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Like watching a car crash in slow motion

"The U.S. Military as a Zionist Organization" and its comments.

"International Jews Found New Kurdistan Lobby" (Striker).  Axis of Goyim!  This isn't over - just look at the worthies involved in the new Jewish Coalition for Kurdistan!

"Jew Confesses After “Antisemitism” Furore in Marseille: Jewish-Owned Shops Were Tagged with the Word “Juif”".

"Library cancels anti-Islam film screening".

"Chief Liberal Party fundraiser tied to $8M loan to offshore trust in Cayman Islands".  Nobody will dive into this in any serious way, for the usual reasons.

Abu Kamal (Al-Bukamal):
  1. The last ISIS controlled city in Syria.
  2. The missing link in the transport road from Iran to Lebanon and the Syrian port of Latakia (home of the Russian Khmeimim Air Base). 
  3. Nasrallah calls the American tricks to assist ISIS in blocking this road the 'Daesh conspiracy'.
  4. The Syrian Arab Army took Abu Kamal, and then lost it:  "ISIS retakes Albukamal after Syrian Army fails to secure city".
  5. Then the Syrian Arab Army finally retook the city:  "Syria army, allies retake Albu Kamal from IS: military source" and "Syrian army, allies take back Albu Kamal from Islamic State".
  6. The Russians have accused the Americans of allowing ISIS forces to escape, on phony humanitarian grounds, presumably in part to allow them to regroup to fight in Abu Kamal:  "Abu Kamal and Raqqa: Is the US-Led Coalition Colluding With Daesh in Syria?".  Tweet (Nizar Nayouf).
  7. Needless to say, there is no conceivable American national interest in collaborating with the terrorists - this is entirely Khazar driven.
  8. The infamous 'Shi'ite crescent' has now been quietly formalized without anybody purporting to notice.
"Why doesn’t Russia defend Syria against Israeli fighter jets?" Ha!, Putin doesn't want his 'Jews' back! Can you blame him?

"Rwanda could take 10,000 refugees from Israel: Minister". Can you imagine the response if any other country publicly planned something like this?  It makes a complete mockery of laws protecting refugees.

""Trump’s Saudi Scheme Unravels" - Alastair Crooke" (Lang).

"How Will Iran, Russia And Turkey React To U.S. Decision To Stay In Syria After Defeat Of ISIS?" (Colonel Cassad blog).  The Syrian Kurds are the Khazar pressure point, but the 4 + 1 have multiple geopolitical strategic weapons to use to convince the Syrian Kurds to make the sane decision.

"Reports: SDF spox Silo defects to FSA, Turkey". "Senior official in US-backed Syria forces defects to Turkey-rebels" (another indication that Turkey is onside with Russia and Iran in general geopolitical planning):
"The officials gave no reason for move by Silo, who was the SDF spokesman, but it follows months of growing discontent by some Arab tribes with the SDF, an alliance of Kurdish and Arab forces that is dominated by the Kurdish YPG.

Many local Arab tribes in areas controlled by the SDF complain they are marginalized in decision making and blame the YPG for discrimination against them, including the forced conscription of their youths. The YPG denies these allegation.

“Silo was secretly coordinating with commanders from the FSA and when he entered areas under their control he then crossed into Turkish territory,” said Ibrahim al-Idlibi, an FSA spokesman.

Kurdish fighters, alongside Arab allies, U.S. advisers and coalition jets, have driven Islamic State from swathes of territory including its former Syrian headquarters in Raqqa city.

The Kurdish YPG militia and its political allies have carved out autonomous cantons in the north, and now control nearly a quarter of Syria. Their influence angers neighbor Turkey, which considers the YPG an extension of the banned Kurdistan Workers’ Party that has fought a decades-long insurgency on Turkish soil."

"Second Hand Weapons Flying the ‘Friendly Skies’ of Germany and Ukraine" (Kamens; read the whole thing).  Remember the car crash that unveiled the Turkish 'deep state'?:
"When there was a crash near Trier, Germany, last year, involving a road transport carrying an unmarked container from the Baumholder army base, which is a weapons depot, few would have suspected that it would unmask a mechanism of weapons trafficking including both private and private airbases: Bitburg Airport (a former US military base) and the Spangdalem Air Base.

There are even allegations from locals in Germany that another base is involved, Büchel Air Base, which houses the military wing of the Luftwaffe. This is located, most conveniently, about 60km from Spangdalem. It is already a large active facility, but a field visit in early September confirmed that even more construction is planned and the security system is being upgraded/ They told this writer that he was on the right investigating the rat line of weapons, as only recently confirmed by other sources.

The fatal road accident was never reported in the international news, not because it wasn’t noteworthy but the opposite. The Americans were doing their best to keep the German authorities in the dark about what was being transported, and it would not be politically expedient on the German side to allege that both the Americans and private contractors are using at least one of the bases for less than honourable purposes, particularly when one of these facilities stockpiled nuclear weapons during much of the Cold War.

The Büchel Air Base in the Eifel region is the only place in Germany where nuclear weapons are known to have been deployed. Once they were removed however they were not destroyed but put in underground storage facilities and new weapons delivered to replace them. Following the emptying of the Ramstein arsenals, experts say it is “likely that Büchel could return as a subject of political discussion.” And that is what has happened!

Apparently, now that it does not serve its original function, the base is also being used to provide logistic support for trans-shipments of conventional weapons to Ukraine and hotspots beyond. A German source added, “The Americans think we don’t know what is going on, and by keeping German staff away from their activities they can ensure that we are not informed – let them know, the Americans, that we are not so naïve!”"

"OPEC King: How Vladimir Putin took the 'oil crown' from Saudi Arabia":
"In the past, the Saudis could impose their will on prices and punish rivals, oversaturating the market, as they did against other OPEC members in 1985-86, Venezuela in 1998-1999 and the shale oil industry in 2014-15.

But now the economy of Saudi Arabia is going through shocks, the Kingdom needs higher oil prices. On some parameters, given the breakeven point, Saudi Arabia needs higher prices than Iran or Russia, which when calculating its budget for the next year, counts oil prices at $ 40 per barrel.

The actions of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman aimed at combating corruption, including the sudden arrests of dozens of princes and billionaires, seem to have only strengthened the newfound dependence of the kingdom on Russia. "The cleaning-out has turned upside down a multi-year model that united the elite and drew the success of its ambitious economic reform program into a battle for survival," states Amrita Sen, chief oil analyst at Energy Aspects Ltd. in London.

"Against the backdrop of this vulnerability, we believe that the kingdom, and more importantly, Mohammed bin Salman, need high oil revenues and therefore high oil prices, which will allow him to remain in power," Sen says."
"al-ghazali would be saddened." (Lang).

"EXCLUSIVE: Trump’s 'ultimate deal' seen as ultimatum to Palestinians".  "Is Palestinian Pres. Abbas refusing to take Jared Kushner’s Phone Calls?"  Just another offer they can't possibly accept so they can be blamed for being the problem when they don't accept it.  "The PLO is better off without an office in Washington" (Kuttab).

"Trump Administration Plays Media Like Fiddle on Iran/HBO Hacking Story" (Johnson). The clumsy PR mechanics is left exposed, and the media carries on anyway.

"seventy years of NYT asslicking" (Niqnaq compilation of tweets by Abdullah Al-Arian).  Disappeared while I was making this, so see here.

The Ukrainian coup attempt in part of Novorossiya:  "3 Scenarios for the Coup in the Lugansk People's Republic" (Popov) and "Ten Ukrainian saboteurs uncovered within the ranks of Donbass officials".

"Former Secret Service Agent Threatens To Reveal Details About Bill Clinton And Epstein's "Lolita Express"". It is funny how the details of this story remain hanging around like an unexploded grenade.

"One-Third of All Navy Brass Caught in Huge Foreign Bribery Scandal".  'Fat Leonard'.

"Sudan Is Indispensable to China’s Silk Road Vision for Africa"(Korybko).  Another striking example of China at work while the US fucks around moving useless soldiers around the continent.  Just think of what the Americans could do with just a tiny fraction of the money wasted on its military.

Hilarious Sailer on Khazar group supremacism and the defining characteristic of violent racist group supremacists, that they are completely oblivious to it:  "Retconning Thanksgiving":
"It’s actually quite amusing that our national mythology has been hijacked in order to rectify the resentments people feel toward those who got to belong to Los Angeles Country Club back when great-grandpa was stuck belonging to Hillcrest Country Club, but if you aren’t Larry David this is no laughing matter, if you know what’s good for you."
and "We Need a National Holiday of Adulation and Gratitude for Jewish Immigration"!

I thought this was a particularly striking collection of images from Tom Clark.
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