons all said an American attack on Iraq was inevitable, so you might as well get it over with while conditions are at their best?  This technique only works as PR if you control the whole narrative - if brave and good people stand up to you, you look like a fool.

"Zionism’s Violent Legacy"  (Neff, from 1996).  There is nothing new in the world.

"Israel’s New Ambassador to Israel Talking About Israel" (Mantiq al-Tayr).

This is hilarious, given the literally constant betrayal of the US by Israel:  "Exclusive: What Trump Really Told Kislyak After Comey Was Canned".

"Nuclear Stability, Conventional Instability: North Korea and the Lessons from Pakistan":
"The Pakistani case illustrates three things. First, the acquisition of nuclear weapons is not a silver bullet that suddenly allows states to achieve significant revisionist objectives. The logic of conventional and nuclear deterrence quickly overpowers domestic political rhetoric about reclaiming “lost” territories. Second, attempts at territorial revision are early and short-lived: they are (rarely) satisfied or (more often) thwarted and then not reattempted. Pakistan attempted the Kargil infiltration a year after it acquired nuclear weapons, failed, and then a new status quo set in. It has not attempted a repeat since. Third, limited new forms of emboldenment, such as terrorism or kidnappings, may still be pursued at subconventional levels of the conflict spectrum, where the state’s nuclear weapons deter a conventional response. States, like India, however, craft a new normal and innovate ways to prevent and respond to the low-level aggression. There is no reason to expect the dynamics between North Korea, South Korea, and the United States to be substantially different."
Nukes have been proven to be only useful as a defensive weapon, so American warmonger claims of North Korean irredentism using nukes is phony.

"Google Does Evil" (Moon). It is unclear to me whether they started with good intentions and just turned bad with the prospect of all that money, or whether they were pure evil from the start but held it in check to build a good reputation which they could then grift off of.  "What makes Google’s Eric Schmidt so afraid?" (Oberg).  "Google’s Eric Schmidt admits political censorship of search results".  "Google’s Eric Schmidt, arbiter of news, has long history with Obama & Clinton".

"Britain’s PM Defends Liberal World Order" (Butler):
"I’d list the Russian criminals safely harbored under May’s fuzzy wings, but my editor would complain of this post’s lengthiness. Here’s a short alphabetized list: Roman Abramovich (a Putin friend), Boris Berezovsky (deceased), Andrey Borodin (exiled banking crook), Mikhael Khodorovsy (my favorite Putin ousted Yukos Oil mafioso), Alexander Litvinenko (deceased spy slash non-oligarch), Vladimir Makhlai (another asylum-seeking privateer billionaire), and Alexander Perepilichny (Hermitage Capital / Magnitsky case whistleblower). Trust me, there are a hundred other prominent Russian business people propping up London with their huge investments. Truth be told, if May really does go after Russians like she says she will – London may have trouble paying the light bill. Laughable, this is what the UK Prime Minister is."
"Red Alert For Oligarchs – Did President Putin Agree With President Macron To The Arrest Of Suleiman Kerimov For Money Laundering" (Helmer). The deep base of Putin's ongoing unshakable political popularity is his unusual willingness to police mass theft from Russia.

"Unsealed Fusion GPS Bank Records Reveal $523K Payment From Russian Money Launderer" (ZeroPointNow).  Lots of Russian weirdness, just not the kind of weirdness we're told surrounds Trump.  Also "Journalist Sara Carter Destroys DOJ Attempt To Discredit FBI Informant And Stonewall Uranium One Investigation" (ZeroPontNow).  Seesions appears to be trying to protect the Clintons, just what you would expect.

The three recent Porter pieces on Zio-American trickery:
  1. "Israel’s Ploy Selling a Syrian Nuke Strike";
  2. "How Syrian-Nuke Evidence Was Faked";
  3. "Translated Doc Debunks Narrative of Al Qaeda-Iran ‘Alliance’" (as all logic would demand, Iran and al Qaeda are definitely not pals).
More on Monbiot's reputation, wrecked on the shoals of warmongering:  "The Guardian’s George Monbiot joins “fake news” campaign".

"Ignoring Washington’s Role in Yemen Carnage, 60 Minutes Paints US as Savior" (Johnson).  I imagine they have Charlie-Rose-style kompromat on all these 'journalists', but this is particularly ridiculous.  Also:  "Top Samantha Power Aide Is Now Lobbying To Undermine Opponents Of Yemen War".

The Ukrainians are up to no good, this time, unusually, with some success:  "Ukraine: Luhansk coup attempt continues as rival militias square off against each other".

"29 suspects detained in Egypt over alleged espionage for Turkey".  Timing is odd.  It looks like currying favor with Salman in the wake of the Russia-Turkey-Iran understanding.

"The Bizarre True Story of the Neighborhood Scuffle That Left Rand Paul with Six Broken Ribs".  Remarkable investigatory journalism on a topic which doesn't seem to merit it.

"John McCain’s Walking Boot Mysteriously Swaps Sides Two Weeks After Treatment For Torn Achilles Tendon" (ZeroPointNow). There appear to be different boots for different legs, left and right.  American politics is an unceasingly bizarre wonderland of the inexplicable.

"‘P Is For Palestine’ Book Sparks Protest".

"Trump nominee Kenneth Marcus seeks to undermine the very rights he’d be enforcing".  From the comments!

The very 'woke' link in the comment by Frumious is well worth the read in this world of superficial coverage of Manson and his death:  "The Tate Murders – The Psyop That Stifled a Generation" (longer pdf). Interesting negative comments on Mae Brussell, who is usually depicted as a conspiracy theory saint.  Polanski, all the military intelligence connections, the inexplicable pull that the rat-like Manson had over beautiful women, the fact that one attack effectively ended 'hippie' influence in American politics . . . it all adds up (though I'm not convinced by all the detailed photo analysis).
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