Monday, December 11, 2017

Darker things are to come

"The Hidden Hands Behind US Embassy Move to Jerusalem" (Madsen).  Read the whole thing.  Rabbis, organized crime, Irving Moskowitz, extreme right-wing Israeli politics, the 'Dwek clan', the Kushner family, it is about as bad as you can imagine.  Americans are apparently powerless to stop or even slow down all these criminal conspiracies.

"Dionne and Shields ignore the Adelson in the room" (Weiss).  Christian Zionists are the fall guy.  The general political positions of the Christian right have shifted considerably in the years since the Bush Administration, largely due to the fact that their communities have been greatly damaged by the various social consequences of the numerous Wars For The Jews.

"Dozens injured near U.S. Embassy in Lebanon protesting Trump’s decision on Jerusalem".  Note carefully how this conveys the Kushner narrative, that opponents to Zionism, and particularly the Palestinians, are completely impotent, and just have to meekly accept whatever crumbs the magnanimous Khazars decide to leave them.  This is the facts-on-the-ground premise of racist Zionism (aka 'muscle Zionism').

"The Delusions of Washington-Riyadh Ruling Elite and the Journalists Who Feed Them" (Silverstein).  The usual version of the same trick is to write as if a certain set of assumptions is an undeniable and unalterable truth.

"Do You Hold Dual Citizenship? You Can Serve in Congress–but not the Israeli Knesset!" (Edmondson).

"Behind Turkish Arrest Warrant for Ex CIA Graham Fuller" (Engdahl).  Fuller is connected to Iran-Contra (supposedly coming up with the daffy idea), the storage of Gülen by the CIA in the US (by arranging for Gülen's green card directly in the face of wise American government opposition), the Boston marathon bombing (his daughter at one time was married to 'Uncle Ruslan', the uncle of the Tsarnaev brothers), and now the attempted Gülen coup (through alleged hand's-on participation in Turkey).  If he was any good at what he does, he wouldn't be leaving his fingerprints all over the place.

"Report: 44,000 ‘unknown’ military personnel stationed around the world" (about the size of the entire Canadian military and civilian support staff). "U.S. Military Capabilities and Forces for a Dangerous World" (RAND).  The only problem facing Americans is the ridiculously low military budget of the USA.  Luckily this tragedy can be fixed with laughably small annual increases in spending:  "The nation could avoid major force cuts and achieve the objectives outlined above by increasing defense spending by $20 billion to $40 billion per year on a sustained basis."

"Decameron: Let The Building Begin -- In The USA".  Americans somehow continue to believe that there is no cost to being the international assholes.  MAGA would be listing all the military bases and Wars For The Jews, and their annual costs, terminating them, and using that money for the benefit of Americans.

Part of The Clarification is that the censorship now mostly comes from the 'left' (not that PEN's hands are clean either).

It appears that American liberals are never going to be able to assimilate the revelations of The Clarification:  "I Don't Think the Moral High Ground Exists Anymore" (Pierce).

"Epic Media Failure, but they blame Trump for calling them out" (The Daily Bell).  It's true!  Weigel straight-up lied, came up with an explanation involving someone who denies having had anything to do with it (or even any recent contact with Weigel), withdrew the lie, but somehow it is Trump's fault for noticing the pattern?!  Of course, the deep problem is they can't criticize Trump on the merits of his policies as the 'donors' like his policies, so they just keep making stuff up.

"The U.S. Media Suffered Its Most Humiliating Debacle in Ages: Now Refuses All Transparency Over What Happened" (Greenwald).  Note Marshall's nuke!

"Mideast Peacemaking is No Longer Made-in-America" (Narwani).

"Does Trump Want a New Middle East War?"  No.  He let Kushner go off and do his settler thing as Trump was Ivanka-whipped, but once the shit hits the fan - and it will - he'll pull the classic Trumpian dick move and claim he had nothing to do with it and Jared was out on his own lark.

Quite powerful stuff:  "Strzok-Gate And The Mueller Cover-Up" (Mercouris).  The Mueller investigation is just a continuation of the Democrat Dossier machinations, and Strzok had to go as his participation was making that fact too obvious.

"Cognitive Rot and the Steele Dossier" (emptywheel). This starts off well enough, but ends with "Just as important, we need to retain the habit of facts and evidence." (I don't understand the italics), preceded, only two paragraphs before, by the comic Trump Derangement Syndrome of:
"As I’ve said repeatedly, we don’t need the dossier to believe dark things about Trump’s relations with Russians; public reports substantiate that darkness, and darker things are to come."
I'd like to grind the 'skeptics' and deniers up and use them for polar bear food:  "As World Warms, Heart-Breaking Video Shows What It Looks Like When a Polar Bear Starves".

"Erdogan Calls Israel "Terrorist State That Kills Children", An Angry Netanyahu Responds" (Durden).  Note that Bibi doesn't deny the charge, but just quibbles about whether Erdoğan has the right to make it. It will be interesting to see how the desire of the Turkish oligarchs to make money off deals with Israel and Levantine gas weighs against the fact that Turkey is the only truly Muslim state left standing in the area.

"Croughton Spies Caught" (Turnbull).  "Alan Turnbull's Secret Bases".

Stinktank news:  "State Department pays think tank nearly $1 million to work with Venezuelan opposition".  Note the underlying assumption that Maduro is not democratically elected (a recurring theme throughout mainstream journalism and State Department lies about Venezuela, going back to Hugo Chavez, who was, of course, a dictator just like Maduro, while the coup plotters were/are the paragons of democratic virtue)!

"The New Great Game moves from Asia-Pacific to Indo-Pacific" (Escobar).  The use of Japan to attempt to counter Chinese success.

"Look Who's Interfering: Tillerson's Thai Election Comment" (Cartalucci).
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