Thursday, November 09, 2017

Rate per bungle

Those sweet, sweet shekels:  "What did Israel hope to gain from Priti Patel's secret meetings?" and "UK minister Priti Patel secretly urged aid for al-Qaida via Israel" and ('Climate Barbie' edition) "Catherine McKenna takes responsibility for tweet praising Syria" and "The Greek Occupation" (Shamir).  The seemingly never ending corruption makes me sick.

The beauty of it is that even lowly 'student politicians' can find themselves generously beshekeled, and receive the early training they need to graduate to real politics and grow the big pockets and artful palm-up skills needed for real beshekeling:  "Israel boycott fails at uOttawa student union, but pro-life group loses".

What is the going rate in shekels these days for a 'bungle':  "Swiss admit drone test bungle in Golan Heights".

"NBC Calls Hugo Chavez a Dictator, Guardian Cheers Actual Saudi Dictator".  "More ‘Fake News,’ Alas, From the New York Times" (Bacevich).

"Whose Team Is He On?" (Marshall; the level of crazy is breathtaking):
". . . I think that even if Trump had or has come to hate Russia and Vladimir Putin he must know he can’t cross them now because of the compromising information they could easily use against him."
"‘Zero evidence’ that Russia hacked DNC, says NSA whistleblower (VIDEO)".

"Is Saudi Arabia bluffing on Iran?" An actual Iran-Saudi war would last about five minutes.

"EU, U.S. affirm Lebanon support, diverging from Saudi".  Reflecting possible concern about Salman's longevity.

"China and the US: Rational Planning and ‘Lumpen’ Capitalism" (Petras).  A lot of the comments reflect the utter cluelessness of the American Exceptionalists, explaining why imperial decline is inevitable and irreversible.

Paradise in Canada:  "Roundup: Paradise Papers problems" and "Blue-chip law firm Appleby explored connecting tax haven to Halifax, leaked documents show".

"The UK minister formerly in charge of anti-money laundering has been named in the Paradise Papers leak".

"Today's Blind Items - The Studio" (CDaN).  Comment by ltttt.  Consensus of guesses at AGC Blind Item Rehash (links removed):
"Studio: Relativity Media
A list public figure/infamous wife: Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin/Louise Linton (John Oliver video) (previous blind item)
A list director: Bryan Singer
Another A list director: Brett Ratner
Academy Award winning actor: Kevin Spacey
Foreign born A list public figure: James Packer
Organization: Scientology"
"Does Brett Ratner Have a Grab ‘Em by the Pussy Posse?".  Quite the khlub!

"How racist blogger David Collier infiltrated the Labour Party" (Winstanley).  "Convicted Trump adviser George Papadopoulos championed Israeli settlers".

"Sex Scandal - Wimpole Mews" (Aangirfan).  Profumo.

"Former CIA agent to do community service for cleric kidnap".

Hitler in Colombia/Argentina.
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