Friday, December 29, 2017

Faking my own death

"How Ahed Tamimi was slapped first, and why no one is talking about it" (Ofir).  Noted by manfromatlan in the comments.  Almost all of hasbara involves outright lying, as the truth of Khazar depravity just won't work in the modern media world.

Tweet (George Galloway).

"Oren Hazan: Drug-Dealing Pimp and Israeli MK Who Called Palestinians “Insects” and “Dogs”" (Silverstein).  Note what is considered to be an attractive look by a politician for Israeli voters!  This kind of campaigning would not succeed anywhere else.

"French children’s magazine pulls issue after saying Israel wasn’t a ‘real country’". This is outrageous.  North Korea is a real country!

"Israeli minister forces NBA website to remove phrase 'occupied territory'".

"Did John Tory cross a line by talking to police about the Sherman investigation?"  It will be an excellent indication of how utterly corrupt things are in Toronto if the police aren't allowed to come up with their obvious conclusion.

"All Is Not Quiet on the Syrian Front: US to Launch Another War" (Gorka).  Americans being led around by the nose by Bibi, again, isn't going to work as the Turks simply won't put up with this.  The Kurds who are falling for this are fools.

Tweet (and replies!) (Tariq Nasheed):
"Laura Loomer, can you please name these "jews" who "control the media"? Please name them, ma'am"
I've noticed that people are suddenly getting quite hip to the whole Khazar ('European Jews') situation. You would have seen no mention of that a year ago.  Here are woke comments by Jason Crawford to an article on the Rachel Ray cultural genocide:
"Gil Geva The history is that American, British, Russian and Polish jews stole Palestine from the Palestinians. Now you're trying to pretend it was always yours. Must be quite disheartening how you guys spend millions of $$ in your Hasbara efforts and yet there are still so many Westerners who are pro-palestinian. Israeli culture is merely shooting children and beating up/deporting Africans"
"They were Jewish, then they converted to Christianity and then Islam. But while they were eating cous cous and hummus in al-quds, you were eating potatoes and turnips on the Russian steppe"
"Clean Break II: Iran Hawks Decide to Burn It All Down" (Davison/Lobe).  Noticing the Newer, Cleaner Break article I linked to a few days ago.  Fool me once, shame on you, fool me thousands of times, shame on me.  It is just more Yinon (the trillions already spent by Americans on Yinonizing the Middle East having, well, backfired), and it is hilarious.

"Scoop: U.S. and Israel reach joint plan to counter Iran" (Ravid).

"Who Are the Leading State Sponsors of Terrorism?" (Giraldi):
"The reality is that terrorism, defined by the United Nations as “criminal acts intended or calculated to provoke a state of terror in the general public,” is most employed at the state level by the United States and its allies Israel and Saudi Arabia, not by Iran. All have used violence directed against civilians in places like Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Lebanon, and all three have supported organizations that fit the definition of terrorists. Iran may indeed be guilty of actions that much of the world disapproves of, but it is not the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism as has been alleged."
 "Propaganda Aiming to Prove Iran Supplied Missiles Backfires" (Ritter). Read the whole thing - it is superb, and Nikki's show-and-tell just proved that missile defense is a dangerous illusion, aimed specifically to fool civilians that their military has things under control as the generals agitate for war:
"The fact that what is being discussed is the modification of existing Yemeni missiles, and not the provision of a new missile system, means that the already tenuous claims made by the Saudi Arabian and American governments that the Houthi missile attacks on Saudi Arabia represented a de facto violation of UN Security Council resolution 2231 (and, by extension, the Iran nuclear agreement) simply does not hold water. The entire Saudi-US effort in this regard was little more than a not-so-sophisticated propaganda exercise designed to bolster the Trump administration’s efforts to cobble together some sort of international consensus on doing away with the Iranian nuclear agreement. To this end, the Saudis and their American co-conspirators seem to have had little success.

As bad as that result may have been, it paled in comparison to what this entire charade could not obviate—that there has been little progress, if any, in the capability of nations armed with modern weaponry and advanced intelligence gathering systems to locate and interdict a mobile, relocatable ballistic missile force. The efforts of the Saudi Arabian-led coalition to neutralize the Houthi ballistic missile capability have been a dismal failure—there is no evidence of a single Houthi-controlled mobile missile launcher having been destroyed by coalition forces, despite hundreds of air sorties having been flown for just that purpose. The Houthi have displayed the capability to launch missiles targeting the most sensitive of Saudi Arabia’s political and economic infrastructure at will. Moreover, the unique characteristics of the Burkhan 2-H missile—a small, separating warhead, combined with a reduced radar cross section (by eliminating the tail fins of the SCUD-B) and a more responsive guidance and control system—have made it virtually impossible to intercept using the US-made Patriot anti-missile system. In many ways, the Saudi-led efforts against the Houthi mirrors the Great SCUD Hunt carried out by the United States during the Gulf War, where the Iraqis were able to continue launching missiles against Israel and Saudi Arabia up until the end of the war, without the loss of a single mobile missile launcher. Moreover, the inability of the Patriot missile to successfully intercept Iraqi-modified SCUD missiles seems to be the case today, with Saudi Patriot batteries impotent in the face of the Burkhan 2-H.

If a relatively unsophisticated foe such as the Houthi, using Iranian-modified Soviet and North Korean missiles derived from 40-year-old technology, can evade an enemy force using the most modern combat aircraft backed up by the most sophisticated intelligence gathering systems available, and successfully launch ballistic missiles that threaten the political and economic infrastructure of the targeted state, what does that say about the prospects of any U.S.-led coalition taking on the far more advanced mobile missile threats that exist in North Korea and Iran today? The fact of the matter is that no military anywhere has shown the ability to successfully interdict in any meaningful way a determined opponent armed with mobile ballistic missile capability. If the Saudi experience in Yemen is to teach us anything, it is that any military plan designed to confront nations such as North Korea, Iran and Russia that are armed with sophisticated mobile ballistic missiles had better count on those capabilities remaining intact throughout any anticipated period of hostility. No amount of chest-thumping and empty rhetoric by American political and/or military leaders can offset this harsh reality. This is the critical lesson of Yemen, and the United States would do well to heed it before it tries to foment a crisis based upon trumped-up charges."
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