Saturday, December 23, 2017

Absolutely singular

"Four For Friday - Annexin A2" (CDaN).  This one is crazy, even by gossip blind standards.  Eleanor Mondale and John McCain, both murdered by flu shots.  Guesses (links removed, but this is the relevant speculation for Killary's motive):
"Big political year/candidate: 2008/Hillary Clinton
Diary of female former A- list celebrity: Eleanor Mondale (Walter Mondale’s daughter) (brain tumor)
Family members of the candidate: Bill Clinton
A+ list politician: John McCain (brain cancer)"
My theory is that Kushner is the root cause of many problems facing Trump's Presidency and the United States, and Trump knows this but can't remove him (because Ivanka), but Mueller can (and would do a massive service to Trump, the US, and the world by getting out the handcuffs): "Kushner's Records At Deutsche Bank Subpoenaed As Mueller Avoids Trump".

"Trump Pardons Racist, Criminal Jewish Fanatic" (Makow).

"Washington Post Calls For Outrage About War On Yemen - Hides U.S. Role In It" (Moon). Tweet (George Galloway):
"The British Govt co-authored and fuelled a murderous decapitating and heart eating assault on #Syria and then puts out a video shedding crocodile tears for the victims of those very #ISIS #AlQaeda killers and the war which destroyed them. Even by their sick standards that’s sick."
Excellent and detailed untangling of the various PR lies we are being fed to hide the UAE/UK-led real plans (is Yemen why Boris went to Moscow?): "1,000 days of war: The starvation plan for Yemen" (Glazebrook).

"Trump Drone War Against al Qaeda Paying Dividends".  "Trump’s Pentagon Admits to ‘Multiple Ground Missions’ in Yemen".  Again, with the pretext of fighting the only two remaining US allies, ISIS and al Qaeda!!!

 "Did Obama Arm Islamic State Killers?" (Lazare).  We pretty much know the full CIA story, in large part due to the work of Dilyana Gaytandzhieva, who was, of course, intimidated by the Bulgarian government and fired by the newspaper she worked for (the gold standard of real journalism these days).  "The Ultimate In Irony: Syrian Army Rolls Into Idlib With US Weapons Captured From ISIS".

We're continuing to see battles within the US government between American patriots and Khazar-sponsored treason agents.  "U.S. “Confronting” Iran inside Syria: Spoiling for an Unlawful Fight?".  "US Suspends Support for Free Syrian Army, Shuts Down Operation Rooms in Turkey and Jordan: Report" (South Front).

"U.S. Accuses Iran of U.N. Violation, but Evidence Falls Short".   Dissing a casus belli is not something you see everyday - or any day - from the NYT.  Judy Miller must be turning over in her intellectual grave.  Let's face it - Nimrata Randhawa isn't very good at her job.

"WikiLeaks Lawyer's Office Stormed In "Professional Operation"; Assange Then Tweets Video With Seth Rich Hint" (Durden).

"Kenya Jewish leader with valid visa denied entry to Israel, deported".

"Three images become new face of Palestinian resistance".

"The never-ending crisis of Zionism" (Weiss).  I always wonder whether Weiss is a cynical contriver or blissfully lacking in self-awareness.

""It’s Unprecedented": Bank Of New York Freezes $23 Billion In Kazakh Assets" (Durden).  Any central banker who has any assets whatsoever parked in either New York or London is an idiot who should be fired.  It is shockingly easy for any billionaire to forum shop for a judge who will let the billionaire have his way.

"Top 10 reasons to celebrate the UN vote on Jerusalem" (Dabashi).  1947 and 2017:  "Free at last: A UN without US diplomatic blackmail" (Abdullah).  "India is on the right side of history over Palestine" (Bhadrakumar).

"Pakistan Plans Replacing Dollar With Yuan In Trade With China" (Durden).

"Why This Canadian City Could Be The Epicenter Of The Next Bitcoin Rush".  And yet no concern about the climate change implications of this ridiculous speculative mania.

"When it came to launching legal battles, Apotex founder Barry Sherman was ‘absolutely singular’":
"Just how litigious was the late Barry Sherman?

“I think he was probably the most active litigant in any industry in Canada,” said Amir Attaran, a professor in the faculties of law and medicine at the University of Ottawa.

“I practise in Federal Court, and there’s no one else in Federal Court whose name is attached to more cases that I know of.”"
Continuing source of amusement:  "Christine Douglass-Williams Fired from Canadian Race Relations Foundation for Writing for Jihad Watch".

"UK Police Have a Porn-Spotting AI That Gets Confused by Desert Photos".
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