Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Particularly puzzling and troubling

Tweets by Barak Ravid on Israeli diplomatic use against Hezbollah of the Hariri resignation/removal by the Saudis.  ""Explosive" Leaked Secret Israeli Cable Confirms Israeli-Saudi Coordination To Provoke War" (Durden).  Obvious war preparation (and some Israeli diplomat didn't like it, and leaked the cable, or the Israelis wanted it to be known).

"Saudi Purge a Part of Murky Developments in West Asia That Presage Escalation of Conflict":
"The Trump presidency has affiliated itself very closely with the crown prince and has extended solid political support to the kingdom in its confrontation with Iran and, since June this year, with Qatar. There are reports of close personal ties between the crown prince and Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law, who, among other responsibilities, is heading the president’s efforts at promoting peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

Curiously, Kushner, designated as senior adviser to the president, visited Saudi Arabia on an unannounced tour, a week before the purge; he spent four days in the country, returning home on October 28. He was accompanied by deputy national security adviser Dina Powell and the US envoy for the Middle East, Jason Greenblatt. After Saudi Arabia, Greenblatt visited Amman, Cairo, Ramallah and Jerusalem.

The conclusion is unavoidable that during the discussions in Riyadh, certain major policy decisions were taken that would have serious implications for the West Asian political and military scenario. These would have included the US green signal for the wide-ranging purge of possible opponents of the crown prince and the decision to initiate confrontation against Hezbollah, and by extension Iran, in Lebanon."
"Pepe Escobar: The Inside Story Of The Saudi Night Of The Long Knives".  Chabad versus the CIA?  Note the deep problems that the Saudi war on Yemen is causing.

"What is actually happening in Riyadh? Everybody should be on alert, US and Israel are establishing a ‘front’" (Karagül).  Wow.  Mohammed bin Zayed (UAE) versus Turkey, Israeli war on Lebanon/Hezbollah, an attack on Iran, the military destruction of Qatar (and perhaps a coup), refighting in Syria and Iraq to obtain a Zionist/Saudi result, the reestablishment of Greater Kurdistan, and breaking Saudi Arabia into three states on the UAE model.  It would be funny, and ironic given the recent Turkish mischief, if Turkish awareness of the evil plans saves the Middle East from its complete devastation.

"What is unique about the rule of Muhammad bin Salman" (Angry Arab).  Complete reversal of the consensus governing that came out of local rulers sitting around a fire at night in the desert.  Even more than his consistently bad decisions, the reversal of what the Saudis princes believe is their true strength through the decades is what is going to finish Salman.

"Saudi Arabia Is About To Confiscate $33 Billion From Four Of Its Richest People".  When we criticize Salman, let's not get ahead of ourselves, for stripping the worst thieves of their loot to restock the treasury from whence the loot was stolen is simply a splendid idea.  Let's see:  Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, George Soros, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg . . . . - Americans could fix their infrastructure, and pay for free health care and free education through college, all on the foundation of morally righteous thief stripping.  This kind of thing is going to have to happen everywhere - with optional helicopter explosions and deaths in gun fights - in order to rebuild all our societies from the waste to which they have been laid by the monsters.

"Why WikiLeaks Was Right: Rigging the Democratic Way" (Kampmark).  Note the unbelievably corrupt Warren, who could have done something with her knowledge at the time, but decided instead to continue in her careerist grifting.  She has form on this sort of thing.  Also remember, exactly like Hillary (and like Trump, but in reverse), she is a Republican posing as a Democrat.

"Donna Brazile, the “Rigged” Democratic Primary, and Relitigating 2016" (Strether).  Long and detailed analysis backing up Brazile.  Brazile is actually quite careful and accurate in her denunciations, but the Clintonistas have created straw man versions of what she has said and written to give their counterattacks some credibility.

"Donna Brazile Has A Few Theories About Who Might've Killed Seth Rich" (Durden).  'Patriot'. Given what we're told his role was in the DNC, it must have been his typing and filing skills, and nothing to do with leaking embarrassing internal documents to WikiLeaks.

"Intel Committee Demands Fusion GPS Bank Records; Suspects Journalists Paid To Spread "Russian Collusion" Claims".  Another neat reversal of the claims made by the Cintonistas against Trump.  I know you are, but what am I?

"There Is A Lucrative Espionage Industry For Covering Up The Crimes Of The Rich" (Johnstone).  Oddly misses the point that Weinstein got a special kind of help from his special pals.  The general story that rich people can pay for 'fixers' isn't a story worth writing.

The Farrow piece:  "Harvey Weinstein’s Army of Spies".  Farrow's now doing the only journalism in America, certainly the only journalism that might just have an effect on ameliorating the lives of the large class of victims.  He is literally risking his life in the spirit of Casolaro and Webb and Hastings.  Noah Oppenheim!

Putin/Trump Derangement Syndrome should be in the next edition of the DSM.  "It is particularly troubling and puzzling that she would seemingly buy into false Russian-fueled propaganda, spread by both the Russians and our opponent, about our candidate’s health."

See also:  "As Weiner Enters Jail, Outlines of Anti-Clinton Scheme Emerge"!!!  The Chuck Johnson Lolita honeypot conspiracy to take down Hillary through Huma (the first signatory of the letter above)!  If you are bat-shit insane, the pieces are all coming together:  "‘Alt-right’ figure who set up Assange meeting refuses to cooperate with Senate intel probe".

"The Sexual Harassment Storm in British Politics. Defence Secretary Michael Fallon’s Fall" (Kampmark). "Britain’s Defence Secretary Fallon resigns in anti-democratic “sex pest” scandal". There are so many politicians involved in these crimes that the powers that be can now use them as a tool to prune those it wants removed for other reasons.  The ones that aren't removed can live under the threat of blackmail for the rest of their careers, making them even more compliant than usual.

"Washington's Wonderful World of Corruption" (Giraldi).  Note the thick CIA spin here.  As good as Giraldi is, it is worth remembering that he is CIA.  It is good to see what real CIA thinks of Woolsey and similar neocon stooges.

The Trump-koi story was a real, and textbook, example of 'fake news' (link may be iffy as The Daily Stormer bounces around the internet like the Wandering Jew, so see 'Miscaptioned', but not 'False').
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