Thursday, November 16, 2017

Straight White Men

Hey, look who shows up smack dab in the middle of all the Saudi drama!:  "Saudi Crown Prince meets with Bill Gates to review joint development programs".

"The Machiavellian Prince: Welcome to Salman Arabia" (Bishara).

"'This Is Barbaric': Sen. Murphy Slams US for Contributing to Yemen's Humanitarian Crisis".

"On The Origins of Russia-gate" (Lauria),  Posted in the Huffington Post, and then, in the highest honor the Huffington Post can bestow for journalistic excellence, removed for being too incisive in wrecking all the Clintonista lies and actually turning the tables on Clinton.

The history:  "Fake News on Russia and Other Official Enemies:  The New York Times, 1917–2017" (Edward S. Herman, possibly his last published work, RIP).

"‘The Atlantic’ Commits Malpractice, Selectively Edits To Smear WikiLeaks" (Johnstone).  A fine reading of the lying technique used by Ioffe to make her case against WikiLeaks.  If The Atlantic were a real journalistic organization, and not just an ultra-Zionist front, Ioffe would be fired immediately, and a retraction and grovelling apology issued.  Instead, the lies are already being promulgated as part of the whole dangerous Russiagate smear.

"Mugabe: Between the wife and the loyal lieutenant".  "Mugabe clears way for 'Gucci Grace' in battle over Zimbabwe succession".  "Grace Mugabe 'flees Zimbabwe for Namibia' after military take over and reportedly put husband under house arrest".  "South African woman challenges Grace Mugabe's immunity over assault claim".  In this case, the country's military is acting as an immune system against a completely inappropriate leader.  Do you feel the strong Winnie Mandela vibe?

This is quite something in terms of the communal organization and presentation of information, in this case about the largely hidden Awan scandal:  "Hillary's Hamlet".

Spectacular Sailer (Hall of Fame example!):  "Peter Beinart Exposes Marty Peretz's Bias at TNR for Grooming His Fellow Straight White Men".  If you multiply this kind of thing by a trillion you get the current state of the deception, but Beinart is a particularly striking - not to mention silly in the extent of his assumptions of the stupidity of his audience - example.  Note the Trump awareness at the end.  Generally, the decoder ring is 'straight' = 'gay' and, particularly, 'white' = 'Khazar'.

"How the Israel Lobby Works in Britain" (Cloughley).  They somehow make it look even more unseemly and obviously corrupt and just plain grubby than the American version.

"Satanist Netanyahu is mad, sad, and still wants to be bad" (Alexis).  A losing Israel is even more dangerous than a winning Israel.  One way or another, we need to terminate it.

Giving Black Cube some of its own medicine!  "Israeli intelligence firm apologises for working with Harvey Weinstein".  "Deception and Ruses Fill the Toolkit of Investigators Used by Weinstein".  Note the similar technique used in the Toronto case.  The entire monstrosity is pure Peak Khazar.  I can't wait for the 'Hollywood' movie!

"Lawyers representing Toronto actress suing Harvey Weinstein say they can’t find him".  I'd start by checking New Khazaria, but you'll never root him out of there (because of the Holocaust against rapists).

"The Pedobear Motion Practice You’ve Been Waiting For".  "Encyclopedia Dramatica Is Being Sued for $750K".  "Jon Monsarrat / Jonathan Graves Monsarrat / JonMon / mitcarpediemLawsuit Loving Sex Pest".

"One Tree Hill showrunner terrorized, assaulted cast and crew, 18 women confirm".  "George Takei Is Sorry For Sounding Like A Creepy Old Gay Grandpa On Howard Stern".
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