Saturday, December 30, 2017

10,000 + x = 10,000

"Iran - Regime Change Agents Hijack Economic Protests" (Moon).  Note the bizarrely specific chants with a Zionist twist, not at all what you might expect from a genuinely Iranian populist protest:  "‘Let go of Palestine’, ‘Not Gaza, not Lebanon, I’d give my life (only) for Iran’".  "Did the US cause Iran’s Economic Protests & will Trump Take Advantage?" (Cole).  These color revolution techniques no longer have the element of surprise and tend to fizzle out.

"Is Iran the “World’s Leading Sponsor of Terrorism?”".  I note that the Bulgarian bus attack was a rather obvious, and clumsy, Israeli false flag.

There is a very peculiar new Zionist angle in the 'alt-right' attack on Iran, the Zoroastrian/Aryan Empire: "The Geopolitics of Jason Jorjani" (O'Meara) and "Iran Protests" (Wallace) and "FLASHBACK: Jason Jorjani’s The Coming Persian War" (Wallace).  Just a heads-up on what (((they))) are up to.

"Classified Huma Abedin Emails Found On Anthony Weiner's Laptop Discussing Hamas, Israel And Palestinian Authority" (Durden).  "Huma Abedin's Cousin Convicted Of Fraud With "Russian Donald Trump"" (Durden):
"As a side-note, there also lies an interesting connection; Doronin, one-time business partner of Huma Abedin's cousin, Omar Amanat, worked for financier Marc Rich (deceased). And who else worked for Rich? None other than Dan Gertler - one of the 13 "corrupt" or "serious human rights abusers" listed in President Trump's new Executive Order.

As we reported earlier this week, Gertler - an Israeli billionaire mining magnate, was revealed by the Paradise Papers to be chief negotiator between the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and his primary business partner - mining company Glencore, founded by none other than Marc Rich - the former employer of Omar Amanat's money man - Vladislav Doronin."
"Blind Items Revealed #4" (CDaN)!!!

"Fancy Frauds, Bogus Bears & Malware Mimicry?!" ('Adam Carter').  CrowdStrike found stuff that apparently consistently appeared just before CrowdStrike went looking for it.

"Looks Like FBI or McCain May Have Paid for the 16th Report of the Steele Dossier by Publius Tacitus".  I'm starting to think McCain is going to croak just before he can be questioned.

Peak Porter:  "How Cheney and His Allies Created the North Korea Nuclear Missile Crisis".   It is striking how often this general pattern keeps repeating into American imperial decline.

Johnstone and Sailer (allowing him to speak for himself) on Boot, a woke 'white person' of privilege who feels 'like a foreigner' in 'his own country'.

Sailer on the Claremont Colleges.

"These Toronto men were charged with beating anti-Erdogan protesters in May. They still haven’t been arrested".  The American police are strangely uninterested in making arrests.

"Who Is In The Right In The Canada-Venezuela Diplomatic Dispute?" (Engler).  Canada is on quite the roll of consistently evil behavior.

Tweet (The War Nerd) (similar to the 6,000,000, a number that remains the same no matter what you add or subtract to it):
"More Saudi air strikes, one that looks especially gory—a market near Taiz on the SW coast. The casualty math is interesting in a grotesque way. Remember @MarkAmesExiled's insight that the "10000 dead in Yemen" number never rises... …"

CDaN revenge on Lorde.  One way to look at CDaN is as an outlet for 'Hollywood' (i.e., Khazar) publicists to let off steam while promoting their projects.  It is remarkable how gossip dies down and suddenly reappears as soon as an actor has a movie to promote.  Note the comments paint exactly the opposite picture of Lorde.

"The blue-eyed poster girl of Palestinian propaganda".  "Israeli Psychosis on Full Display" (Atzmon).

"GG office to invite Barry Sherman’s family member or friend to accept his Order of Canada".  So the husband beater is going to present an award to the wife murderer, who can't attend in person as he's offed himself, all for being such a great Canadian citizen by extracting billions of dollars by overcharging other Canadians.  These are the things that make life worth living.

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