Saturday, November 25, 2017

The Power of Anti-sectarianism

I'd like to note how important recent events in Lebanon (and Syria, and Iraq) have been.

The Khazars, and their Saudi pals, are a one-trick pony.  That trick is to manipulate people using sectarianism within Islam.

Lebanon is a sectarian minefield, and the Jared/Salman/Kissinger (?) plan was to upset the delicate applecart by producing a phony attack/kidnapping by Shi'ite Hezbollah on Hariri, a Sunni politician (with Saudi family origins). Israel planned to step in after the resulting implosion on a 'humanitarian' basis to do what Khazars do, kill people and steal their land (walking away with southern Lebanon and the waters of the Litani River which rich Khazar industrialists and farmers have always craved), and the blaming of the whole problem on Iran would provide the casus belli for an American attack on Iran, and a probable WWIII.  So stupid all around, and yet so typical.

The Lebanese have been through hell with sectarianism, and, of course, illegal genocidal attacks by the Khazars or Khazar agents, and have finally got a functioning country, and they like it.  The people of Lebanon saw right through Salman's plan, and mocked it, and Michel Aoun, the Maronite Christian leader, to his eternal credit, said 'Hell No'.  If Hariri was going to resign, he was going to have to appear in the relative sanctuary of Lebanon and resign in person, thus removing, to the extent possible, the actual physical coercion and threats of Salman.  Despite the fact Salman still has Hariri's children as hostages, Hariri fully manned up, and effectively ended the Salman/Khazar machinations (see also).

We see this over and over again.  The Khazars intended to exploit the Sunni/Shi'ite/Kurd divisions in Iraq, leading to the destruction of the country into three, relatively impotent, statelets (the Yinon plan).  Instead, Khazar overreaching in the attempt to make Greater Kurdistan led to a pulling together by the Iraqi army and various militias (and probably even some Kurds, who realized that Greater Kurdistan was going to get everybody killed), and the creation of a new pan-Iraqi nationalism.

In Syria, all we've heard for years is that Assad was an Alawite, and his support was limited to a small minority of people within Syria, so his toppling was inevitable.  This was untrue, as his support ranged across the spectrum of Syrian politics, with most people realizing that the alternative to Assad was some kind of Libyan-style hell.  Retaking the country from the human organ munchers and headloppers has created a new Syrian national identity, the exact opposite of the Khazar plans.

The latest anti-Khazar efforts of the peaceniks is to defang the Syrian Kurd situation:  "Trump Reportedly Tells Erdogan US Will Cease Arming Syrian Kurds".  Syrian Kurds deserve some reward for their brave fighting of Evil in Syria, but that reward, the only one Turkey can live with, has to be some status short of a country, a state within a Syrian federal government.  As always, the key is to create a national identity based on geography, rather than the sectarian identity the Khazars have always exploited.

The big shift within Islam to finally reject the Khazar exploitation of sectarian differences is the unnoticed end of the Khazar imperialist project.
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