Friday, November 03, 2017


Tweet (Amir):
"This is a bigger interference in the election than all Russian ads combined. Twitter just admitted to hiding 48% of tweets about  DNC leak.This is a bigger interference in the election than all Russian ads combined. Twitter just admitted to hiding 48% of tweets about  DNC leak."
"Twitter Admits It Buried "Podesta Email", DNC Tweets Ahead Of The Presidential Election" (Durden).

"Manafort Indictment Underwhelms, Poses No Immediate Threat to Trump" (Scofield).

"How Obama and Hillary Clinton Weaponized the ‘Dossier’" (Szamuely).  Extremely good.

Curiously, the Mueller work burnishes Trump's reputation.  The rag-tag cast of characters around Trump reflects the fact that he was shunned by the traditional swamp operatives of Washington politics, and was forced to rely for help in his campaign by anybody who would dare - participating would get you blackballed - to show up.  He wouldn't be President today if the last of these ne'er-do-wells didn't happen to be Bannon (with Mercer's money).  "Mueller Mugs America: The Case of Baby George Papadopoulos" (Stockman).

"Iran’s snub to US has meaning for India" (Bhadrakumar). Iran is countering the neocon inevitability-of-war argument - the one they always use - by emphasizing the real back channel relations of the two countries.

"Panic Hits Hollywood and Media Elite: Which Harasser Will Be Outed Next?"  "Today's Blind Items - The Financier" (CDaN).  Spacey's Bohemian Grove camera:  "Blind Items Revealed #6" (CDaN).  "Today's Blind Items - The Island" (CDaN).

Taibbi's explanation is better than Ames' 'satire' one.  Will any victims come forward?  A lot of powerful people would like to see Taibbi silenced.

Explaining the bizarre belated CIA dump of bin Laden material:  "Neocons Push Dubious Paper To Allege Iran - Al-Qaeda Connection" (Moon).  It reminds me of this example of a neocon lie (and we know how those lies turned out!):  "THREATS AND RESPONSES: THE CZECH CONNECTION; No Evidence Of Meeting With Iraqi" (Risen).  Angry Arab on general CIA (or Kristol?) forgery incompetence:  "The Bin Laden documents: do I smell a US propaganda scheme?".

Kristol has been getting his recent warmongering funded by Singer, but back in the day BigJew was too smart to get its fingerprints all over this obvious treason, and he had to go to Christian Zionists, particularly Scaife, to fund PNAC (which was, of course, instrumental in producing the string of lies and PR that led directly to the disastrous American attack on Iraq).

"Is The "Moderate Al-Qaeda" Set To Target Hizbullah?" (Moon).  The rebrand, and just when bin Laden is back in the news - they really think Americans are stupid!  Al Qaeda would be no match for Hezbollah, but might be used to draw Hezbollah resources during an illegal Israeli attack on Lebanon.

"The case of Ouroba Barakat: not a single Western newspaper corrected its early stories that they were assassinated by Syrian regime" (Angry Arab).

"Iraqi counter-offensive roils Kurdish Regional Government".  Read the last two paragraphs, for the usual Zoggery!

"This week a world leader much worse than Donald Trump is visiting the UK – but I don't see any protest from MPs" (White).

"Britain still proud of its shameful role as patron of Israel's occupation" (Cook).  We're now seeing the downside of this strategy as Israel continues to rely automatically on a failing US and is thus not getting what it demands (e.g., war in Syria, Kurdistan).

A scalp too far:  "Facing outcry, UK Labour reverses expulsion of anti-Zionist Moshé Machover" (Winstanley).

"House Democratic Whip Resists Effort to End U.S. Involvement in Yemen War" (Fang).  Hoyer.

Tweet (Greenwald)  (Trump's ace in the hole is that he has no plausible opposition, except in his own party):
""Warning of a 'weakening Democratic brand,'” pollsters say "voters don’t see them as alternatives" to Trump b/c of no focus on economics:"
Tweets by Kumail Nanjiani‏ on the peculiar lack of political involvement in the decisions of technologists.

"Catalan Independence Flounders on the Rocks of Reality" (Wight).  It is completely impossible to find even the slightest sympathy for these entitled fuckers.  Puigdemont scurrying like a cornered rat is symbolic of the whole mess, a mess that should have been avoided had he gone to Brussels first and asked them what would happen if he went down this road.

Tweet (CSIS Canada) (the poor kids must be devastated - you know that horrible moment when you discover your parents are Peeping Tom losers?!):
"We have lots of grade 9 students finding out this morning that their parents aren't really travel agents... #KidsToWork"
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