Monday, December 25, 2017


"Steve Bannon savages 'Javanka', laying bare White House tensions".

"It’s a THAAD, THAAD, THAAD World" (Burmila). The problem with 'mutually assured destruction' is that it puts civilian limits on the military's use of its toys.  Thus, you have to trick civilians into thinking that, with a bearable amount of effort ('duck and cover'), they won't actually be evaporated.  The current trick is 'missile defense'.  The obvious failure rate of missile defense is starting to be a problem in South Korea and Saudi Arabia, and should be a problem in Israel.

"Treason: Presidential Candidates Successfully Conspired with Foreign Leaders to Thwart Official American Policy and Drag Out War".  I only link to this as it is unproven anti-Trump propaganda (look, #Russiagate, it is just like this really bad treasonous thing we claim Nixon did, with no evidence at all!!!), rather obviously so, and I am shocked that the usually reliable WashingtonsBlog fell for it.  Note that this nonsense is being used to excuse Trump ('he's not nearly as bad as Nixon, or Reagan!'), as if he needed an excuse for setting up the diplomacy of his Administration and encouraging peace.

"Moscow: U.S. arms may spur use of force by Kiev in eastern Ukraine".  But that is the point, what the Zio-Americans want, isn't it?  Every day, never mentioned in the 'news', the Ukrainian government shells civilians in east Ukraine, but they never get anywhere, never capture any territory, so the Zionists in the US and the fascist - and yeah, 'fascist' is exactly the right term - Ukes in Canada are conspiring to up the ante.

"The New York Times tries to make the Ahed Tamimi story go away" (North).  I'm starting to think that at least a full year of getting a 'journalism' degree is spent on techniques of hasbara.  A fearless girl who looks exactly like an American teenager is driving the Khazars nuts (and note the utterly typical rape threat, part of the Khazar's Shiksa Humiliation Syndrome).  Note that their arguments are all based on the typical Khazar supremacism as expressed in the famous Golda Meir quote:
"“We can forgive the Arabs for killing our children. We cannot forgive them for forcing us to kill their children. We will only have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us.” "
"Political Games Over the Rohingya" (Terehov) (links removed as they don't work):
"With regard to the Rohingya, Wang Yi proposed a three-phase format for its resolution. In the first phase, the parties shall agree on a ceasefire. In the second phase, Myanmar and Bangladesh shall coordinate a plan for return of the Rohingya to their homeland. In the third phase, long-term measures shall be developed to resolve the fundamental questions of the Rohingya problem.

It should be noted that Wang Yi arrived in Myanmar from Bangladesh where this plan, apparently, was received positively. In any case, based on results of the subsequent meeting of Suu Kyi with Bangladesh’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mahmud Ali, it was announced that “over the next 2 months,” the process will begin for the return of the Rohingya refugees to their former places of residence.

. . .

In conclusion, we’ll note that the process for resolving the latest phase of exacerbation of the Rohingya problem barely goes beyond the scope of the first point of the initiative of China’s MFA leader, Wang Yi. It will be possible to speak about some progress only after completion of the second point, which provides for the return of the Rohingya to their “homesteads,” which most likely simply no longer exist.

With regard to eliminating the fundamental issues of the Rohingya’s conflict with Myanmar’s central authorities and the rest of its population (which is the third point of Wang Yi’s initiative), it’s too early now to speak, in general, about this topic."
Tweet (richard ayoade):
 "‏I think it looks good, shall we just go with it?’"
'Keming' at Reddit.  The name is a typography joke.

Much more I could do but I'm busy today (maybe more later). Merry Christmas!
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