Wednesday, December 27, 2017

In passing

"Could the Trump Presidency Prove to be a Godsend for the Palestinian People?" (Hanna).  Part of The Clarification that follows Trump around, it gave the world the chance to express its moral indignation at what the Khazars have been up to for the past 100 years or so.  Important correction - nobody is interested in 'Jewish votes'.  The tiny number of Jews in America are all concentrated together in a very few urban districts, where they don't have to have much contact with Untermenschen, and all vote Democrat.  Shekels, on the other hand  . . .

"Israeli journalist who called for unspeakable acts against Ahed Tamimi tries, and fails, to backpedal" (Ofir).  Typical supremacist gloating is treated as insider fun when expressed in the secret language of Hebrew.  This is from a Zionist of the 'left', but of course left and right have no meaning in the larger context of violent racist group supremacism.  There is only one type of violent racist group supremacism that we are not allowed to criticize, or even notice, and this policing of the bounds of morality is the basis of a large part of their success at killing people and stealing their land.

I don't know if the Angry Arab is being disingenuous here, but Ahed Tamimi has 'the look' (she could be a model in Paris), and in the context of PR in America, 'the look' is huge:  "Why is “blond” relevant to the story? From Nation magazine on Ahed Tamimi".

"From Snowden To Russia-gate - The CIA And The Media" (Moon).  That rascal Putin again, undermining American society by tricking Americans into having a 'Merry Christmas'.

"FBI’s Russiagate strategy: Stonewall until next year’s Congressional elections" (Mercouris):
"In passing, the lawyers of Alexey Gubarev – the Russian businessman who has brought a libel claim against Buzzfeed because it published the Trump Dossier in which he is named – say that they have ascertained the identity of the official who leaked the Trump Dossier to Buzzfeed, even though a US judge recently refused Gubarev’s request for an order that Buzzfeed disclose his or her identity.

If Gubarev’s lawyers are right and they have correctly identified this person then it is only a matter of time before his or her identity is made public, with potentially very embarrassing consequences, and not just for the individual in question."
If the FBI was part of an IC/Obama plot to undermine Trump by spreading phony Clinton campaign oppo to members of Congress and the media, this scandal would be bigger than Watergate (which we now know was also an IC conspiracy to remove a sitting President), with huge Constitutional implications.

See the first comment, by Carlton Meyer, to this piece by Giraldi, linking to this choice piece of Zionist/Yinonist propaganda, which reminds me of much nonsense published before the American attack on Iraq, which turned out so well:  "One way to counter Iran's aggression? Change the map of the Middle East" (Makovsky).

"Today's Blind Items - The Fix Was In" (CDaN).  Guesses (links removed):
"City: Chicago
Candidate: President Barack Obama
Politician/celebrity: Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel
A+ lister: David Geffen
A- list dual threat actor/hit network show: Terrence Howard ("Empire")"
I can easily believe the worst of Rahm, but the obsession by certain extremist Republicans, probably closeted, that every important Democratic politician is secretly gay does nothing for me.
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