Monday, November 13, 2017

Surely some US president / at a woman

"Why Saudi Purge Signals War Footing" (Cunningham):
"Potentially most sinister is that on the day of the mass arrests, a contender for inheriting the Saudi throne was killed in a helicopter crash. Prince Mansour bin Muqrin (42) was among eight officials who died when their chopper went down in southern Asir Province near the border with Yemen. Saudi media have not given any details about the cause of the crash. One might have expected the Saudis to lay the blame on Houthi rebels and, by extension, Iran. But no. The House of Saud and its media outlets have said little about the death of this senior royal. Significantly, too, the Houthi rebels and their media have said little about the incident. If there was a chance of the rebels being involved, one might expect them to prompt a propaganda coup claiming a spectacular blow against the Saudis whom they have been fighting a war against since March 2015.

The chopper victim Prince Mansour was the son of 72-year-old Prince Muqrin, who is one of the last surviving sons of the Saudi kingdom’s founder Ibn Saud. (He is a half-brother to the sitting King Salman.)

Prince Muqrin was also former head of Saudi state intelligence (2005-2012) before he was made Crown Prince in January 2015 upon the death of his brother, the late King Abdullah. In the arcane world of Saudi power inheritance, the throne has always passed between Ibn Saud’s sons, or from brother to brother. When Abdullah died in January 2015, the next in line was their brother Salman (the present king). After Salman, according to traditional succession rules, the next heir to the throne should have been Muqrin, who indeed was made Crown Prince in January 2015. However, three months later, King Salman demoted Muqrin as heir apparent. He was sidelined to make way for the emergence of Mohammed bin Salman, the son of the king, as Crown Prince. That marked an unprecedented rupture in Saudi royal tradition, and no doubt has left a seething resentment among the clans comprising the House of Saud.

Prince Muqrin and his lineage of six sons therefore can be seen as a dangerous rival to the ambitions of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. As his own father King Salman’s health declines, the next-in-line appears to be clearing the royal court of potential competition for the throne.

It is not yet known what actually happened to the helicopter ferrying Prince Mansour last weekend. But it seems more than a coincidence that the crash occurred on the same day as the arrest and round-up of several other senior royals. Two of those arrested were Prince Mataib bin Abdullah and Prince Turki bin Abdullah. They are the sons of the late King Abdullah, and like Prince Mansour, they are cousins of Crown Prince MbS, and therefore could potentially mount a challenge to his succession to the throne."
It appears that wars and the Iran obsession are going to be used to distract from Prince Salman's succession problem.  WWIII so one guy can jump the queue doesn't usually work out well.

Never let it be said that Saudis lack a sense of humor:  "Saudi Arabia alleges citizen kidnapped in Lebanon". They have also accomplished the impossible in making Saad Hariri a popular politician in Lebanon.  And congratulations to the entire population of Lebanon for being so extremely woke!

"War Clouds Beyond Lebanon" (Kapner).

Another example of the odd phenomenon of propaganda developing a (financial) life of its own, meaning that it continues for the grifting possibilities long after it makes sense as PR:  "Propaganda for Regime Change in Syria".  Given the users that surround her, I'm guessing that Bana has some tragic future ahead.

"Harper And Decameron: Controlling The Narrative".  Binney is a huge problem for the Clintonitas/warmongers, as his narrative is within the area of his acknowledged expertise, and is consistent with everything we know about the NSA.  They deal with this by simply ignoring him.

"Trump Points To Falsehoods In "Russian Hacking" Claims - Media Ignore What He Says" (Moon).  Trump's consistent ability to boil down issues to their key points, and stay on topic without bloviating, is strong evidence that he is much smarter than we give him credit for.

"Criminal War Propaganda" (Taliano).  Big numbers, for naught.

""This Is A Dangerous Iranian Escalation": Bahrain Blames Pipeline Explosion On Iran, Terrorists" (Durden).

Tremendous tale of a road trip!:  "Tillerson’s Trip & the new Great Game (FB Ali)". "China's global Silk Road revival hits obstacles".

"David Boies Accused Of Running Horrifying Spy Operation Against Harvey Weinstein's Accusers".  It is rare to see a conflict of interest so clumsily handled at that level of power.

"Baby Peter, Mary Jeffries, Jersey" (Aangirfan).  "Former Scotland Yard chief Sir Paul Stephenson reveals he KNEW about claims extreme porn had been found on Damian Green's office computer".

"US, Sweden, Finland Launch New Format Talks: Dancing to Washington’s Tune" (Korzun).  Americans have the excuse of being Exceptionalists and being bound to a rapidly failing empire, but others have no excuse for leaping on this sinking ship.

"Germany Clumsily Admits to Supporting Regime Change in Poland" (Korybko).  "Warsaw nationalist march draws tens of thousands".

"Wieseltier and Weinstein Discuss “Should the Jews Leave Europe?”" (Sailer).  "After TWO (!) Hate Hoaxes, Kansas State Suspends Classes to Prove It Still Believes" (Sailer).

"Selfie With Hitler? Indonesia Museum Removes Nazi Waxwork After Backlash".  It is difficult to deny this strikingly odd pattern of behavior:  "Jewish Masturbater Louis CK and the Fundamentally Jewish Act of Jacking-Off at a Woman" (Anglin).

Khazar news:  "Outrage Follows "Jaw-Droppingly Shocking" 1986 Prince Charles Letter Blaming Mid-East Problems On "Foreign Jews"".  The shocking part is that Prince Charles is woke.  "Surely some US president has to have the courage to stand up and take on the Jewish lobby in US?"

"Everyone In Hollywood Is (Allegedly) A Perv: George Takei, Richard Dreyfuss, And Benny Medina".  The Takei allegations are particularly sweet as he has made a post-acting career of being the arbiter of virtue for the cisgendered on all LGBT matters.
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