Sunday, December 17, 2017

More Adore

I stuck my neck out yesterday on Adore, as I didn't know it was a Mossad spy scam, it was just my gut instinct based on seeing this sort of thing before.  A later posting at the Reddit thread by HornAfrique confirmed it:
"In depth investigation of their parent company in an Israeli newspaper:

Sounds like the employees are young Israelis, who recently finished their military service, and take this opportunity to work abroad. According to the article they’re exploited through wages and their living arrangements, and trained in shady sales tactics.

Utterly bizarre that this company was able to set up shop in Canada. Article even adds their employees are unlikely to be employed legally and often are in the country on tourist visas.

From the accents I heard from their sales people, it’s highly likely they’re Israelis as well and that its the same company described above."
It is hilarious to read the tales of these poor Canadians almost raped as they just try to walk down the mall, and the beshekeled mall owners won't raise a finger to protect them!  People are actually afraid to walk down that section of the mall!

See also the US cable from WikiLeaks, which of course fails to mention the spying angle, and treats the whole thing as a work-abroad program, albeit an extremely crooked one, all based on the laughable understanding that the Israelis are honestly working to shut down the fraud!  There is an identical laughable understanding among western bureaucrats that the Israelis are working to shut down the various and numerous forms of financial fraud based in Israel.

The mall owner, Cadillac Fairview, from Wikipedia, so you can clearly see what we're up against, although it now owned by a pension plan (I've removed bolding, links and footnotes; my emphasis in red):
"Cadillac Fairview Corporation Limited is a Canadian company that invests in, owns, and manages commercial real estate, mainly in Canada and the United States. The name "Cadillac Fairview" came into existence in 1974 as a result of the merger between Cadillac Development Corporation Ltd and Fairview Corporation. Cadillac Development Corporation was founded by partners Ephraim Diamond (d. 2008), Joseph Berman (1922-2003), and Jack Kamin in Toronto in 1953 as a developers of high-rise apartment buildings. Fairview Corporation was established in 1958 as the real estate division of Cemp Investments, the holding company of the Bronfman family. Before merging, Cadillac and Fairview already had strong ties since 1968. Bronfman held Cemp Investments sold Cadillac Fairview in 1986."
The Khazars have a supremacist understanding that all non-Khazars are lower creatures, not fully human, and idiots.  What they are apparently successfully selling to us is mud, mud from one of the most polluted bodies of water in the world.  No wonder it is such a good exfoliant, it literally burns your skin off!  Can you really blame them for treating us like morons?
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