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Champion bootlegger - 'two-spirited' - not shy

"Appropriation of Jerusalem" (Ali Khan):
"In the 15th century, the Catholic Church used two distinct theological edicts to support conquests and colonization. The concept of “terra irredenta” empowered Christian rulers to take away the Iberian lands from the Muslims. The concept of “terra nullius” empowered the European colonizers to take away the land from the native owners in Americas and Africa.  In both cases, Christianity, presented as the one and the only one true religion, was invoked as the ultimate justification to legitimize the appropriation of land. Heathens, pagans, and the deniers of Jesus as God could be lawfully converted, enslaved, dispossessed, and even killed if they resisted the Christian Europeans, the true owners of God’s land.

In the 20th century, the European Jews invoked a complex fusion of the two edicts to lay claim to what has been Palestine for centuries under the Ottoman Empire and before. Invoking terra nullius, the Zionists argued that “a people without a land (Jews) are claiming a land without a people.” This argument derived from terra nullius denies the existence of local populations, be they Africans, Native Americans, or Palestinians.

The terra nullius concept, however, is less powerful than terra irredenta under which the land is restored to “legitimate owners.” The Right to Return is conceived in the womb of terra irredenta rather than terra nullius. Terra irredenta creates a mighty distinction between current and original owners. It reverses the logic of ownership. The current owners are deemed illegal intruders whereas the original owners are considered the lawful owners.  In the Iberian Peninsula, the Moors were the actual but illegal owners. The Spaniards and the Portuguese were the lawful owners. Therefore, the Moors must be dispossessed and expelled and the land restored to the original owners.

Invoking a similar logic, the European Jews claimed to be the original owners of Palestine since the Palestinians were the illegal occupiers of the sacred land that belonged only to the Jews. Accordingly, Zionist morality dictates that the Palestinians, particularly if they resist the Right to Return, be expelled, detained, killed, and their homes demolished.

Soon after Trump, the realtor, recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, Prime Minister Netanyahu argued that it is “absurd” to deny the “millennial connection of the Jewish people to Jerusalem. You can read it in a very fine book – it’s called the Bible. The sooner the Palestinians come to grips with this reality, the sooner we will move towards peace.”"
I don't know if the 'settler colonialist' argument is wise. For one thing, it has absolutely no traction outside of the most snowflaked sociology departments of North American universities. More importantly, it grants the Khazars status they don't have by conceding that they have an historical claim to the land as being previous residents there, an outright lie propagated by the people who run Israel.  A lot of the thinking about Israel has to be de-Semitized to avoid falling into the traps set by the non-Semite Khazars.

"Saudi Arabia: The Coming Crisis in the Kingdom" (Gootee).  It would be some serious poetic justice if the threat of Houthi missiles getting by phony but expensive American 'missile defense' ended up causing the legitimacy crisis in Saudi Arabia that led to the separation of Salman's head from his body.  The removal of Salman, in one way or another, is the other big shoe in the Middle East that needs to drop.

"Stephen LeDrew calls reasons for his firing from CP24 ‘baloney’".  This guy lost his job for being interviewed by Tucker Carlson and failing to take the concept of 'two-spirited' seriously enough.

"New Russian Hacker Claims Putin Ordered Theft Of Clinton's Email, After First One Refused FBI Bribe To Lie" (Durden).  #Russiagate is in serious trouble, requiring a new wave of bribes!

"The Foundering Russia-gate ‘Scandal’" (Parry) (referring to the Kristol plan!):
"It’s unclear what strategy these FBI officials were contemplating to ensure Trump’s defeat, but the comments mesh with what an intelligence source told me after the 2016 election, that there was a plan among senior Obama administration officials to use the allegations about Russian meddling to block Trump’s momentum with the voters and — if elected — to persuade members of the Electoral College to deny Trump a majority of votes and thus throw the selection of a new president into the House of Representatives under the rules of the Twelfth Amendment.

The scheme involved having some Democratic electors vote for former Secretary of State Colin Powell (which did happen), making him the third-place vote-getter in the Electoral College and thus eligible for selection by the House. But the plan fizzled when enough of Trump’s electors stayed loyal to their candidate to officially make him President.

After that, Trump’s opponents turned to the Russia-gate investigation as the vehicle to create the conditions for somehow nullifying the election, impeaching Trump, or at least weakening him sufficiently so he could not take steps to improve relations with Russia.

In one of her text messages to Strzok, Page made reference to a possible Watergate-style ouster of Trump, writing: “Bought all the president’s men. Figure I needed to brush up on watergate.”"
"Turkey reclaims Muslim leadership" and "Turkey switches to full defiance of US, continues Putin courtship" (Bhadrakumar).  It is the resurrection of the Muslim Brotherhood, ironically traditionally a tool of the CIA.

"History Of Sexual Abuse By Us Politicians" (Aangirfan).

"Canadian arms makers get OK to sell to Ukraine".  To be used to slaughter civilians in eastern Ukraine under the guise of defending against an mythological attack from Russia.

"The ties that bind the Liberals and the Bronfmans":
"The first time the Bronfman name was uttered in Parliament was June 22, 1922, when senators were debating the Canada Temperance Bill, which would have banned the export of liquor to the United States.

Conservative Nova Scotia Senator Nathaniel Curry stood in the Senate to read a telegram from Abe Bronfman, asking that any such measure be delayed for nine months to give his family time to liquidate its “very large stocks” of alcohol.

“Who is he?” asked Conservative Alberta Senator James Lougheed.

“Abe,” said Curry.

“Champion bootlegger of Saskatchewan,” said Conservative Sen. George Fowler of New Brunswick."
Note that any complaints about the century of mass illegality and unceasing political corruption by this criminal family is described as 'anti-Semitism'. Were they Italian, they would be described, simply and accurately, as an organized crime gang.

Popbitch, on the role of American Media Inc. (National Enquirer, weirdly influential in establishing ideas in the entire American media) in the nomination and election of Trump (some serious conspiracy theory here!):
  1. "I/ The Tabloid Triangle";
  2.  "II/ Angels And UnAmerican Activity";
  3. "III/ Suburban Decay" (note how David Packer managed the Karen McDougal problem!); and
  4. "IV/ Electile Dysfunction".
Also:  "The Harder They Fall".

A lot of the #meetoo take-downs have been deflections, limited hangouts to protect the really big names, but the gossip hounds circle ever closer to the big-name prey.

First, some chum.  "Blind Item #1" (Spurlock).

"Money for old grope" (the link won't last).  The easy guess is Hoffman (also).

"Hauteur or Chutzpah?" (Sailer, with a snowflake warning).  Also "And Then They Came for Judge Kozinski":  "Not Shy and Not Exhausted from Emotional Labor".

Now, the big fish.

"Blind Item #6".  GuessesCalvin Klein (best friend David Geffen).  The Signorile link is interesting.

"Today's Blind Items - Young And Helpless".  Guesses (links removed) include Spielberg!:
"Actress: Judith Barsi
Mother/father: József Barsi/Maria Virovacz
A+ list director/upcoming television project: Steven Spielberg ("Twilight Zone: The Movie")
One of the actresses in the episode: Clare Torao (segment "A Little Peace and Quiet")
Other producer/movie: Joseph Sargent/"Jaws: The Revenge"
Actress on set who never worked again: Fritzi Jane Courtney"
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